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   Summarized Group Report for Direct TV

 44         Complaints             5      Comments                $16,257                  Total Reported Damages

This Scambook Group Page started on August 8th, 2011, with initial reports beginning on July 7th, 2011

   Sample Complaints Filed Against Direct TV

Complaint Title: Direct TV - Other for $39.99 on 08/08/2011
Submitted by                  On Tuesday, August 8th, I set up a Direct TV account. Later that evening, I received a call
Anonymous                     on my cell phone from the number 8889998527. A woman called and said she was with
on 08/10/2011                 Direct TV Fraud Division and began asking me a series of questions, ranging from asking my
Complaint #10428              social security number, current and previous residence address, birthdate, age, to name a
                              few. Direct TV did not tell me to expect a call from its Fraud Division so this call not only
                              caught me off-guard, but was something that I wondered if it was NOT Direct TV. I
                              questioned each of the requests for information, reluctantly provided information, and was
                              told that I needed to send them a copy of my SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, past utility bill and
                              at least one other piece of identification (which I do not recall). I refused ... they put my
                              account on HOLD ... I called the main Direct TV phone number as follow-up and was told that
                              yes, my account WAS on HOLD; however, the customer service representative could not tell
                              me why. They gave me the phone number of the Fraud Division --- my call went to a
                              voicemail for a woman with the same name as that of the woman who called me from the
                              Fraud Division. For both calls (the Fraud Division and Direct TV), I asked to speak with a
                              supervisor and was denied.

Complaint Title: Direct TV - Unauthorized Credit Card Charge for $385.55 on 08/08/2011
Submitted by                  I owe a past bill which i intended on paying. i have been getting chemo and was sick so i had
babygirl                      my service cut off. i am just getting to where i can make small payments to take care of the
on 08/10/2011                 bill. i received boxes in the mail to send back my equipment so i did that..Direct Tv then
Complaint #10480              charged my account $385.55 for past due bill and equipment without authorization or any
                              knowledge that they were going to do that. I had my rent check out as well so i was in fear of - Group Report Generated from:

                              bouncing that check. I then called my bank and they had to credit my account because of
                              their fraud act!

Complaint Title: Direct TV - Bait & Switch for $795.00 on 01/12/2012
Submitted by                  I was a subscriber with Directv until May 24, 2011 when my home at 515 Broadway, Guthrie,
Anonymous                     Oklahoma was destroyed by tornado in National disaster 1989, FEMA application
on 01/12/2012                 381943666. As my home no longer existed, I cancelled my service on May 24,2011. I moved
Complaint #58113              to another home at 5434 West Canyon Road, Guthrie, Oklahoma near the first of September,
                              2011, telephone contacted Directv and subscribed for new service and was quoted a monthly
                              charge of $88.99, and after applying a monthly rebate of $31, my monthly bill would be
                              $57.99 plus tax. My first bill was $189.21. After numberous, confusing, calls to Directv my
                              monthly bill was lowered to about $114 a month. In each call they slightly adjusted my bill,
                              saying they double charged for some service, or over charged for some of the service. I
                              complained that I was never told of these additional charges, but on two occassions their
                              supervisors said that I was e-mailed a copy of all charges immediately after my initial contact
                              with them. I never received any e-mails. Each time their Supervisor said they would e-mail a
                              copy of the original e-mail immediately. It's been weeks now and I have not received a copy
                              of the alledged e-mail alledgedly e-mailed to me back in September, 2011. I have made
                              token payments on my bill, but refuse to be taken advanage by Directv misrepresentation.

Complaint Title: Direct TV - Unauthorized Credit Card Charge for $253.73 on 08/11/2011
Submitted by                  I complained to direct tv about them upping my bill all the time & being promised HD for life
Anita                         which never happened so I cancelled
on 08/18/2011                 their service. guess what, I thought I had signed up for a yr but
Complaint #12983              it was for 2 yrs. ( in fine print ) & they just helped them selves to my credit card. I did not have
                              auto pay. I wanted to make monthly payments but was never given the choice. It`s been a
                              hardship on us because we`re seniors ( 83&77 ) & our rent is 3/4
                              of our social security & Direct tv could care less if we had a roof over our head or food on the
                              table. all I can say watch out the fine print.

Complaint Title: Direct TV - False Advertising for $481.76 on 08/26/2011
Submitted by                  it started 13 months ago. my billing was taken out of my debit, they demand a credit card or a
Anonymous                     debit card, i used my debit card, and didn't watch it closley, because i thought since they
on 08/28/2011                 were so big that they would be honorable. I finally pulled up my billing which was supposed to
Complaint #15826              be $29.99 per month. My first one was $58.99 then $25.99 then $48.99 for 7 months and one
                              for $29.99. Then about aug 5th i told them that it was game over, and they told me that i
                              breached their contract, and i told them there is no contract. I had to write them a check and
                              rip up my debit card, otherwise they would hammer my credit rating. So it came to $240.00
                              overbilling and $241.76 for phantom contract. I then told them that as of aug. 5th i was
                              charging them $10.00 a day for having their dish on the roof, and as of aug 15th it was going
                              to $ 20.00 a day, and i got no response. I have read at least 200 cases like mine and got tired
                              and more angry. Most cases are $700.00 plus, these thieves have to be stopped, i'm on a
                              class action suit in california threw Evans law in san francisco, she's great, her number is
                              415-441-8669. I'm 100% disabled veteran, and these bastard's would rip off their mothers.
                              U-can is another good site. thanks tom - Group Report Generated from:

Complaint Title: Direct TV - False Advertising for $300.00 on 05/02/2011
Submitted by                  Did not tell me the real rates that would be charged AFTER the special ended. In fact, they
Teresa                        lied and said I would be locked in for a basic cable rate once the special was over. I only had
on 07/19/2011                 basic cable. Sadly, when the special was over, I STILL ONLY HAD BASIC CABLE but I was
Complaint #5569               charged and billed for leaving them for giving me premium package rates. Companies like
                              this ruin our credit scores when we don't play ball and it sucks.

Complaint Title: Direct TV - Unauthorized Credit Card Charge for $29.99 on 08/10/2011

Complaint Title: Direct TV - Bait & Switch for $375.00 on 08/20/2011
Submitted by                  someone told us that it was cheaper then cable so we called was told that we could join for 6
lauren                        months they even gave me a promotional site on the internet that would save us 29.99 a
on 08/20/2011                 month if we agreed to stay for 6 months. Well we keep losing service because of the weather
Complaint #13499              we use service even if its just cloudy out, so i called them and told them when is our 6
                              months up and they said oh you are commited to a 2yr contract anyone whos gets a dvr or
                              equipment is automatically responsible for a 2 yrs. contract i told them they were crazy but no
                              so nicely and i wanted to see a contract that i signed or copy of the paperwork signed when
                              we joined they have nothing because they never gave us anything nor did we sign anything
                              they sent me a booklet which this is the first time i have ever seen its like a warrent booklet i
                              can send it to you i can also print out and send something from the website where i joined for
                              6 months basically what they are saying is if they give you equipment to use you are
                              automatically stuck with them for 2 yrs without you even knowing.

Complaint Title: Direct TV - Other for $220.00 on 07/05/2011
Submitted by                  My one year contract with Directv expired last month. When I called to cancel my service,
Jesus                         Directv stated that it was a two year contract. And if I cancel they were going to bill me $20 a
on 07/07/2011                 month starting in July 2011 to June 2012. I requested a copy of my signed contract and they
Complaint #3376               stated they do not have the contract.

Complaint Title: Direct TV - False Advertising for $378.00 on 11/28/2011
Submitted by                  i switched to direct tv about 4 t0 5 months ago and i bundled it with tv and internet with
Anonymous                     CenturyLink. i swear i am paying more than i ever did with Comcast. i am about to be
on 11/28/2011                 switching back to comcast because i can not afford this bundled plan, in which at first was a
Complaint #41196              deal, then all of a sudden the price went up.

   Sample Comments from the Group Members

From Report: Direct TV - False Advertising for $378.00 on 11/28/2011
Submitted by                  If you cancel service with DTV there is an early cancellation fee of $20 for every month left
Sassy2                        on your 2yr contract+ a lot of times they try to charge you non-returned equipment fees which
on 01/05/2012                 can amount to over $400.So do your homework before you cancel service
Comment #11209 - Group Report Generated from:

From Report: Direct TV - Unauthorized Credit Card Charge for $480.00 on 11/16/2011
Submitted by                  Century Link should have told you there was an early cancellation fee with DTV as they are
Sassy2                        partners in this. DTV is one of the dirtiest companiies I have ever dealt with and they are the
on 01/05/2012                 ones that charged you the $480.00.
Comment #11214

From Report: Direct TV - False Advertising for $500.00 on 01/04/2012
Submitted by                  Yes,DirectTV lies about everything! do not believe a word they say. Often, they do not tell you
Sassy2                        that there is a 2 yr contract with 20$ cancellation fee for every month that is left on your
on 01/05/2012                 contract if you decide to cancel. Plus if their equipment fails and needs to be replaced during
Comment #11216                this 2yr period ,this automatically extends your contract for 2 more yrs.

From Report: Direct TV - False Advertising for $451.03 on 12/12/2011
Submitted by                  Call your bank and get new account # and do no give the new number to DirectTV. As long
Sassy2                        as DTV has your account number they can and will debit it as they see fit.
on 01/05/2012
Comment #11208

From Report: Direct TV - Unauthorized Credit Card Charge for $19.99 on 11/14/2011
Submitted by                  Donna,If the charge was placed on your bank account call them and tell them what has
Sassy2                        happened perhaps they can change your account # so no more unauthorized charges will be
on 01/05/2012                 made from DTV and also the bank will start an investigation to get your money
Comment #11211                refunded.Hopefully you got a tracking # from fedex for the equipment that was returned.
                              Direttv is the worst company ever to try and deal with.Hopefully you have someone that can
                              help you with this. - Group Report Generated from:


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