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									                                                                                                                    LAST DATE OF RECEIPT : APRIL 30, 2005
                                            INDIAN NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING
                                              Nomination Paper for Election of Fellows from Academics/R&D

             NOTES FOR GUIDANCE                                     We propose the name of:
1. This form MUST be complete and type written in the third
   person and/or computer printouts pasted within the space         (In block letters as used for correspondence)
   provided under each head.                                        for election as a Fellow of the Academy.

2. Every nominee shall be proposed and Seconded by two
                                                                    Please indicate whether your judgment is based on:               Proposer                Seconder
                                                                                                                                     (Check as applicable)
   Fellows, preferably of the same discipline.
                                                                    (a) Personal knowledge of the nominee
3. To identify Engineering Excellence, the criterion for election   (b) Current knowledge of nominee’s recent work
   to the Fellowship may be one or more of the following:           (c) Recollection of the nominee’s early work
      a.    Personal engineering achievements in design,
            research, projects, consultancy and application to
                                                                    (over last 10 years)
            technology development in the citation                  (d) Category in which to be considered
      b. Specific Contribution, if involved in team effort                                                                           Academics      R&D
      c.    National /international honours, awards and prizes      Name of Proposer:                                                   Brief Remarks:
            (column 6b)
      d. Technical         and      professional     engineering
            accomplishments including principal positions held
            (column 7)
      e.    Record of contributions (column 8)

4. The nomination should be accompanied with ten copies of
   up-to-date list of papers published during the last ten
   years in referred Indian and Foreign journals in reverse
   chronological order and one set of reprints of up to five of
   the      most      significant    publications      and/or
                                                                    Date:                                    Signature
   documents/photographs relating to research projects with         Name of Seconder:                                                     Brief Remarks:

5. Nomination should clearly mention the sectional committee(s)
   as listed below to which the nominee should be referred to.

6. The nomination paper complete in all respects should be sent
   by registered post to the Executive Secretary, Indian
   National Academy of Engineering, 6th Floor, Vishwakarma
   Bhawan, IIT Campus, Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg, New Delhi
   110016.                                                          Date:                                    Signature

  Sectional Committee – I                                    Sectional Committee – IV                                    Sectional Committee –VIII
  Civil Engineering                                          Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology                        Metallurgy, Mining & Materials Science
  Sectional Committee – II                                   Sectional Committee – V                                     Sectional Committee – IX
  Computer Science and Engineering                           Electrical Engineering                                      Energy Systems & Engineering, Nuclear
  Sectional Committee – III                                  Sectional Committee – VI                                    Engineering
  Mechanical Engineering                                     Electronics & Communication Engineering                     Sectional Committee – X
                                                             Sectional Committee – VII                                   Interdisciplinary Engineering &
                                                             Aerospace Engineering                                       Technology
                                          The above disciplines will also include related sciences and technologies.

                                                            To be filled in by the office
                                                                   Check – List
        1.   Has the correct Nomination Form (Academics/R&D or Industry/Government) been used?
        2.   Has the nomination been proposed and seconded correctly?
        3.   Has the text under each head been put up within the spaces provided?
        4.   Has the nominee been sponsored from more than one Section?
        5.   Has the nominee been sponsored earlier from the same or different Section?
        6.   If answer to 5 is Yes, verify that two years have elapsed since the validity of the earlier nomination lapsed.
             (The validity of a nomination is five years and a fresh nomination can be made only after 2 years)

        Registration No. & Date:                                     Date of Receipt:                                                 Ack on

        Year of First Consideration:

  Admitted:                                               Executive Secretary                                               Honorary Secretary
                                                            PARTICULARS OF NOMINEE

1.   Name:
     (Full name in capitals as used in correspondence)

2.   Date of birth:

3.   Field of specialization:
     (Not more than two)

4.   Present Position:
        (a) Official:                                                              (b)    Residential:
              Phone:                                                                      Phone:
              Fax:                                                                        E-Mail:

5.   The number of sectional Committee to which the nomination may be referred to:                                  SC No. SC No.
     Please indicate if the nominee is to be considered in other Sectional Committee(s) also.
     (Engineering disciplines allocated to Sectional Committees are indicated on page 1)

6. Academic qualification and Distinctions
 (a) Degree:                    University/Institution:                               Year:              Branch of Engineering:

 (b) National/International Honours, Awards, Prizes including honorary degrees

 (c) Membership of National/International Professional Bodies with designated abbreviated titles:
7.   Specific outstanding Technical and Professional Engineering Accomplishments meriting election to INAE:

8.   Record of Contributions:
        a. Publications:
                  i. Total papers published in refereed journals only
                 ii. Number of Papers published during the last 10 years in refereed journals
                iii. Citation for the Ten best papers in international journals of repute
                iv. Number of single author publications of last 10 years
                 v. Number of papers of classified nature, if any
                vi. Number of books/monographs authored
                     (Attach separate sheet with titles & publishers)
        b. Number of sponsored/Consultancy Projects completed
            (Attach Abstract on separate sheets)
        c. Number of patents obtained
            (Attach details on separate sheets)
9.   Citation of the nominee                                                                        Sectional Committee: SC No.
     Name                                                                                                                         (b       )
     (Name followed by initials as used in correspondence, Year of birth in brackets)
     Qualifications & abbreviated Membership of Professional Bodies:

     Designation & Address:

                                                                                                               20       (SC-           /   )

     Citation (Not exceeding 300 words that reflect Engineering Excellence – please refer para 3)

     Proposer:                                                                          Seconder:

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