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					                        Utah County Academy of Sciences
                                  Board Meeting Minutes
                                  Tuesday, July 21, 2009
                            At UVU Education Building Room 109

3:05 pm

Attending Board Members: David Palica, Richard Allred, Ann Woolley, Jared Ferguson, David
Trevino – via phone
Not Attending Board Members: Ana Maria Pesquiera, Ernie Carey, Sam Jarman, Scott Wilson
UCAS Staff Attending: Clark Baron, Bob Howard, Sandra Fitzgerald
A. Preliminary Activities
1. David Palica welcomed everyone. Ann Woolley led the opening remarks.
2. Clark Baron led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.
The Board tried to get a telephone connection with David Trevino. While waiting for a good
phone connection the board began on items for discussion.
C. Items for Board Discussion
2. Clark Baron began discussing UCAS Fall enrollment. Some previous UCAS students have
decided to return to their home high schools. The current enrollment for UCAS is 378 students.
3. Clark passed Report to the Partnership booklets to board members who did not attend the
June Partnership Luncheon.
B. Items for Board Action
1. Phone connection was established with David Trevino at 3:27 pm and he was placed on
speakerphone. There was one change to the May 2009 board meeting minutes. On item #2 in
section B it should be spelled “ARRA” not “AARA”. Jared Ferguson made a motion to approve
the minutes with the suggested changes. 2nd by Ann Woolley. Unanimously approved.
2. Clark Baron then discussed the finances. The goldenrod pages included the finances through
the month of May 2009. The salmon pages include the finances through the month of June 2009.
The June finances look funny because of the ARRA funding. The Bank of American Fork had
$286K in it combined with the fund in the PTIF – we have over one million in reserves. David
Trevino asked if the building was completely paid. Clark reassured him that the Activity Center
was completely paid off. That is why the PTIF account is down. There were no additional
questions. Ann Woolley made a motion to approve the finances as presented. 2nd by Jared
Ferguson. Unanimously approved.
3. Clark then presented the final adjusted budget of 2008-2009 for board approval. David
Trevino made a motion to approve the final budget. 2nd by Jared Ferguson. Unanimously
4. Final approval for the Sibling/Founders Policy JL was requested of the board. Changes were
made to the policy last time. Jared Ferguson made a motion to approve the policy JL as
currently presented. 2nd by Ann Woolley. Unanimously approved. Telephone call ended at 3:39
C. Items for Board Discussion
1. Bob Howard then discussed upcoming student activities. On 8/14 there will be a new student
activity from 10am to 12:30 with get-to-know-you games, food, and fun. UCAS classes will
begin on 8/17, on 8/20 UCAS will hold back to school night, 8/26 UVU classes will begin, and
on 8/18 UCAS will hold an assembly at 10:00 am.
4. There is a vacancy on the UCAS board. Ana Maria Pesqueira is resigning due to personal
reasons. Her term would end in January 2010. There have been three applications submitted
(one former UCAS employee and two UCAS parents). The State has discussed the number of
parents required on charter school boards. The state code rule # 277-470-12 indicates that 25%
of the board needs to be parent representatives. When there is a quorum present during the next
UCAS board meeting then a replacement can be selected. Clark Baron gave Jared Ferguson a
list of students in the Provo District who have enrolled at UCAS. Lists of students enrolled at
UCAS for the other districts will be mailed
5. Clark then proposed a revision to the current UCAS travel policy. Ann Woolley suggested
not listing individual meal prices and only listing one price per day. There was a discussion as to
whether having a set daily stipend or submitting separate receipts was best. Jared Ferguson
suggested that rental cars be rented through USOE prices. Clark added that there would be
additional proposed policy revisions to other policies in future board meetings. It was decided to
meet in August on 8/18/09. No executive session necessary. No vote to end the meeting
because no quorum was in attendance. Meeting ended at 4:17 pm.

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