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Topic; A Key to Faith
By; Pastor J. Kampert
                                   A Key to Faith                #57
   Mark 11:22

God has given to every believer the “Key to the unsearchable riches of Christ”.
1. He has given you the key to Gods favor.
2. He has given you the door of salvation.
3. He has given you healing.
4. He has given you deliverance.
5. He has given you Joy unspeakable.
6. He has given you a key to have a business break-through.
7. He has given you a key in healing in your marriage.

And this key … the Key of Faith.

Everything that heaven has to offer you comes to you by Faith.

You were saved by faith, you were healed by faith, you are delivered by the faith that you have
in the Word of God.

   Mark 9:23

Now, say it like you believe it, ……….Mark 9:23

   Luke 130:7

Key of Faith you can have healing from sickness and disease .
Key of Faith you can have restoration for every marriage conflict if both of you believe the Word
of God.
Key of Faith you can have solution for every business crisis that you are facing.
With the Key of Faith you can have financial break-through that will crush the burden of debt, in
your home and in your business.

A.    No matter what happens to you……”Learning to release your Faith” is the Key to Victory in
every circumstance of life.

* When fear knocks at the door of your soul, send Faith to Answer …. And no-one will be there.
Faith & fear do not operate in the same arena. If you have Faith, fear cannot be present. If you
have fear, faith will not be there. Refuse to be controlled by which you consider natural law.

** You are dealing with a supernatural God.

 I want you to get that in your mind. Nature Law in like the law of gravity. If I drop a book, 10 out
of 10 times the book will fall. How many of you believe that?
How many believe that you will do what your faith tells you to do?      Yes, you will.
If there is a rattlesnake in the seat behind you, how many of you will feel lead to move?
You have faith, that the rattlesnake will bite you. Therefor, you will move, you will do what your
faith directs for you to do. You will in every instance of life. So, we are talking about walking by
faith, and not by sight.
Jesus, walked by the faith that He had in God the Father. Not by what His nature eyes saw. If
you see, only what the natural sees, you will never live in the supernatural.

A dead man walked out of his grave and into the arms of his family, his name was Lazarus; that’s
not nature. That’s not in your Doctors Medical manual that after you have done all that you can
do medically, on the forth day your patience will walk out of their grave. They don’t talk in terms
like that. You will not see that on the history channel, great moments in medical history. But I’m
saying that it happened based on this book…the BIBLE….it happened based on a God that
cannot fail. It happened because we are the conquers of death, hell, and the grave.

It happened because we believe in a God that says, I have come that you may have life, and that
you may have it more abundantly. We believe the Bible above all else, and this book, is a
supernatural book. There is a supernatural savior, there’s a supernatural redemption, there’s a
supernatural healing, there’s going to be a supernatural rapture. There is nothing about this book
that is natural. When you walk by the text of the Word of God, you live in the supernatural, with
power and anointing to be more than a conquer through Christ who gave himself for you.

B. It Does not Take Great Faith to believe in a God that never fails.

It takes great faith to believe in something that only works once in a while.
There is not a person in this room that can say, that God has failed me. There’s not a person on
this Earth that can say that God has failed me. Because one thing that God cannot do is fail.
Therefor we have absolute faith that He will honor His Word and will not fail.

    Mark 11:22-24

Let’s pray……..Heavenly Father, let us not look through the eyes of the natural, but look through
the eyes of faith, so we can see what God has provided for everyone here…….

1.   Let’s begin with the definition of Faith, What is Faith?
    Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hoped for; ………(we’ll stop there)

So, Faith is not emotion. You can walk into a hospital room and see someone that you love, sick
and in the bed. And cry with them for an hour. That’s not faith, that’s emotion. One minute of
the “prayer of faith”, will conquer that sickness. It only takes a minute of faith, to move a
mountain. So it’s not emotion, it is not feeling. You are saved by faith, “for by grace are you
saved through faith”. (Say it with me).

How many of you have been saved for 5 or more years? And during that time, how many of you
didn’t feel saved? All of you……….
Because there are times that you don’t FEEL all that spiritual. There are times that you feel like
your carnal nature is ruling your spiritual man. There are times that you lose your temper. There
are times that you wishes you could get words back into your mouth…..but you can’t get it back
into your mouth. There are times that you slam your thumb in the car door and what is in you
comes out of you, and it’s not a very pleasant thing…’s not pretty.

You are saved whether you FEEL saved or not. Because you are saved by faith, through the
grace of God. So Faith is the substance,

Faith is real, Faith is tangible, Faith is measurable, Faith is visible, is it not an illusion……
So what is the substance of faith? Faith is based on the substance of what the Word of God
says the Lord has done in times past; and that you have ever reason to believe that He will do it
for you.       That’s the importance of the verse “He’s the same yesterday, today and forever”.

What God has done, God can do …….(say it with me) What God has done, God can do.

A. I do not hope that God answers prayer, I know He does. Elijiah prayed and fire came down
from heaven. Daniel prayed and slept with the lions. The three Hebrew children walked into a
fiery furnace and God walked with them. When you get in the fire, God will show up because He
is a faithful God, I know God answers prayer.

B. I don’t hope God heals. I know God heals. Jesus healed the deaf, blind and the dumb. He
healed blood diseases, healing the women with the issue of blood she said; if I could just touch
the hem of His garment. She had desperate faith, she had persistent faith, and she had
aggressive faith.

Jesus healed diseases of muscles and nerves when He healed the man paralytic by the pool at
Bethesda when He said; “take up thy bed and walk”. The man didn’t make excuses. He didn’t
say; “I have been here for 38 years and no-one has ever helped me. He just got up and did what
he was told to do. Because God can see your faith. By what you think, by what you say, and by
what you do.

C. “Nothing is impossible with God”. (repeat, repeat)
Do not fear the future because God is already in your future working out problems that you don’t
know even exist. When you get there and see them, God will have already have them solved, if
you will receive by faith. Now if you try to work them out in your carnal nature, you are going to
fail, and possible get into one of the biggest whorl-pool of suffering. But you need to release it to
the Lord, for He is your counselor, He is your lawyer, He is the wonderful counselor and mighty
God, He is the one who makes the impossible possible, He is the one who makes the crooked
way straight, He is the one who makes the impossible, possible…….by faith.

    Hebrews 11:7

1.    Noah built the ark by Faith.
That was a monster project for one man; especially when he didn’t have a black & decker saw, or
a loan from a bank, or OSHA’s help. He loaded his boat after he built it with lions and tigers and
threw in his samsonite luggage and took a 40 day cruise. Brother, that’s faith!

* Nothing is impossible with God!
Faith is the Victory that over comes the World. You can live life without limits because of the Key
to Faith that opens the un-searchable riches of the living God.

Let me tell you this, the Titanic was built by an expert; the ark was built by an ammeter who had

Have Faith in God for it is the Lord who makes you the head and not the tail. All things are
possible to him that believes. It is the Lord who owns the cattle on a thousand hills; it is the God
in heaven who will rebuke your enemies and who muzzle Satan, so that you can have every
advantage. It is the Lord who will release the un-searchable riches of heaven ; release your faith
in Him as God want to give you the very best. Receive heavens best, receive the unsearchable
riches of God your father, you are royalty ….. so act like it, think like it, walk like it, in Jesus
 Mark 11:22
The Bible says to have faith in God.
The object of your faith is God.

A lot of people have faith in a lot of things. What I call rabbits- foot- faith. Let me tell you that it
didn’t do the rabbit any good and it will not do you any good.

    Jeremiah 9:23-24

3.    What is the source of Faith?
The Bible says that faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. In the Greek, the
word cometh is a continuous verb. That means; your faith is in the process of developing.
It’s growing, providing that you stretch it.

Let me put it to you this way; if you can’t believe God for a 25 cent solution ……. You can’t
believe God for a thousand dollar problem.
* Don’t be a crisis Christian……
** Developing your faith, stretching your faith is like this; a guy at a gym picks up this 50lb bar in
front of a mirror and lifts it above his head…..then cheers for himself inside. He looks at the 400lb
and knows he cannot lift it. See it’s the same with your spiritual faith, you release your faith in
something small and keep bending and stretching until you are ready for something bigger. You
don’t wake-up being Billie Graham II, the second day that you are saved.
Your faith grows by the Word of God. The Word of God is your source. Faith comes from

    Proverbs 3:8

The Bible is saying that the Word of God is the source of life itself.

    John 10:10

Feast on the Word of God…… is our spiritual life-line.

    Proverbs 4:22

If you want to have health ………. keep the ten commandments.

    Psalms 103:2-3

What is benefits?

Who forgive you your iniquities and heals all your diseases. Now, what is an iniquity?

See, you can sin without knowing that you’ve sinned that’s omission and co-mission . But iniquity,
is sinning when you know that your sinning. You sin with premeditation…..yes, I know its wrong,
yes, I’m going to do it anyway. And God forgives you. Now that’s real forgiveness, I don’t know
how long God puts up with that before He slaps you in the back of the head, but He will in His
own good time.

If you are reading this today and your sinning and you know it, the smartest thing you could do for
your body and your soul is to confess your stubborn stupid ways of living and receive Jesus
Christ as your Lord and Savior. That’s a very short message on salvation, if you don’t you are
going straight to hell. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, by faith.
4.     Spiritual controls the physical
    1 John 4:4

    Romans 12:2

    Jeremiah 30:17

    Romans 12:3

    Psalm 27:1&3

                              Faith can see the future
    Hebrews 11:22

    Genesis 50:25

What do you see in your future? Are you looking to the future in your nature or spiritual eyes?

7 Kinds of faith nature………….
1.   Matthew 6:30 little faith …….
2.   Matt 17:20 mustard seed faith……not the size/ the seed in 100 purity
3.   Matt 8:8-10 …. Great faith ….can speak from a distance speak, believe, happen
4.   Romans 12:23 measure of faith…..needs to increase….grow
5.   John 20:27 Faithless faith……seeing is believing
6.   Luke 5:20 Visible faith …can see your faith
7.   Mark 11:23 proclamation /speak to the problem/speak without doubting/mountain will move.

Meet God’s conditions……
 Rev 12:11

I have a measure of faith……say it with me…….I have a measure of faith.

Release your faith in God and start seeing through your supernatural eyes. Remember
that there is nothing natural about God. He is a supernatural God. He is always in your
future working out everything, for your best interest. You are His child, you are royalty,
so start acting like it. Stretch your faith in Him, knowing that “Nothing is impossible with
God”. We walk by Faith – Not by sight.

       Please keep this study guide and share it with others. Just mail in the question page.
Name ______________________                                      Inmate # __________

           Question Page for Study #57 – A Key to Faith
1. What does faith see through our natural eyes?

2. What does faith see through our supernatural eyes?

3. How can faith see the future?

             Match up by the numbers the 7 kinds of the nature of Faith

1.   Mark 11:23                      ____   Little Faith
2.   Matt. 17:20                     ____   Visible Faith
3.   Matt. 6:30                      ____   Great Faith
4.   Matt. 8:8-10                    ____   Mustard Seed Faith
5.   John 20:27                      ____   Measure of Faith
6.   Romans 12:23                    ____   Faithless Faith
7.   Luke 5:20                       ____   Proclamation Faith
Write a brief summary of what you have learned in this Bible study on
                        “A Key to Faith”

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