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									  Caerleon Community Newsletter February 2009
                             Your current three PACT priorities are:
     1.Anti Social Behaviour and Underage drinking 2.Parking Issues                               3.Speeding

Contact Details- (01633) 420222                              Local Youth’s get a Say!
                                                             The Caerleon N.P.T is continuing its interaction with the
                                                             youth of Caerleon. The team is in the process of setting up
                                                             police surgeries which gives the pupils a perfect opportunity
         Neighbourhood Officer                               to attend and speak to their local Neighbourhood Policing
PC 2 - Akbar Ali                                             Officers about any issues they may have or just to meet them.
                                                             Caerleon Comprehensive School is also currently asking
                                                             students to fill in a Youth PACT priority form which gives the
                                                             pupils an opportunity to identify 3 issues that affect them that
                                                             will then be dealt with by the local N.P.T.

                                                             Vehicles exceeding Weight Restrictions
         Police Community Support Officer
                                                             The Caerleon NPT is listening to the community. The team
PCSO 78 - Julie Gower                                        carried out a Weight Limit Contravention Investigation on 15th
julie.gower@gwent.pnn.police.uk                              January. Vehicles that exceeded 7.5 tons were stopped. The
                                                             drivers were asked to produce documentary proof that they
                                                             were traveling through Caerleon for site access purposes. If
                                                             the driver could not prove this, then a non endorsable fixed
                                                             penalty ticket was issued. However it was clearly evident that
         Police Community Support Officer                    the majority of vehicles had legitimate access through
PCSO 144 - Kristopher Jones                                  Caerleon.
kristopher.jones@gwent.pnn.police.uk                         Two Extra PC’s on Foot Patrol for Six Nations
                                                             The Caerleon Alcohol Foot Patrols are proving extremely
                                                             popular with the residents and businesses. As a result these
                                                             patrols are set to continue during the months of February and
                                                             March to tie in with the forthcoming six nations fixtures. The
                                                             officers will work until 2am dealing with Anti Social
                                                             Behaviour and Pub disturbances.

                                                             Crime Statistics for Caerleon
                                                             Check out the latest crime levels and statistics for the
                                                             Caerleon Ward by going to the below internet website address
Cabsafe is an initiative designed to help people get         http://maps.gwent.police.uk/map/caerleon-ward
home safely after a night out. If you are out and in need
of a taxi simply text CAB to 83222 and you will be sent      Operation Collateral
a text back with the numbers of three randomly picked        Alcohol Seized From Under 18 Year Old Drinkers in the
licensed and regulated Private Hire Carriage operators       Alway Section (which incorporates the Caerleon Ward) By
close to your location. Your location is pinpointed via      the Neighbourhood Policing Team 01.10.07 – 07.01.09
mobile phone mast location of your mobile phone
signal. Participating taxi firms have agreed to prioritise   Lager – 261.3 litres, Cider – 121 litres, Wine – 12
calls from vulnerable females.                               litres, Spirits – 56.1 litres

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