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									                                              Under Construction
                                            NAWIC #261 Capital District, NY
 April 2011

 In This Issue             President’s Message
 President’s Message
 April Meeting Notice
 March Meeting Minutes    Dear Members,
 Women’s Build Info
                           Great big “Thank You” to Bridget, Donna, Dawn and Susan for an informative and fun
 Career Day Info
                           meeting in April. For those of you who couldn’t be with you, we met at Burt Crane in
 New Member               Green Island and our focus was on safety, including the new OSHA regulations for
 Home Remedies            cranes. Our member, Dawn Preston, gave out sheets from her company, Travelers
                           Insurance, as the OSHA Fact Sheet as part of her presentation. Donna Shave brought in
                           All Lifts to talk safety, and Bridget demonstrated some of the hand signals used by signal
                           persons, and gave us a pocket guide of all the hand signals.
Organization Links
                       I know it’s early, but everyone please mark your calendars for October 1, 2011. The
www.nawicnycap.org     chapter will participate in the Susan B. Koman “Race for the Cure”. The newsletter will
www.nawic.org          publish place and time when available. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are
                       planning to participate, we are planning on acquiring pink hard hats for the event and
                       need to know how many to order.
www.ecainc.org       Forum was great, as always it was wonderful seeing all of our NAWIC friends. The
                     speakers were all very informative; Director Stoddard did an outstanding job putting
                     together a great program. MY complete Forum report is in the newsletter. Remember
                     that we are hosting Forum 2012 in Saratoga Springs on May 4 & 5 2012. If anyone
Chapter Officers 2010-
                     would like to be on the planning committee, please let me know.
                           This month, our nominating committee will be announcing the slate of candidates for the
Pres: Judy Ploof           officers and board, please answer their requests for nominations, we have room for a few
                           more candidates so if you have an interest in running contact Eileen Venn, Toni Cristo or
VP: Kate Beach
                           Bobbie Young.
Sec: Lisa Harding
                           Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting,
Treas: Kait Bloss

                                            Capital District NAWIC Chapter # 261
                                                     Membership Meeting
                                                        April 19, 2011
                                                 At Burt Crane, Green Island
Call to Order @ 5:49p.m.

Board Members & Guests Present: See Attached Attendance Records

Secretary’s Report: None

Treasurer’s Report: Kait Bloss- Report Attached.


           Membership- Carol- We have one new member, anyone have a lead or interested new member please contact Carol.

           Prof Ed- Diann

                   May- Scholarship- Lisa- So far had 6 applications (now have 8) We will narrow applicants and interview on
May 2nd.

                   June- Forensic Documentation, Elections
                   July- PWB Social Mixer

           Safety- Donna
           WIC- Susan Zucker- Thanked everyone for attending, Toni commented on how it was a great and “moving” event.
           Nominating- Eileen Venn- If you know someone interested in filling a position to let her know.

         New Business- Carol- Directors fund to increase from 2 dollars to 5 dollars per member. Cost to Capital District
chapter budget will be an increase of +/-100.00. All voted in favor to recommend a yes vote to the members and Judy will pass
this yes vote at the presidents meeting at Spring Forum. This directors fund covers costs such as travel, awards and minor
expenses. All members agreed to Yes vote recommendation from our Chapter.

           Also Carol mentioned to have NAWIC do the Susan B. Komen walk October 1st, 2011. Registration comes out in May.

           Old Business-

       Construction Career Days- 10th Year! Anne Marie represents NAWIC for this awesome event, she sent fliers to all
members previously for volunteers.

           (Professional Women Builders) PWB Mixer- July 2011- Social Event, possibly at The Mill in Round Lake

           Directors Insurance- Carol, 2 quotes were between 750 and 1000 per year. (Toni agreed based upon her research as

           New Venue- Finish up season at Bucca

Meeting adjourned @ 6:15 pm by Judy Ploof, President

Dawn Preston with Travelers on Crane / OSHA rules (handouts given)
Burt Crane also provided information

Meeting adjourned 8pm.

Respectfully submitted by Lisa Harding, Secretary

                           Membership Meeting Notice
                                            Buca di Beppo
                                                44 Wolf Road
                                              Albany, NY 12205

                                           Tuesday, May 18, 2011

                        Board Meeting                                        4:30 PM
                        Dinner                                               5:45 PM

               R.S.V.P by May 12, 2011                             Toni Cristo PH: 463-6985
               Call or Fax Reservations to:                                    FAX: 462-9650

PROGRAM: Announcement of Scholarship winner and hopefully introduce her to our members. Our new
slate of officers will be presented. We will also be having and informal meeting introducing the scholarship
winner and/or guests to ourselves by giving a short profile of who we are(name), company we work for, what
we do (job description) to show how varied we and the construction industry are.


Company Name________________________________________

I will attend____   I will not Attend _________
Cost $35.00                                             Non Members $40.00

Selected Menu will be served family style includes a green salad, Penne Basilica (chicken broccoli, pesto in
cream sauce), Chicken Limone, and Chocolate Cake selections along with coffee, tea or soda and a desert.


Company Name________________________________________

I will attend____   I will not Attend _________

       Cost: $35.00 members                  $40.00 non-members

Register on line at: www.nawicnycap.org credit cards can be used here.

Make checks payable to: NAWIC #261

Mail to: Kait Bloss, NAWIC Treasurer
         Bonadio Group
         6 Wembley Court
         Albany, NY 12205

Forum Report:
                                                 Spring Forum
                                                 April 29 & 30
                                                 Westord, MA

Forum started with a Presidents Meeting held by Director Stoddard and attended by NAWIC President,
Deb Gregorie as well as all the Chapter Presidents, where we discussed best practices for making meeting
attendance better. One of the points to remember that stuck with me is that just because we tried something
years ago and it didn’t work, it might not be a bad idea to think about trying it again. Twenty years ago, not
many people used the internet and now most of us have Facebook sites. BY the way, Region 14 has joined
Facebook and has very few friends as of yet, so feel free to visit the page.

Carol Henry spoke to the presidents about the directors fund, she explained that the entire fund purpose
should be revisited and reworked. Director Stoddard is looking for volunteers for a committee to do this, if
you would like to participate, please contact her. When the committee has finished with their review and
the new document has been adopted, the chapter contributions to the fund will be revisited, for now the
matter has been withdrawn.

Forum officially began at 1 PM on Friday. After opening ceremonies and introductions we had our first
speaker, Brooke E. Thomson, Chief of the Business, Technology & Economic Development Division.
Brooke outlined how she ended up in her current position and how networking played a role in her success.
One of the most important things anyone can do to help themselves is to join a professional organization, so
Congratulations, Ladies, we have each taken this step.

After break, we conducted the business portion of the meeting, the Regional Safety Award went to the
Gilbane Company.

On Saturday we had two speakers, President Gregoire and Sarah Beatty. Sarah calls herself an “Accidental
Entrepreneur” because she started Green Depot after she had redone her home in preparation for her first
child and found out two weeks before the baby was due that she had a mold problem that had ruined her
new floors. She moved out and decided to research products that were proven safe to the environment and
her kids, and realized that there were probably a lot of people like herself who wanted the safest
environment for their children, so because she was fortunate enough to be married to a major construction
materials distributor, she was able to “bolt” her small company onto his existing network and so Green
Depot was born.

After lunch we did Team Building exercises using Legos, it was a lot of fun and very hands on. It was
amazing to see what you can build in 3 -5 minutes. You were given instructions like “build something you
like about your job”, then you have to explain what you built.

We closed the meeting around 4 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Ploof

And another report:

                               NAWIC Region 14 Annual Forum Report
                                        April 29-30, 2011
                                         Westford, MA

Director Sue Ellen Stoddard and Boston Chapter #15 hosted the 2011 Region 14 Forum at the Westford
Regency Conference Center. NAWIC President Deb Gregoire was our national representative. Fifty
members attended the conference, including several first timers.

Brooke M. Thompson from the MA Attorney General’s office welcomed us to the State and spoke about
the role of the AG’s office in business development and also discussed the gender inequality in politics and
industry. We can promote equality by promoting a gender neutral environment; recognize that men and
women communicate differently so learn the differences and listen; network; and get involved politically.

NAWIC president Deb Gregoire spoke about the value of a NAWIC membership. Most women join
NAWIC for networking, mentoring (goes in both directions), professional opportunities and education.
NAWIC offers many education opportunities through NEF, Lorman Associates and through chapter,
regional and national events. NAWIC also provides leadership development.

Sarah Beatty, owner of Green Depot, spoke about bringing passion to your work. She started Green Depot
after remodeling her home in preparation of upcoming birth and discovering mold and other toxic after
products. Green Depot is a one stop resource for environmental products that are competitively priced and
work. She stated that people are not necessarily interested in saving the world, only themselves. Find out
what your clients want by asking questions and listening. Stress the benefits. She summarized her business
with CLEAR – conservation, local, environment, air quality and responsibility.

Carla Suitjerbuijk led the group in Lego Serious Play. We were divided into groups with individual bags of
Lego blocks. Several challenges were issued and everyone built something to address the challenge.
Because every member had blocks, it leveled the playing field and everyone participated and individuals
were given an opportunity to discuss their solution.

NAWIC Business
National President’s Report – President Gregoire issued a challenge to chapters to select one day to
promote NAWIC and report back to her by Convention. Last year 32% of our region voted in the national
election and we were the third highest. All were encouraged to discuss candidates at chapter meetings and
encourage everyone to vote. Everyone was encouraged to check out the NAWIC website, particularly the
career center and advertisers. Jobs are posted in both places. Take advantage of member services.
Block Kids – Six chapters held events with 186 children participating. The first place winner was from
Eastern Maine with the Eiffel Tower, the second place winner was from Granite State who built a series of

ships carrying building products and the third place winner was from Greater Worcester with the space
CADD – No. 1 of Rhode Island was once again the only chapter participating.
WIC Week – all chapters in the region participated.
Construction Industry – all chapters reported meeting summaries five out of seven months.
PR/Marketing – we are developing a regional logo and voted on 4 entries. Director Stoddard asked
members to provide feedback on what we would like to see on website.
Safety – Chapters are encouraged to devote one meeting in the year to safety. For the regional safety
award, five applications were received, all for construction industry. No entries were received by
construction related companies. Gilbane Company won the regional award.
Membership – Our region is growing, but it is important that chapters involve new members early in
committees and events. Make them feel welcome at meetings. Follow up with prospects and continue to
invite them to meetings. Carol O’Donnell also discussed coordinated activities with Sisters in Trades.
Reach out to other sister organizations.
Director’s Fund – All proposed changes were withdrawn from consideration. A task force has been
established to review the guidelines and recommend changes.

Upcoming Events
2011 Annual Convention will be held in St. Louis, MO from September 1-3. Education is the focus. There
will be two NEF study session and CPR/First Aid course on Wednesday prior to Annual Session on
September 1. NEF will have a fundraiser on Friday evening.
2011 APC will be held in Portsmouth, NH on November 5. Director Stoddard will be hosting leadership
training on Friday, November 4. All members are encouraged to attend.
2012 Forum will be held in Saratoga Spring, NY on May 4-5.
2012 APC will be hosted by Greater Worcester in Framingham, MA
No.1 of Rhode Island will host 2013 Forum and Maine will host forum in 2014.

Submitted by,

Carol P. Henry CCA

                                                   * * * **

       Hope you all enjoy the

        Tulip Fest Festivities

                 and have a

    Happy Mothers Day

Members in the News: Rensselaer Chamber member honorees of the Business Review's 40 Under 40
includes Stefanie Wiley of Hoosic Valley Contractors. Contact Carol Henry if you want to attend and sit at a
table with other NAWIC members.

                   State University
                   Construction Fund

              The State University Construction Fund invites you to attend its

                               How to Do Business
                                     with the
                        State University Construction Fund
                                     Wednesday, May 11, 2011
                                           4:00 – 6:00 PM
                               Crossgates Restaurant & Banquet House
                                    225 Washington Avenue Ext.
                                      Albany, New York 12205

       Who Should Attend:
                          Contractors, consultants and subs that provide Architectural, Engineering,
                                   Construction and other Construction Related Services.
                       The State University Construction Fund (the Fund), provides capital Planning, Design and
                       Construction and Funding Services and administers the multi-billion dollar Capital Program
                                       for the 34 campuses of the State University of New York.
       This seminar:

                   Will detail and clarify the processes employed by the Fund in awarding work and contracting with
                    business partners.
                   Will preview upcoming design and construction projects throughout NY State

                   Will provide information on new laws affecting the MWBE opportunities program
                   Will provide an opportunity for firms to network

       Pre-registration is required for this seminar. There is no cost to attend.
                         To pre-register, please contact Doreen Bottieri at (518) 320-1639 (doreen.bottieri@suny.edu),
                                         No later than Friday, April 22, 2011

( Additional seminars will be held in other regions of New York State – dates and times to be ann

                                       353 Broadway, Albany, NY, 12246

                         CAPITAL DISTRICT NY #261
                       2010 – 2011 QUICK CALENDAR

January 2011
Board Meeting date/location to be announced
13 – Joint NESCA/NAWIC Meeting (Century House) Remember to bring tools for

February 2011
15 – Chapter Board 15 & Membership Meeting –Old Daley Inn on Crooked Lake –
Tour and Dinner

March 2011
6-12 – Women in Construction Week
15 – Chapter Board 15 & Membership Meeting – The Art of Public Bidding – From
Bid to Award (The Bonadio Group)

25 – Memorial for 100th Anniversary of Triangle Shirt Factory Fire

April 2011
Construction Career Days April 27 & 28
8-9 – Region 14 Annual Forum (Westford, MA)
19 – Chapter Board & Membership Meeting – Focus on Safety (Burt Crane)

May 2011
17 – Chapter Board & Membership Meeting – Member Profile & recognize
Scholarship Recipients (Buca di Beppo)

June 2011
21 – Chapter Board & Membership Meeting - Chapter Elections (Buca di Beppo)

July/August 2011
Board Transition Meeting – Date/Location to be announced

September 2011
August 31-September 3 – National Meeting and Convention (St. Louis, MO)
20 – Chapter Board & Membership Meeting - Planning for upcoming year and board
installation (Buca di Beppo)


                     EASTERN CONTRACTORS
                  ASSOCIATION, INC. & NESCA
                           **U P C O M I N G E V E N T S**
                   (Click on an event title and you will be redirected

                 to the informational flyer on that event, if available.)

                         ANNUAL RECEPTION - MAY 2011

                          STEAK ROAST - JUNE 21, 2011


                NIGHT WITH THE VALLEY CATS - AUGUST 5, 2011

                        GOLF OUTING - AUGUST 29, 2011

                      Reminders of Chapter Upcoming Events

    PWB (Proffessional Women Builders) Mixer in July - more information to follow

          Susan B. Komen Walk October 1, 2011 – Registration out in May

                            2010-2011 NAWIC MEMBERS
 NAME                     COMPANY                PHONE          FAX             e-mail

Audi, Christina          Christina Steel, Inc     861-6042          861-6040 chris@christinasteel.com
Bianchi, Paula           Gilbane Company          474-5767          473-9902 pbianchi@gilbaneco.com
Beach, Kate              Atlantis Equipment       733-5910         733-6834
Bloss, Kait            Bonadio Group               464-4080         464-4087 kbloss@bonadio.com
Burt, Nicole           Rifenburg Const.Inc          279-4326        279-4260 nburt@rifenburg.com
Connolly, Gynger       Blinds,Shades&More           374-9871        374-0927 randblinds@aol.com
Cristo, Antoinette     Cristo Demolition, Inc 463-6985              462-9650 cristodemo@aol.com
Curran, Tracy          J.J. Curran & Sons           434-8110         434-8249 jjcuranandson@aol.com
Dale, Kimberlee        Kimberlee Dale Marshall P.C. 220-9577         220-9587
DeLuca, Sarah          SRI                          459-2776        459-0068    sdeluca@srifiresprinkler.com
Dexter, Pilar          Straight Line Industries      220-2000       220-9993 pdexter@nycap.rr.com
Dickert, Linda         Merit Plumbing               431-0910        431-1049    linda@meritph.com
Englehart, Diann       DLE Consulting                356-5172       356-5172    d_englehart@msn.com
Gomez, Caroline        Gomez Electrical              427-8365        427-8366 jagomez513@aol.com
Harding, Lisa          Lash Contracting Inc          783-7832       783-7341 lisah@lashcontracting.com
Henry CCA, Carol       Campito Plumbing & Htg. 785-0994              785-0769 carol@campito.com
Herzog, Arlene         Esoteric Farm Services        439-1559        475-1448 nslene@aol.com
LaRoche, Marianne      Pompa Bros                    587-3043       587-1208 pompabros@gmail.com
Lester, Kelly          Phillips Lytle Law Firm       472-1224       472-1227 KLester@phillipslytle.com
Marinello, Linda       Marinello Const. Co Inc       449-1717       449-1717 lmarinello@nycap.rr.com
McNamara, Megan        Johnson Controls              451-2710        451-2701 megan.m.mcnamara@jci.com
Miller, Magie           Curtis Lumber                490-1435       884-2908 mmiller@curtislumber.com
Olsen-Geitner,AnnMarie Harrison & Burrowes          465-6254        465-3822 ageitner@harrisonburrowes.com
Ploof CIT, Judy        Eastern Contractors           869-0961       869-2378 judyp@ecainc.org
Preston, Dawn M.       Travelers Companies Inc 862-7672             862-7637 dmpresto@travelers.com
Shave, Donna           Dig Safely New York           895-2221      895-2221 dshave@digsafelynewyork.com
Scheib, Bridget        Burt Crane                    271-6858        271-6938    bscheib@burtcrane.com
Tomlinson, Judy        Rose & Kiernan                244-4223        244-4261 jtomlinson@rkinsurance.com
Venn, Eileen           Mechanical Testing Inc        328-0440       374-9482     eileenv@mechtest.com
Walker, Marie          The Bonadio Group             464-4080       464-4087      mwalker@bonadio.com
Wiederkehr, Brenda     Access Compliance              782-2222      218-9245 Brenda@accesscompliaqnce.net
Wiley, Stephanie       Hoosick Valley Contr.         235-7108       235-7424 svanwie@hoosickvalley.com
Wright, Denise         Motion Industries
Young, Roberta         RBM Guardian Fire Prot. 463-4340              463-4378
Susan Zucker           Occupational & Environmental
                        Health Ctr                   690-4420 ext 220          SZucker@emblemHealth.com


To unite for their mutual benefit women who are actively employed in the
construction industry;

To promote cooperation, fellowship and a better understanding among
members of the Association;

To promote education and contribute to the betterment of the construction

To encourage women to        pursue   and   establish   their   career   in   the
construction industry; and

To provide members an awareness of the legislative process and legislation
as it relates to the construction industry.


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