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                                             Estimated Budget       Estimated
                Project                          (million)      Construction Period

Taipei City Government MRT Station
Development (BOT) awarded to
President Group on Jan. 2003               NT$7,900(=£144)      2003-2006

MRT Station Complex Zone in Taipei         NT$15,000(=£273)     2002-2004

Kaohsiung Great Dome Stadium (BOT)         NT$7,850(=£157)      Oct. 2003---2006
* Da-Hsin Construction Corp. is the
main contractor of this project.

Taipei Dome Stadium ( BOT)                 NT$17,054(=£310)     2004-2008
* Far Glory Group is the preferred
bidder for this project. There are two
phases for this tender. Phase one is for
the dome, office building, shopping
mall or hotel and will take up about
60% of the land (10.8 acres). The
consortium will need to have 40% self-
financing and another 60% self-
financing with 3% special loan rate.

Taipei Sports Park (BOT – 100%
private funding)                           NT$12,419(=£226)     TBA
Taoyuan County Multi-Purpose
Baseball Stadium (BOT – Gov’t will
fund 50%)                                  NT$8,500(=£154.5)    TBA

Chung-li Shopping Mall invested by
Chun Suay Chuen Food Ltd                   NT$3,000(=£55)       Feb.2004-Feb.2005

National Palace Museum in Chiayi
(possible BOT)
*Tender for architect design has been
issued August 2004                         NT$6,000(=£109)      2004-2008

Nang-Kang Exhibition Centre (Taipei)
(BOT)                                  NT$3,800(=£69)           2005-Sep.2006
* Construction Planning Administration
is in charge of specifying the bid.
Kaohsiung City Intelligent City System
Integration (BOT – 100% private          NT$1,700(=£31)
funded)                                                           tba

Eastern Highways (possible BOT)          NT$96,000(=£1,745)       2004-2012

Taipei Harbour (BOT)                     NT$3,200(=£58)           2003-2006

Fire Training Centre                     NT$1900(=£33)            2005-2007

China Petrochemical Kaohsiung Plant
(transformation to bio & nano
technology)                              NT$62,000(=£1,240)       2003-2009

No. 6 Nationwide Electricity
Transmission and Distribution Network
Project                                  NT$470,000(=£8,550)      2002-2006

Ta Tan Gas Fired Combined Cycle
* Awarded to Mitsubishi Group on 18      NT$122,761(=£2,232)      2003-2007
June 2003
Gaoping Reservoir – Artificial lake and N/A
recreational development (total of 1,000                          2004-2006
* General consultant is Sinotech Ltd,
and Taiwan Sugar is the developer.

Northern Liquid Nature Gas (LNG)
* Awarded to Chinese Petroleum Corp.     NT$400,000(=£7,273)      2003-2008
on 4 July 2003

Wind Power Stations (400MK)              NT$18,600(=£338)         2003-2010

                       The BOT/PPP Priority Project Sectors

Project Sectors                          Project Number       Total Project Value

Tourism and outdoor theme parks          16                   NT$48.6 Billion (£881M)

Transportation                           7                    NT$137 Billion(£2.5B)
Education                          5    NT$13.7 Billion (£249M)

Sport Facilities                   7    NT$11.4 Billion (£208M)

General Investment                 22   NT$13.1 Billion (£238M)

Consultancy Services               8    ------

Total                              57   NT$223.8 Billion (£4.1B)

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Lynn Li and Annie Yi
Infrastructure & Public Services
Commercial Section
July 2005

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