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					            Pomona College Application Instructions
You can apply to Pomona College by using                       5. Required Application Materials
The Common Application, available online at                    •  Required Common Application Supplement or in your high school                       The Common Application (online or paper version)
guidance counselor’s office. If these options are              should be accompanied by Pomona’s Required Common
not available to you, you can request a paper                  Application Supplement. The supplement is available on
                                                               The Common Application Website, in this packet, or on
version of The Common Application by contacting
                                                               the Admissions Website at
the Office of Admissions at (909) 621-8134.                    •	 Secondary School Report and Midyear Report
    In completing your application, keep in mind               The Secondary School Report should be completed by your
that these application instructions are specific to            counselor and received by our office by the appropriate
applying to Pomona College and may differ from                 application deadline. The Midyear Report form is due in
those accompanying The Common Application.                     our office by February 15, 2012.
                                                               •	 School Report Supplement
                                                               This form is only required of applicants whose schools
1. Preliminary Application
                                                               use their own Secondary School or Counselor Report
As soon as you have decided to apply to Pomona                 form and do not complete either the online or paper ver-
College, you should complete and return the                    sion of The Common Application Secondary School Report.
Preliminary Application to the Office of Admissions.           •	 Two Teacher Evaluations
With this form, you can include your waiver request            Evaluation forms should be completed by teachers who
from your counselor. If you apply online, you should           know you well and have instructed you in core academic
submit your payment using a credit card at that time.          subjects for at least one full semester. Core academic sub-
                                                               jects are mathematics, English, science, social studies and
2. Application Fee                                             foreign languages.
                                                               •	 Official Transcripts
The non-refundable application fee is $65. Checks
                                                               Arrange for your high school to send us your transcript,
or money orders should be made payable to Pomona               complete through your junior year, by the application
College. The fee must be paid in U.S. dollars, drawn           deadline. In addition, grades for the first term of your senior
against a U.S. bank, and can be submitted with the             year must be received by our office by February 15, 2012.
Preliminary Application. If you apply online, we strongly            No admission decision will be made without receipt of
suggest you submit your payment by credit card. Please         mid-year transcript. All offers of admission are conditional pend-
submit your payment only once – either online or with          ing final grades.
                                                               •	 Entrance Examination Results
the Preliminary Application.
                                                               The College Board SAT Reasoning Test and two SAT
                                                               Subject Tests of your choosing or the American College
3. Admission Programs                                          Testing (ACT) Assessment is required.
Students applying for first-year admission and those                 All examination scores must be sent to Pomona College
who will have completed less than one academic year            directly from the testing agency by the appropriate application
at another college should apply for freshman standing.         deadline.
•	 Early Decision - Freshman Standing                                Students who have not attended a school where
If Pomona is your first choice college, you may                English is the medium of instruction must also submit
consider applying under one of the Early Decision              Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores
options. Please note the deadlines. All application            with their application materials. If providing TOEFL
                                                               results presents a hardship, please contact the Office of
materials must be received by the appropriate                  Admissions for possible alternatives.
application deadline.                                          •	 Early Decision Agreement
•	 Regular Decision - Freshman Standing                        A signed copy of The Common Application Early Decision
Applications should be received by our office by               Agreement form is required of all students applying Early
January 2, 2012.                                               Decision 1 or Early Decision 2. Your signature indicates
                                                               that you understand and accept the Pomona College Early
4. Interviews                                                  Decision Agreement as stated below:
Interviews are very strongly recommended for all applicants.      I agree to have my application reviewed under Pomona
                                                                  College’s Early Decision admission program. I understand
All Southern California applicants are expected to
                                                                  that by applying as an Early Decision candidate, I am
interview and must do so on campus. If you plan to                indicating that Pomona College is my first choice and the
be in the area, please contact the Office of Admissions           only active Early Decision application that I have filed.
at (909) 621-8134 to schedule your appointment prior              Further, if offered admission, I will accept the Pomona College
to the appropriate interview deadline. We suggest you             offer, withdraw all other applications and will initiate no
call at least two to three weeks prior to your preferred          new ones. I also understand that with an Early Decision offer
date, and earlier for appointments on Saturdays or in             of admission, Pomona may share my name and my Early
December.                                                         Decision agreement with other institutions.
     If you reside outside of the Southern California
                                                               6. Arts, Athletics and Science Supplements
area, you may request an alumni interview in your              In addition to your application, you can submit supple-
home area. Please complete an Alumni Interview                 mentary information related to the Arts, Athletics and the
Request card or call the above number before the               Sciences. See the enclosed Instructions for Supplementary
posted deadline.                                               Materials sheet in this packet for more information.
                                                                                  Instructions continued on inside back cover...
  International Students                                             Mailing Instructions
Pomona does not have a separate application for                     When sending items to the Office of Admissions via
international students. International students should               mail, please indicate on the lower left-hand corner of
follow all instructions articulated here.                           your mailing envelope the admissions program for
     If you have further questions, you can obtain a Guide          which you are applying (e.g., Early Decision 1, Early
for International Students from our Website at www.pomo-            Decision 2 or Regular Decision). If you do not have access to the Web, please con-              Send communication concerning admissions to:
tact the Office of Admissions.
                                                                              Pomona College
                                                                              Office of Admissions
  Special Instructions for Reapplicants                                       333 N. College Way
If you have filed a Pomona freshman application in the                        Claremont, CA 91711-6312
past, you may not need to complete a new one. Please                
inform the Office of Admissions and you will be notified
of materials required to bring your previous application
up to date. You will be sent an Application for Reactivation
which must be received, in our office, by the appropriate
application deadline.

                                        Financial Aid Information
Pomona College is committed to awarding financial aid                  Further financial aid inquiries and requests for
to each enrolling student found to have financial need. A           materials should be directed to:
student’s financial need is not negatively considered by the                    Pomona College
Admissions Committee and does not affect the admission                          Office of Financial Aid
decision for U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Pomona                      550 N. College Avenue Room 117
College actively seeks to enroll an economically diverse                        Claremont, CA 91711-6327
student body.                                                                   (909) 621-8205
     No student should hesitate to apply to Pomona                    
because of cost. Pomona is committed to a need-blind
admissions process for U.S. citizens and permanent
residents. The College offers need-based financial aid
scholarships meeting 100 percent of demonstrated need.
Loans are not packaged but are made available to help
families finance their expected contribution.
     A complete description of the Pomona College
financial aid policies and procedures is contained in
the Pomona College Catalog and the brochure Affordable

                    Notification                                                           Application Deadlines
                                                                            Note: All application materials are due in our office by the
                                                                                        appropriate application deadline.
You will be notified by email or mail when we receive your
                                                                                     Interview Deadline*
Preliminary Application or The Common Application, and again                                     Alumni Application Admission               Reply
when your entire application is complete. If you do not                                On-      Interview Deadline Decision                 Date
                                                                                      Campus     Request
receive these two notifications regarding your application,
please contact the Office of Admissions at (909) 621-8134.
     If you submit your application on or just before the                             Nov. 15      Oct. 15       Nov. 1       Dec. 15       Jan. 1
                                                                       Decision 1
application deadline, it will take longer for us to provide
notice to you due to the extremely heavy volume of docu-
ments that we receive in the days surrounding deadlines.               Decision 2
                                                                                      Dec. 22       Dec. 1       Dec. 28      Feb. 15       Mar. 1
     Important: If you provide an email address in your
application, missing items notification will be sent to
that address, along with instructions for tracking missing              Regular
                                                                                      Dec. 22       Dec. 1        Jan. 2       Apr. 5       May 1
application items electronically. If you do not provide an email
address, we will attempt to send a single notification of missing      Students
application items via mail. Pomona College cannot be respon-           Studying
                                                                                      Dec. 22      office for     Jan. 2       Apr. 5       May 1
                                                                       Outside of
sible for messages blocked by SPAM filter programs or                   the U.S.
problems with internet service providers or postal service
delivery.                                                            *Although not required, interviews are very strongly encouraged (see instructions).
Application Checklist for Completed Items
     o	 Review Instructions and Deadlines (inside cover)
     o	 Make Interview Arrangements (optional; refer to instructions)
     o	 Preliminary Application
     o	 $65 Application Fee or Official Fee Waiver
     o	 The Common Application
     o	 Required Common Application Supplement
     o	 Secondary School Report
     o	 School Report Supplement (refer to instructions)
     o	 Two Teacher Evaluations
     o	 Official Transcripts (from all schools attended)
            o	 Through Junior Year
            o	 Senior Midyear Report
            o	 Senior Year Final Transcript (if enrolling)
     o	 College Entrance Examination Results (sent from testing agency)
     o	 Early Decision Agreement (refer to instructions)
     o	 Arts, Athletics and Science Supplements (optional)
     o	 Financial Aid Information (optional)

         Optional items in blue

For More Information

     Inquiries and requests for materials should be addressed to:

     Pomona College
     Office of Admissions
     333 N. College Way
     Claremont, CA 91711-6312
     (909) 621-8134

      Pomona College complies with all applicable state and federal
      civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination in education and the
      workplace. This policy of non-discrimination covers admission,
      access and service in Pomona College programs and activities, as
      well as hiring, promotion, compensation, benefits, and all other
      terms and conditions of employment at Pomona College.

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