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									The role of Continuing Professional Development                                              Page 24
                                                                                           June 2011

    The role of Continuing Professional Development

 In getting to this stage, and having achieved Qualified Teacher Status, you have already
 begun your professional development.

 Why CPD?

 ‘Learning runs right through a teaching career. It takes place every day, formally and
 informally, through a wide range of learning experiences, deepening and revitalising teachers’
 skills, abilities, values and knowledge’
                                                                  General Teaching Council for England

 What happens in Worcestershire?

 In Worcestershire we have developed a Framework for Career Progression and Development
 that will identify the opportunities at each career stage you should be able to access a copy in
 school or on Edulink. You should have opportunities both within your school and the LA, and
 later on regionally and nationally, to engage in professional learning, initially as part of your
 induction and then beyond as your career develops.

 What is the role of CPD during Induction?

 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a key part of your induction. It will build from
 your initial training by reviewing your targets and priorities. CPD will help you to meet the
 relevant Professional Standards.

 You will be agreeing personal objectives with your tutor and then defining the relevant support
 and development activities to help you to meet those objectives. There will be a half-termly
 review of your progress and an opportunity to evaluate the impact of the support and
 development activities, in order to establish future objectives and needs.

 In many ways this process is very similar to the Performance Management process that you
 will become involved in after your first year.

 What development activities can I become involved in?

 In your first year much of your development activity will take place within your own school
 through contact and collaboration with colleagues.
   The role of Continuing Professional Development                                                Page 25
                                                                                                June 2011

    There is a wide range of CPD activities that you will benefit from, at various stages of your
    career. (See Appendix CPD1) for some examples.

    Are there development opportunities within the LA for NQTs?

    The LA publishes a range of CPD opportunities/courses for teachers (copy in school) and in
    your first year there is a conference and some short courses that create a 'pathway' for your
    learning and are particularly tailored to your needs (see NQT section of LA programme). We
    look forward to meeting you at some of these events. The conference is especially helpful as
    you will be able to network with other NQTs as well as with LA School Improvement Advisers
    and Teacher Advisers and Consultants. In addition to the targeted NQT courses you may see
    other activities in the Course Programme that are relevant to your own objectives. Remember
    however that schools CPD budgets have limits and development activities within your own
    school, or with other schools, can be particularly useful.

    How do I keep a record of my own CPD?

    It is important to keep a record of your professional development activities from day one. For
    practical reasons it will help you to maintain an ongoing CV and, in the longer term, with
    applications for other teaching posts and for threshold applications.

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