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									                                                                Your Bill for the New Deal
  Teacher Name: Mrs. Dunne

  Student Name:     ________________________________________

   CATEGORY         4                               3                                  2                               1                            Score
Script (Bill) 30%   Script/bill is complete and     Scritp/bilt is mostly complete.    Script/bill has a few major     This script/bill meets
                    it is clear what each actor     It is clear what each actor will   flaws. It is not always         NONE of the
                    will say and do. Entries        say and do. Script is shows        clear what the actors are       requirements. Actors
                    and exits are scripted as       planning.                          to say and do. Script           are expected to invent
                    are important movements.                                           shows an attempt at             what they say and do as
                    Script is quite                                                    planning, but seems             they go along.
                    professional.                                                      incomplete.
Research 25%        The research indicates          Their bill indicates that the      Their research indicate         There is little research
                    that the group members          group members consulted at         that the group members          OR sources are
                    developed components of         some reference sources,            consulted few reference         incorrectly cited in their
                    the bill, consulted at many     developed a position based on      sources, developed a            bill.
                    reference sources,              their sources, and correctly       position based on their
                    developed a position            cited their sources.               sources, and correctly
                    based on their sources,                                            cited their sources.
                    and correctly cited their
Concept 10%         sources. a clear picture
                    Team has                        Team has a fairly clear picture    Team has brainstormed           Team has spent little
                    of what they are trying to      of what they are trying to         their concept, but no clear     effort on brainstorming
                    achieve with this bill and      achieve with this bill and         focus has emerged for the       and refining their bill.
                    seems realistic. Each           seems somewhat realistic.          team. Team members              Team members are
                    member can describe             Each member can describe           may describe the                unclear on the goals and
                    what they are trying to do      what they are trying to do         goals/final bill differently    how their contriubtions
                    and generally how his/her       overall but has trouble            and seems not so                will help them reach the
                    work will contribute to the     describing how his/her work        realistic.                      goal and not realistic.
                    final product.                  will contribute to the final
Storyboard 10%      Storyboard is complete          Storyboard is relatively           Storyboard has little detail    Storyboard is not done
                    with layout for each            complete with layout for most      in scene planning. There        or is so incomplete that
                    scene, detailed notes on        scenes, and notes on titles,       are some layouts, and           it could not be used
                    titles, transitions, special    transitions, special effects,      notes on titles, transitions,   even as a general guide.
                    effects, sound, etc.            sound, etc. Storyboard             special effects, sound,         Storyboard reflects very
                    Storyboard reflects             reflects effective planning/       etc. Storyboard reflects        little planning of the
                    outstanding planning/           organization for the visuals in    attempts at planning/           visuals.
                    organization for the            the video.                         organization for the
                    visuals in the video.                                              visuals in the video.
Teamwork 15%        Students meet and               Students meet and discuss          A couple of team                Meetings are not held
                    discuss regularly. All          regularly. Most students           meetings are held. Most         AND/OR some team
                    students contribute to the      contribute to the discussion       students contribute to the      members do not
                    discussion and all are          and are listened to                discussion and are              contribute a fair share of
                    listened to respectfully. All   respectfully. All team             listened to respectfully. All   the work.
                    team members contribute         members contribute a fair          team members contribute
                    a fair share of the work.       share of the work.                 a fair share of the work.

Preperation 10%     All necesary                    All necesary                       All necesary                    Needed
                    equipment/supplies are          equipment/supplies are             equipment/supplies are          supplies/equipment are
                    handy. All equipment            handy. All equipment (sound,       located for the most part       missing OR were not
                    (sound, light, video) is        light, video) are checked the      and checked to ensure           checked before the
                    checked the before the          before the shoot to ensure         they are operational.           shoot. Has no Vote Box
                    shoot to ensure it is           they are operational. A            There may or may not be         or one that looks like
                    operational. A backup           backup plan is developed.          a backup plan.Has a Vote        they spent no time on it.
                    plan is developed to cover      Has a Vote Box that looks like     box that looks like they
                    possible problems with          they spent some time on it.        spent little time on it.
                    power, light, etc. Has a
                    Vote Box that looks like
                    they spent time on it.

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