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					20% Discount For a Year BOOKING SCRIPT!!

Script:    Hi __________, this is_____ your MK consultant. Do you have a
minute? You are not going to believe what I am doing for my hostesses
right now! I know how much you love our products, and everyone loves a
great deal, right? How would you like to receive a 20 % discount for the
entire year of 2011? I mean, seriously! I am starting my new year out with
a great big goal of doing a Power Start, which is 30 faces in 30 days. I am
going for a really big goal of a Free Career Car with Mary Kay and I am
blessing anyone who will book with me in January with a Year Long
discount of 20%!! All it takes for this great discount is for you to have at
least 4 adult guests join you for a New Year New YOU make over! I’ll do the
rest! Is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to save 20% for A YEAR?!
Let her answer.

Which would be best for you a weekday or weekend? Set the date and

Great! All I need from you is a guest list as soon as you can with at least
15 names, addresses and phone numbers. That way we know that 4 will
show up! I’ll even give you an extra gift just for getting me the list. I have a
______ set aside for you. You will love it!

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