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bcbs outreach enrollment strategy_feb2011

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African Community Health Initiative
Berkshire Medical Center

Boston Public Health Commission

Brockton Neighborhood Health Center
Community Action Committee of Cape Cod and
the Islands

Community Health Center of Franklin County

Community Health Connections
Community Health Programs

County of Dukes County/Island Health
Ecu-Health Care
Heywood Hospital-Gateway Health Access
Hilltown Community Health Center
Joint Committee for Childrens Health Care

Latin American Health Institute at Lowell

Manet Community Health Center

Massachusetts Alliance of Portuguese
Mercy Medical Center
MetroWest Legal Services
Outer Cape Health Services

People Acting in Community Endeavors
Stanley Street Treatment and Resources

Tapestry Health Systems

Whittier Street Health Center
Outreach Enrollment Strategy
We became aware in February that many African immigrants, particularly, Ethiopians ate at a certain restaurant in Malden,
so we approached the owner and discussed how ACHI can help his clients. He agreed to let us place some ACHI
brochures there and we have since served a good number of his clients, including workers at the restaurant.

The Mayor's Health Line has reconvened the previously disbanded Boston HealthMINT network to reinvigorate interest and
support amongst outreach and enrollment staff in the City. This also allows us to collaborate on projects, outreach, and
supportive services.
We met with a woman who appeared to be devastated because she did not have any source of income. She said that her
husband is a disabled veteran, he receives a pension but she had no income of her own. She stated her husband is
currently staying in a Boston veteran facility over the next several months as he is getting medical treatment. During this
time, she and her 11 year old daughter are staying with her mother until her husband is able to secure a place for them to
live. She said, “I need help and I don’t know what to do.” She expressed that this is all so new for her and her daughter
has asked, “Mommy, when will we find a place of our own? I need my own room. All of my classmates have their own
room. How come I don’t have one?” She confessed that she is getting depressed and she feels like she is losing control.
“Can you please help me?” she asked.

Kindergarden registration was great, its always a great idea to use the kids to target the parents.

This month as the new homeless outreach worker I decided to go to Local Sheriff Office to share with them the services that
Action Health services offer. I know that a lot of people when they get out of jail they don’t have health insurance or
knowledge of the services that are available to them. So if they need medical, dental, or behavioral health care Action
Health Services is there to help them.

We are now calling clients for any letters that we receive concerning: request for more information, time to renew, notice of
termination, next steps for Com Care approval and MassHealth Essential. This follow-up helps to maintain clients' coverage
and prevent terminations and lapses in coverage.It is very time consuming and something we don't always have the staff
time to do but presently our funding allows for this productive use of time.
We also continued to make clients aware of the new dates of open enrollment for purchasing private health plans.
Important to have ongoing relationships with all physician groups in the area. they are a valuable source of referrals.

wrote an article concerning penalties through income taxes for local newspaper...

LHI staff went to LHI Boston at 95 Berkeley Street Boston to give a presentation about Masshealth to the Client advocate
board who meets every month. Masshealth education was peovided in a power point presentation, pamphlets were
distributed, incentives were given as well as masshealth related information. A total of 10 people attended the group and
were very interested in the topic. LHI worker was able to clarify many question they had.
Background: Client came in for intial consultant and was not clear on the ability to return for follow up and annual eligibility
review. The client went to another organization for the annual eligibility review and was not educated properly and was very
upset. Manet's outreach worker learned about this issue and was upset she did not provide clearer instructions on returning
to her for additional assistance.

Strategy: To help the client understand your role is to help with the whole process and to feel comfortable to reach out to
you again for any follow up questions or annual eligibility review.
On 2/26/11 our Cambridge outreach/enrollment worker attended an event called the General Assembly Cape Verdean
Associations and Clubs in the USA. This event took place in East Bridgewater and it was well attended. Outreach was
done to 150 people and surprisingly, many of the people that were at the event were uninsured. We are hopeful that most
of the attendees will be contacting us for assistance in the enrollment process through masshealth.

178 Outreach letters were mailed out to child care providers in our area. We wanted to reach the employees and also
This month we participated in Healthy Heart Childrens Festival which was held at the Child Development Recreation Center
in Fall River. We made copies of the ERV and brought our laptop and we realized that when we setup our table the people
felt more comfortable in asking questions when they saw the ERV forms on the table. They were able to better relate us to
the work we do.
This past month we have come upon some opportunities through our clients to inform other outside providers with whom we
work, about our outreach and enrollment services. For example, when one of our clients has an abnormal pap result and
needs to be seen by a specialist, we have a group of about five private practices that will see our clients on a sliding fee
scale, and/or participate with our cervical cancer grant program. Often, a client needs to get further diagnostics with that
provider and cannot afford to do so without the aid of health insurance. Since we are the ordering provider, our case
manager and staff have frequent contact with the clinical and billing staff at the private providers' offices. In this manner of
communication we often are able to enroll clients who are in need of insurance. This practice has stemmed into one of the
private practices actually referring their patients to us for enrollment services as the knowledge has dissimenated through.
This has proven to be effective in accessing clients who previously had insurance and are now without it or in between
plans and paying out of pocket for services with the private provider.
We are focusing on grandparents that are raising their grandchildren because in most cases they are on separate health
insurance benefits. Most importantly, these grandparents are not well versed on MassHealth, which the grandchildren are
eligble to access.

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