AAWC-Outreach-Assistant by wuzhengqin


									       Outreach Assistant at Kamathipura Center or Falkland Road Center
                                             (2 vacancies)

Job Description:
Education: The outreach assistant has to be hands on in the education of beneficiaries
regarding topics such as importance of education for children, basic literacy for women,
women and children’s rights, appropriate documentation and tuition classes.

      Counseling mother on the importance of educating her children and at home visits
       ensuring that children attend school regularly.
      Assisting Outreach coordinator to follow up with school authority and class teachers
       on children’s progress.
      Adult Literacy program. Needs to ensure that women can do basic tasks such as
       sign their name on forms.
      Teaching women how to use their pass books, how to withdraw money from bank
       and read basic instructions. Eventually develop them as peer leaders to teach other
       women how to use the bank.
      Conduct guidance to women of the Umeed program on topics such as the
       importance of education, and legal matters (eg. Rights during a brothel raid, matter
       related to land they own n their village, rights in a govt. hospital).
      Tutoring for beneficiaries in the Udaan program every day for an hour and a half.

Health: The outreach assistant is responsible for the over-all health of the beneficiaries. This
includes getting medical referrals, providing medical help in emergency situations, measuring
the health of beneficiaries and making a strong plan to tackle the illnesses/malnutrition they
may be facing. Educating them about cleanliness & hygiene, and referring to de addiction

      Inform Outreach Coordinator on health status of beneficiaries and take instructions
       from coordinator on action plan to tackle these issues.
        Make appropriate Medical / Hospital referrals of women and children in need.
       Should visit the hospital in special cases to meet with the hospitals staff in
       emergency cases.
        Coordinating with Outreach coordinator to ensure that all children are vaccinated at
       appropriate time.
      Updating children’s medical records register, and hospital referral register.
      Tackling malnutrition by providing necessary supplements to augment the nutritional
       food being served to children in the field and at the centre.
      Referring emergency medical cases to outreach coordinator and assisting her in
       dealing with the case.
      Educating beneficiaries on matters such as family planning, safe sex, right nutritional
       intake, and giving general child rearing information.
      Make sure during home visits that women and children are taking prescribed
      Refer substance abuse cases to outreach coordinator.
      Counseling women and children on emotional and relationship problems.

Livelihood: The outreach assistant has the responsibility of helping the beneficiaries stand on
their own feet and become independent. Main tasks include procuring important legal
documents; assisting in job searches and helping them inculcate a savings habit.
          Inspiring women to save money and derive saving benefits through Banking in Apni
           Bachat and Bank of Maharashtra.
          Collecting savings from women for Apni Bachat
          Creating awareness about the importance of ration card, pan card, voter card, LIC
          Starting the documentation procedure to apply for these documents, and following
           up on documentation.      Follow up on how the woman is using each of these
           documents on a monthly basis (more specifically for the ration card).
          Assist Outreach co-ordinator in job search and placements for women post a
           rehabilitation plan.
          Child welfare board cases follow up after the referral has been done by the program
          Assist Outreach co-ordinator in procuring child birth certificates/ affidavits.
          Encouraging future planning discussions with beneficiaries

   Rehabilitation: To counsel women and children in dangerous situations for shelter home or
   boarding home placements.

          Encouraging women to move to shelter homes for a better life.

   Reporting: The outreach assistant will have to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between
   staff members of the organization. A thorough record will be maintained about important
   learning that will be systematically stored and used.

        Information sharing with other staff for follow – up (sharing the information they get
       during outreach with the concerned staff).
        Sharing information with other Khetwadi / Falkland road Center staff in weekly
        Make reports daily with important events/learning of the day.
        Every Saturday, note sharing happens between employees and the group gives
        Everyone brainstorms solutions for the presented problem, and the person concerned
       will  implement the solution.

       Attending beneficiaries visiting the center, seeing to their needs and satisfying all
      queries in conjunction with the outreach coordinator.
       Helping other staff at the time of organizing programs or events.
       Office up keep (general maintenance)
       Networking: Build a strong contact base with NGO’s, Police Stations, Hospitals etc.


                     Essential                                 Desirable

Professional         10th std pass
                     Paraprofessional   course   in   Social

Work Experience in   Minimum 1 year experience working         If she has worked with HIV/AIDS,
the field             in the red light district.                        TB or STD’s.

                      Basic     knowledge          of      diseases
                      affecting this population.

Specialism            Knowledge on how to deal with high                Training in HIV/AIDS transmission
                      risk behavior group people (Eg. Sex               and treatment.
                      workers, IV drug users).

Work          Based   NIL

Personality           A good people person with outgoing
                      personality.      Empathetic          towards
                      others    and    showing          respect   to
                      people from all walks of life.          Ability
                      to work at the grassroots level.

Language              Hindi and Marathi

Values                AAWC     has    the    following       stated
                      values; Honesty, integrity, a strong
                      work ethic, being respectful of each
                      other and caring for our planet. We
                      ask our employees to also work with
                      these values in mind

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