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Bexley Outreach & Schools Liaison Worker – Anti
Homophobic Bullying
(Until September 2011, pending extended funding until 2013)

HOURS: 14 per week

SALARY: £14.40ph

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Youth Services Manager

EMPLOYED BY AND BASED AT: The Metro Centre Ltd, Greenwich

Closing date for applications is Friday 22nd July 2011 at 12pm

Interviews will take place on the 28th / 29th July 2011


The Metro Youth Service (MYS) at the Metro Centre (MC) is seeking a committed, motivated and
suitably experienced individual with a good understanding of working in schools and the issues facing
lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning (LGBTQ) young people to take the lead in working
with schools in Bexley to support anti-homophobic bullying work. The post is an integral part of an
integrated approach to working with LGBTQ young people in Bexley which includes group work. You will
provide workshops to students and support school staff with policy and procedure supporting
Stonewalls Education Champions award. You will also be expected to conduct one to one’s and
assessments with young LGBTQ people and support outreach initiatives including a monthly satellite
presence at BYA, monthly sessions at the VIBE LGBTQ youth group in Bexley and ZEST under 16 youth
group and keep accurate monitoring, evaluation and recorded outcomes of the sessions and
interactions. You will be required to write reports and measure outcomes, as well as attending team
meetings and supervision. The post is for two working days, which will include a Wednesday and Friday
afternoon / evening for group work. This is an excellent opportunity for the right candidate to build on
our successful work in Bexley and develop this project for the future.

Job Duties

    1. Conduct audits of homophobic bullying at relevant Bexley schools and strengthen and support
       existing policies and procedures ensuring strategies are in place to reduce homophobic bullying.
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   2. To meet with appropriate staff at schools to promote the programme of work, discuss their
      needs in relation to homophobic bullying and devise a plan of action to support their needs

   3. To offer support to school staff in implementing policies related to homophobic bullying,
      particularly supporting Stonewalls Education Champions quality mark for schools.

   4. Provide professional development to relevant schools staff by undertaking the planning,
      delivery and evaluation of training on homophobic bullying for staff and students as agreed with
      each school

   5. Provide workshops to students on homophobic bullying as part of broader SRE agenda

   6. Support events that highlight issues relating to Homophobic Bullying (Anti Bullying Week, LGBT
      History Month, IDAHO) and relevant generic events

   7. To address issues relating to the well-being of and health inequalities experienced by LGBTQ
      young people in Bexley particularly homophobic bullying and hate crime (also coming out,
      emotional health, sexual health, substance misuse, etc. )

   8. To support young people accessing the MYS by facilitating full assessments and one to ones and
      to record these interactions in respect of safeguarding considerations (CAF, etc), data protection
      and confidentiality. The post holder will actively refer to other MC services and record referrals.

   9. Conduct a monthly satellite presence at BYA and ensure a presence at relevant outreach events
      in Bexley . Conduct a monthly presence at VIBE LGBTQ youth group in Bexley and a monthly
      presence at ZEST under 16 LGBTQ youth group providing support on issues relating to
      homophobic bullying and hate crime.

   10. To build strong relationships with young people and confidently address issues relating to
       sexuality and gender identity

   11. To complete reporting templates to deadline and provide any additional information as

   12. To keep an accurate account of petty cash / expenditure for the project

   13. To support service development for groups and the Metro Youth Service (MYS) including
       supporting cover for other MYS groups and cooperative working with other MYS staff members

   14. To be self administering, ensuring all work related fields and information are stored
       appropriately (including confidential information of young people) and accessible to team /

   15. Ability to represent the MYS externally within a professional capacity and build strong networks
       and partnerships and run a quarterly advisory group
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    16. To support Pan-MYS and Metro Centre initiatives where applicable (Pride, World Aids Day,
        Needs Assessment, etc)

    17. To help in devising suitable publicity and promotion for Metro Youth Services

    18. To attend Team Meetings and Supervision and to undertake appropriate training as agreed

    19. To ensure appropriate confidentiality in all work.

    20. To liaise closely with other members of The Metro Centre staff team to ensure the best use of
        their skills and areas of expertise in carrying forward Metro Centre youth work.
    21. To keep up to date with developments occurring within the education, anti bullying work, youth
        work and LGBT fields

    22. Any other duties as may be reasonably required and negotiated with the Line Manager and a

        flexible approach to shifting contract targets

Bexley Outreach and Schools Liaison Worker - METRO CENTRE


Qualifications and          Knowledge, skills and        Essential or   Application form, interview
experience                  abilities                    desirable      or both
1. Positive self-identity                                Essential      Application form
as lesbian, gay man,
bisexual or
transgender person
and be prepared to
publicly identify as
such where
(Employment equality
sexual orientation
regulations 2003)
2. At least 2 years                                      Essential      Application Form and
experience of working                                                   interview
with young people in
education, youth or
social services or other
mainstream services in
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a paid or voluntary

3. Recognised youth                                  Essential   Application form
work or other
                         4. Knowledge of bullying    Essential   Application form and
                         and its effects and a                   interview
                         thorough understanding
                         of the issues facing
                         LGBTQ youth and of
                         working with young
                         people and the ability to
                         plan and facilitate
                         activities to address
                         these issues

                         5. Understanding of         Essential   Application form
                         equalities issues as they
                         may affect young people
Experience of one to     6. Ability to               Essential   Application form and
one work with young      communicate clearly and                 Interview
people including         offer informal support in
assessments              a sensitive and non
                         judgmental manner
                         which respects diversity
                         7. Proven ability to work   Essential   Application form
                         as part of a team and on
                         own initiative
                         8. Knowledge and            Essential   Application form and
                         understanding of                        Interview
                         developing positive
                         working alliances with
                         9. An understanding of      Essential   Application form and
                         the importance of child                 Interview
                         protection and
                         confidentiality as it
                         relates to this post and
                         the overall work of The
                         Metro Centre
                         10. Experience of           Essential   Application form and
                         delivering training                     Interview
11. Child protection /                               Desirable   Application form
Safeguarding training
                         12. An understanding of     Desirable   Application form and
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              generic youth work                      Interview
              including outputs and
              outcomes, recorded and
              accredited outcomes,
              assessment tools, safe
              guarding, ECM, etc. And
              the ability to translate
              these to practice.
              13. Good                    Essential   Application form and
              communication and                       Interview
              presentation skills and
              the ability to
              professionally represent
              the MYS
              14. Ability to plan,        Essential   Application form and
              facilitate and evaluate                 Interview
              sessions in schools on
              homophobic bullying
              and related issues
              15. Experience of           Essential   Application form and
              monitoring and                          Interview
              evaluation and the
              ability to write reports
              16. Ability to manage       Desirable   Application form and
              own workload to targets                 Interview
              and be self administering
              17. Proven ability to       Essential   Application form and
              maintain effective work                 Interview
              partnerships internally
              and eternally and run an
              advisory group
              18. Understanding of        Essential   Application form and
              existing youth provision                Interview
              in the voluntary and
              statuary sector and
              other agencies working
              with LGBTQ young
              people and Bullying
              particularly Stonewalls
              Education Champions
              19. Experience of           Essential   Application and interview
              outreach in a range
              settings and the ability
              to build strong
              relationships with young
              people and confidently
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              address issues relating to
              sexuality and gender

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