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					                         HopeStreet Backpack Outreach Constitution

MISSION STATEMENT: Through the HopeStreet Backpack Outreach, the Society of Legal
Scholars looks reach out to the elementary school kids in Stockton by using a gift of a $10
backpack with school supplies and a handwritten note as an outlet to talk and inspire the students
as they go off through elementary school, high school, and college.
TARGET AUDIENCE: Elementary School kids in Stockton
MEMBERSHIP: Society of Legal Scholars
PLAN: Fill backpacks with school supplies and a handwritten note to distribute to elementary
school students. Use this opportunity to talk with students about their interests and their plans for
high school and college.
SPECIFICS: Through this mission, we look to get the Society of Legal Scholars involved in
community service and inspiring kids by having them fill and distribute backpacks. This project
will be funded by donations and fundraisers as well as by having the Legal Scholars get involved
in their community.
    - President: Kyle Sasai
    - Treasurer: Minchau Dinh
    - Advisor: Dylan Zorea
CHANGING OFFICERS: Officers are changed at the end of their tenure at the University of
the Pacific. The next officers are chosen by the previous officers and selected based on their
previous commitment and dedication to the outreach.
MANAGING AND DISTRIBUTING FUNDS: All funds received through fundraisers or
donations are directly used to buy backpacks or school supplies.

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