Qualifying Degrees by wuzhengqin


									TITLE OF SEARCH:       YGs      DISCIPLINE   DISCIPLINE TITLES:                           EDU LEVEL:       INFORMATION REQUIRED:
                                  CODES:                                                                   (Index by Discipline and Name)
Academy Professor,                                                                                         NAME
DMI                    1992 -      BCB       Strategic Intelligence Mgt                   CIV : MA/MS or   GR
                       1999                                                               PhD              SSN
(Defense & Strategic               BGF       Military Operational Art & Science                            BABR(Basic Branch)
Studies program                                                                           MIL : MEL 4 or   ED LEVEL (MA, MS, PhD, etc.)
                                   BGH       Military History
director)                                                                                 higher           DISC CODE (Discipline code)
                                   BGI       Strategy                                                      SEX
                                   BMP       Military Studies                                              YG
                                   BMR       Military Studies – Land Warfare                               TELEPHONE
                                                                                                           EMAIL Address
                                   BMS       Masters of Advanced Military Studies

                                   DFA       Geography

                                   DFX       Geography Economic Political

                                   DKF       Military Science (other than US Academies)

                                   EAB       Cultural Foundations

                                   EAC       Ethnology

                                   EAX       Anthropology

                                   EDX       Economics

                                   EEI       Defense Studies

                                   EGX       History

                                   EKB       International Relations

                                   EKC       Foreign Affairs

                                   END       Government Military

                                   ERA       Geopolitics
NSA   National Security Affairs

NSB   National Security and Strategic Studies

NSE   Strategic Studies

UNV   International Military Strategy

UNX   International Studies

EPP   Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Oxford)

ERX   Political Science

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