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					                                                                      i "
                                   ) SS:
ST. JOSEPH COUNTY                  )       CAUSE NO. 71D~           -1202-FD"O~

STATE OF INDIANA                   )       INFORMATION FOR ~SIDENTIAL                ENTRY,
                                   )        CLASS D FELONY   .      "                    "
         VS.                       )                  ,                                        :"I:' .
                                                                                                    I." f"j)
KEITH DAVIS                        )
DOB:~1965                          )                                                            ~e" ~
                                                                                          '''S8,">"                  '
                                                                                              ""r 8. '
                                                                                                   U/letior       c/er,f
                ~-'                                                                                           ~
        KENNE"lH P. COTTER, upon information and belief, affinhs under the penalty of

perjury that:
                "                                               "

       On or about the 6th day of February, 2012, in St. Joseph County, State of Indiana?

KEITH DAVIS did knowingly break and enter the dwelling of another person, to-wit: Ashley

M. Murray's residence located at   IIINorth,Lance    Court, South Bend, Indiana.

       All of which is contrary to the form of the statute in such cases made and provided, to

wit: Indiana Code 35-43-2-1.5, andagainst the peace and dignity orthe State ofIndiana.

  _ I affirmunderthe penaltiesforperjury, regOing
                                                                    representati'   aretrue.

                                                "KENNETH P. OTTER    ,
                                                CHIEF DEPUTY PROSECUTING ATTORNEY

       Probable cause found. Arrest warrant ordered iss~ed. Bond:set at SJ 0 III U1.1--'"

Corporate surety or   SJ , u 0 V-           c~h in lieu thereof, so found this day the '

__ -"",g _          day of Februarv, 2012, at

                                                    GE, ST. JOSEPH SUPERIOR COURT         ,           .
.~.   ;'1

       Ashley M. Murray
       Brandon Stec, SBPD
       Joseph Mitchell, SBPD
       All witnesses listed in police, medical and laboratory reports.

     STATE OF INDIANA                   )        IN THE ST. JOSEPH SUPERIOR COURT
                                        ) SS:
     ST. JOSEPH COUNTY                  )        C~USE NO. 71003       -1202-FD-OOm

     STATE OF INDIANA                   )
                VS.                     )        SUPPLEMENTAL AFFIDAVIT IN
                                        )        SUPPORT OF PROBABLE CAUSE
     KEITH DAVIS                        )
     DOB:<1Ii!If-ii965                  )

               KENNETH P. COTTER, upon infonnation and belief, after being duly sworn upon his

     oath, says that:

               I am a Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney with the 60th Judicial Circuit, St. Joseph

     County, Indiana. I have reviewed verified South Bend Police reports concerning the arrest of the

     above-mentioned Defendant, KEITH DAVIS, on February 7, 2012. occurred in St.

     Joseph County, Indiana.

               AccorHing to the reports, on February 6, 2012, at approximately 11:30 p.m., officers were

     dispatched to    IIINorth Lance Court in South Bend in reference    to a burglary in progress:

     When they arrived, they spoke with Ashley Murray, the homeowner. Ms. ¥urray advised that a

     person sh,edid not know was inside of her home. Officers then approached the .home and

     observed KEITH DAVIS in a plastic chair inside the residence. Officers entered the residence

     and apprehended MR. DAVIS.

               Officers spoke with Ms. Murray. She stated that the window screen to her living room

     window had been cut and the window seemed to be the way in which the Defendant entered the

     home. The doors had otherwise been locked. She stated that she had left at approximately 3:30

     p.m. and had Just returned home to find KEITH DAVis inside. She thereafter had called the

     police.    :
I.   ••   •

                     Ms. Murray allowed officers to enter the home in order to assess whether anything had

              been taken. Ms. Murray accompanied the officers and noted that some chicken and onions from

              the refrigerator had been placed in a pot and were being cooked. She also advised that KEITH

              DAVIS had folded her laundry, which was neatly folded and on the kitchen table. He had also

              vacuumed the living room and dining room floors with her vacuum sweeper. Again, Ms. Murray

              stated that she did not know MR.. DAVIS.

                     Officers thereafter spoke with MR. DAVIS after advising him ofhis rights and him.

              waiving the same. Officers also noted that the front window screen had be~n tom. KEITH

              DAVIS advised officers that he had arrived at the home in the afternoon. He then told officers

              that he had woke up there in the morning. He stated that he had gotten keys to the home out of a

              closet and that a Korean woman had told him where they were. It is important to note that Ms.

              Murray is black. He further stated that he had cooked food in the home and had cleaned it up. He

              then told officers that he lived there, but stated that his address was 2446 Lance Court. He then-

              began to talk about his time in the service and other tangential. comments. When officers asked

               about the tom screen, he stated that he was going to pry open the window with a nail file in his

               pocket. He then recanted that statement. Officers had a difficult time understanding his speech

               and obscure tangents.
                      Ms. Murray stated that she was concerned about her safety. Officers could not locate the

               address that KEITH DAVIS claimed that he lived at.

                      I spoke to Ms. Murray on the phone. She advised me that MR. DAVIS had been observed

               in the neighborhood prior to that date and had been watching her home. She is fearful that he will

               return and cause her harm. Therefore, the State is asking the bon~ be set in the amount of Fifty

                Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) Corporat~ Surety or Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00) cash.
Additionally, the State is asking that the Court, asa condition of bond, order that KEITH DAVIS

have no contact with Ashley Murray, the residence located at"          North Lance Court, or

anyone associated with that home. -

        I affirm, under the pains and penalties for perjury, that'the!9regoing   representations'are



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