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					Enhancing National
GEF Coordination,
Communications and
Anita Drondina
   Experience gained resulted in the preparation of
    the GEF project “Developing Capacities in
    Education and Research for Strengthening
    Global Environmental Management in Latvia”
   ~ 500,000 USD from the GEF
   Implementation will be based on the
    Consultative Council to the Ministry of
    Environment for Environmental Science and
Key factors
   Historically high values for nature protection
   National capacity for self-assessment in global
    environmental management (NCSA) launched from 2002
   In-depth analysis conducted on environmental education
    & research identifying many areas for improvement of
    implementation of global conventions
   Seminars, working groups and discussions indicated
    high interest and motivation among education and
    science community to address the concerns of global
    environmental issues and improvement of the education
    and research infrastructure in this regard
   Good baseline of NGO work in the area of environmental
Key players
   Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Education and Science;

   Consultative Council to the Ministry of Environment established in
    2003 assembling 20 representatives from environmental NGOs,
    professional associations and educational and science institutions;

   Consultative Council to the MoE on Environmental Science &
    Education established in 2004 assembling representatives from
    universities, higher educational establishments and the ministries of
    Environment and Science & Education;

   Consultative Council on Sustainable Development established in
    2003 with representatives from all line ministries, the Union of local
    municipalities, the Association of Trade Unions, Confederation of
    Employers, Latvian Council of Science, Association of Regional
    Higher Educational Establishments, Latvian Science Academy and
    Environmental Protection Club.
Results and Achievements
   Increased coordination among the Ministries of Environment and
    Science & Education, including a cooperation agreement
    established between these ministries and UNESCO on education for
    sustainable development
   New law passed On Environmental Protection stating that
    Environmental education and Education for sustainable
    development must be obligatory included as separated subject or
    integrated into each subject in all scholar programmes
   Research priorities in Latvia now include Environmental science
   International Conference conducted in 2007 on environmental
    science & education
   Increased awareness on strengths and weaknesses in education
    sector pertaining to environmental issues
   High ownership of the GEF project objectives
   Informal partnerships established for obtaining the various
    objectives, as well as in mobilising co-financing and associated
Conclusions and
   GEF coordination and communication is best enhanced
    through the use of already established committees or
    working groups;
   Existing GEF initiatives (NCSA, Enabling Activities –
    POPs, Biodiversity) provide excellent forum to discuss
    further follow-up initiatives;
   Stakeholder continued involvement and motivation is
    possible to achieve with various activities which show
    progress to the end results;
   GEF cross-cutting funding window addresses important
    national priorities and global commitments not
    necessarily covered under strictly under the conventions

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