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					Microsoft Exchange Server: What Is Your Best Option:
Outsource or In-House?
Enterprise Infrastructure

   •   Do you have spare parts & servers on hand for quick replacement in the event of
       hardware failure?

   •   Do you have redundant Internet connectivity for your inbound and outbound email in
       case your T1 or DSL fails?

   •   Do you have redundant power connectivity from different grids & diesel generator
       backup in case power fails?

   •   Do you have high physical security (i.e. biometric & card access) for your servers -
       especially to stop disgruntled employees from causing harm?

   •   Do you have multiple antivirus engines updated hourly to ensure the latest level of
       protection from the #1 threat?

   •   Do you have redundant servers (i.e. firewall, domain controllers, and Exchange servers)
       for automatic failover in case one fails?

   •   Do you have application monitoring software in place to proactively catch issues with
       Exchange server before they become a problem?

   •   Do you back up your critical data and make sure that all patches and updates are
       installed so hackers don’t get in?

Internal Staff Comparison

   •   Is your administrator certified for Exchange server?

   •   Can you quickly contact your IT department in case of problems?

   •   How much time can your administrator spend every day proactively checking the server
       & Exchange logs and monitoring performance to resolve issues before they become

   •   Do they have the experience to setup advanced features such as: RPC over HTTP,
       spam filtering, ActiveSync, VPN, etc.?

Outsourced Consultant / Consulting Company Comparison

   •   Can they guarantee a 100% uptime SLA?
   •   How quickly can they arrive onsite and troubleshoot problems if there is a hardware

   •   What happens when your primary consultant goes on vacation - how long will it take for
       someone else to understand your environment?

Ease of Administration via Our Web-Based Control Panel

   •   Easily delegate permissions to others for adding, changing, or deleting users, distribution
       lists, contacts, etc.

   •   No programming skills necessary – anyone can administer the account. Don’t let your
       limited IT resources use up all of their time dealing with administrative issues.

Additional Services

   •   Mobile email for BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Droid and other mobile devices.

   •   Easy integration of Microsoft SharePoint into your business workflow.

   •   FREE copy of Outlook 2010 or Entourage 2008 for qualified customers.

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