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Yesterday the 11th of January the Commercial of the Parliament met for 6 hours
to discuss the Bill about the animals in the presence of various different
institutions. The reason for this meeting was for the institutions to voice their

In this meeting representing the animal welfare institutions were, the
Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation (PFPO) with its
president mRS A.Bobolaki , the Panhellenic Animal Wefare Federation (PFO)
represented by Mrs I.Molfesi, a representative of the Co-federation of the Animal
Welfare Groups of Greece, the Association AGRYPNIA. Representing other
institutions were, the Hunting Co-federation of Greece, the Canine Club of Greece
The president of the Veterinary Association of small animals of Attica, the
Panhellenic Veterinary Association represented by Mrs A.Trahili,the
representative of the Public Vets, various Livestock Associations as well as the
Parliaments Speakers.

The true meaning of the Bill was presented only by the representatives of the
PFPO and PFO. For about 6 hours all other voices of the Institutions as well as
the Representative of the KKE were a continuous hammering and insulting
remarks against the animal welfare groups the representatives “who hiding
themselves behind a figure of animal lovers are stray dog traffickers sending
them abroad for experimentation”. All the representatives of the vets with an
insulting and provocative manner spoke against the animal well fare
Associations as well as against the custom of using voluntary vets.

During this meeting certain negative changes were made which will be
presented after being discuss thoroughly in a later press release.
The only positive fact in our opinion, is the revealing of the role of the Vets who
seam to be mostly interested in their financial gains rather than the welfare of
the stray animals nor the correct management of them and bad publicity for our

When asked by the deputy Mr.Plevris during her second address, the President
of our Federation, spoke about the role of the economical trades vets etc, and
asked why do they not sue the animal associations or any animal lovers for
trafficking and bring to Court proof of their accusations to be proved wrong.
Furthermore Mrs Bobolaki asked “are we here today to discuss the Bill for the
animals or are we here to discuss how unions make their money” and also
“are we here to discuss whether animal lovers are traffickers”

Finally a codicil was added to the article 16. The trafficking by animal
associations is a penal case.

Furthermore the President of the Vets Mrs.A.Trahili attacked verbally in a very
provocative manner the deputy Mrs F.Pipili, causing her to leave the meeting.
It is obvious that there is a very strong attempt to destroy whatever is positive in
this Bill.

We express our annoyance and anger or what happened during this meeting and
request the Vice minister Mr Rodoulis to form a bill that will protect firstly all
animals not only from the active or passive cruelty but also from economical

The Commercial Committee will continue the discussions of the bill article by
article next week and then the Bill will be presented to Parliament. Till then
changes for the best or worst may applied.


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