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									Learn To Draw Manga

Manga is the world famous style of drawing Japanese cartoons. It is also
more popularly known as “Anime”. This style of drawing has captivated a
lot of Anime fans all over the world and people of all ages. Here are
some of the basics of drawing Manga.

Learn The Culture

If you really want to draw good Manga, it is best that you learn more
about Japanese culture. Most Anime’s are based on Japanese tales and
historic characters. It is also better if you learn to observe the
different surroundings and places in Japan. This is so that your drawing
would really have a Japanese feel to it.

The Hair

Characters’ hair is generally   based on a variety of hair strand shapes.
More often, these shapes have   a grass like appearance to it that is more
curved at the lower end. Just   like real hair, they do have many strands.
However, you do not draw each   individual strands as is, instead, you have
to draw it into clumps.

It is important to take note that there is a skull underneath your
character’s hair. A lot of artists overlook this factor and usually end
up drawing oddly shaped heads. It is better that you draw a hairless head
first so that it would look natural when you add on the hair.

Clothing And Folds

For clothing, the folds are very important details that you should take
note of. You should always remember to take into consideration the
direction that the fabric would be pulled. That is where you should
create folds. Also, remember to shade the parts that are not subjected to
light, like grooves, places in which there is an overlap of cloth and
areas within folds.

For female characters, the clothing usually cling tighter to the body.
For male, they usually hang loosely. There are also body portions that
folds always occur, whether you are drawing a boy or girl character.
These portions usually include the shoulders, lower waist, ankles and
knees. There is less creases on the cloth on the lower and upper leg,
since they are usually hanging loosely or are simply pulled down by
gravity. They only have folds when the leg is being lifted up.

The most common pieces to be seen are pants, shirts, skirts, kimonos and
capes. Manga art is very fond of using capes and kimonos, especially if
the setting of the story is somewhere long ago in the past. School
uniforms are a favourite too, which usually consist of pants and coats
for boys and white blouses and mini skirts for girls.

The eyes are the most important aspect of your character. This is what
makes them different from other characters. Thus, you have to learn how
to draw them correctly. For most cases, female eyes are drawn big. They
are also more complicated than male eyes, since they tend to have a lot
of shiny areas.

It is important that you select a light source, so that you would know
where to put the white shiny areas on the eyes. For male eyes, they do
have shiny areas but they are less obvious, than that of female
characters. Male eyes are also narrower than female’s.

Most of the time, they are shady too in order to give life to the
character, especially if they have a very mysterious personality.

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