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					Teacher: Mr. Smith
Phone: 584-7793


Dear Parents and Students,

       Welcome to my class. I am looking forward to working with all of you this year.
We will begin with variables, properties of real numbers, solving and graphing linear
equations, writing linear equations, and solving and graphing linear inequalities. The
second half of the year will feature systems of linear equations, exponentials, quadratic
equations, polynomials, rational functions, and radicals. Here are a few rules and
procedures for my classroom:

1. Grades: Each student earns his or her grade. I do not give out grades. The grades will
be scaled by the following:
80% Tests/Quizzes
15% Homework
5% Participation(Bell-work, Notes, etc.)

Letter grades will be given for the following final grades:
90% or more is an A
80% or more is a B
70% or more is a C
60% or more is a D
Bellow 60% is an F
Grades will be posted weekly in the classroom or online
Note the final will be worth 15% to 18% of your final grade.
***The Sabino Math Department has a policy that it is necessary for you to earn a
minimum of 60% of the total homework points. If you do not, your final grade will be
lowered one grade level.

2. Tests/Quizzes: There will be about one test and quiz per chapter. Makeup
tests/quizzes must be completed within one week.

3. Homework/Class-work: There will be at least one hour of homework given every
night. Homework grades and overall grades correlate directly. There will be no locker
passes. So do not forget your homework. Homework is worth 5 points per assignment.
These add up fast. If you need more help, you are encouraged to meet me before school
(7:00 most days), during my planning (3rd period), or after school (by appointment).
Notes will be graded and be a part of participation. Take good notes.
Mark all homework at the top right of the page as follows:
The assignments can be found on the assignment sheet, if you miss a day, do the next
assignment. Assignments can also be found on my website

4. Make-ups and Late-Work: It is your responsibility to schedule and make up any
missed work. For excused absences you have one day to make up the assignment. For
unexcused absences there will be a 40% mark down on all assignments (district policy).
You are allowed one week to make up tests. Tests may not be made up during my
teaching periods. There are no re-tests.

5. Tardies/Absences: Do not be late. Be here! Students with 10 or more absences
(excused or unexcused) for the semester may lose credit. (Board policy 5000). The class
will start right away. Note that coming to class one minute after half of the class time has
finished is an absence.

6. Materials: All students need at least a 1.5 inch three ring binders dedicated to math
with dividers to hold quizzes, homework, bell-work, tests, and notes. Pencils must be
used, NO PEN. Calculators: All students will need at least a basic scientific calculator.
However, I would recommend a TI-82 or higher calculator. If buying a graphing
calculator is a problem, the bookstore has a limited number that may be checked out.
Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed to be used as calculators.

7. Behavior: The rules are in your handbook. I will enforce them. Basically, respect
everyone and everything in the room, this includes yourself. NO CELL PHONES OR
ELECTRONIC DEVICES. They will be confiscated and a detention will be given for
the fist offence. A parent must pick up the electronic device in the office.

8. No food, drinks (except water), hats, sunglass or electronics devices of any kind!
They will be confiscated.

9. Tutoring: The tutor room is located at the end of the hallway in room 226. Tutoring
will be available every morning (unless announced otherwise) from 7:00 to 7:30. There
will be three math teachers there to give help to students. I will be available every
morning either in my room or in the tutor room (unless announced otherwise). Tutoring
after school will be done by appointment.
Parents/Guardians and students: Feel free to call me or email me with any questions at
584-7793 or I prefer email.


Kris Smith
Sabino High School Math Teacher

Please sign and cut off the last portion of the page and return to me as soon as possible.


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