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					                      University of Aberdeen Development Trust

                                    Aberdeen Future Fund
                              Disbursement Application Guidelines
                          Closing Date: 5.00pm Friday, 26 October, 2012

The Aberdeen Future Fund is an annual appeal to University of Aberdeen alumni worldwide. The Aberdeen
Future Fund aims to provide the resources to fund modest and achievable projects which will enhance the
experience of current and future University of Aberdeen students.

Criteria for applicants

   i.   Applications must be submitted using the Aberdeen Future Fund Disbursement Application Form,
        completed in full and be legible to be considered by the Aberdeen Future Fund Disbursement
        Committee; ineligible applications will not be considered.
  ii.   Applications should not exceed 2 sides of A4 provided by the Aberdeen Future Fund
        Disbursement Application Form
 iii.   Applications will be accepted from:
             a. AUSA (to distribute to AUSA approved clubs and societies)
             b. Current University of Aberdeen students
             c. Current University of Aberdeen staff and departments
 iv.    There is a strict deadline for the receipt of applications; applications received after the deadline
        will not be eligible for consideration.
  v.    Funding will be given to projects and activities at the University of Aberdeen that are in need of
        immediate funding; retrospective funding will not be considered and any award made should be
        spent within one year of receipt.
 vi.    A limited amount of money is available for disbursement each year, applications for modest,
        achievable projects are encouraged and the value of grants made typically ranges from £100 to
 vii.   Applicants may be granted a portion of the amount applied for if there are not sufficient funds for
viii.   In making decisions about the distribution of funds, the AFF Disbursement Committee shall select
        projects and activities that support:
             a. Widening access
             b. Student life and welfare
             c. Student experience
             d. Educational excellence
 ix.    Funding is not available to Colleges for staffing costs.
  x.    Funding is made available on the proviso that a report detailing how the funds were used is
        submitted to the Development Executive – Regular Giving by 1 July 2012.
 xi.    Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by 30 November 2011.
 xii.   If successful, applicants will be asked to provide budget or account details for the transfer of
        monies; in normal circumstances the payment of funds awarded will be completed by 31
        December 2011.
Completing the application form

To apply for funds from the Aberdeen Future Fund please complete the application form.

To assist you in making this application and to enable an informed decision to be made on whether or not
to support your proposal please provide the following:

Section 1
     The name of the person completing the application on behalf of the committee/group, and what
        position this person holds. This person will be the main contact for all correspondence relating to
        the application.
Section 2
     A brief description of the committee/group, including past developments and successes.
Section 3
     Enter the amount requested. Ensure this is not exaggerated and is a realistic figure for your
        project’s requirements. Please note that the Aberdeen Future Fund has a limited amount available
        for disbursement each year and is entirely reliant upon the success of our annual fundraising. We
        cannot guarantee to grant the full amount requested and any monies granted must be spent within
        twelve months of receipt.
     Please provide a breakdown of the costs included in the amount requested e.g. Total requested for
        refurbishment of student common room £1,000 comprising £500 decorating materials, £500
        fixtures and fittings.
Section 4
     Description of the project – you may wish to discuss the following points:
             o What do you want to do, who will be involved, where will it take place and how will it be
             o How have you identified the need for this work?
             o What do you hope will be the outputs and outcomes of this work and what key targets
                 have you set?
             o How do you intend to monitor and evaluate the work so that you know whether or not
                 you have been successful?
             o What is the income and expenditure budget for this piece of work?
             o How you propose to fund the work in its entirety, please include details of other funds
                 already secured, raised or requested?
             o What is your proposed timetable?
             o If the proposal relates to an activity which will continue beyond the duration of the grant,
                 what plans have been made to support the activity after the grant ends?
Section 5
     Please list source and amount of all other funding received for this project

Applications (hard copy or electronic) should be returned to:

Aberdeen Future Fund
University of Aberdeen Development Trust
King’s College
AB24 3FX

T +44 (0)1224 273595

University of Aberdeen Development Trust is registered as a charity with the Inland Revenue in Scotland no SC002938


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