2012 Outreach Grant Application by wuzhengqin


									                          WELS-Canada Outreach Grant Application Guidelines

Who may apply for a grant?
   • Any WELS-Canada Administrative Offering Contributing Congregation

What criteria must be met?
   • The project must be for outreach in Canada.
   • The project must be a new endeavor to the congregation or be an expansion of an existing program that
     cannot be normally funded from the congregation’s budget. For example, funding will not be granted to pay
     for advertising the Christmas Eve service in the newspaper if this is something the congregation always
     budgets to do anyway. The grant is to be a “boost” not a “roost.”
   • The grant may be used for capital expansion projects if the project actively advances gospel ministry in
   • This grant may be used for additional manpower (second pastor, staff minister, preschool director, etc.).
    This grant may also be used to send out a mission team to assist a fellow Canadian congregation, or to bring
     in a team to assist with local outreach efforts (e.g. canvassing, VBS) – though we encourage you to see if
     WELS Kingdom Workers can help you with this first.
   • The project should involve congregational members in the planning and effort.
   • There is no limit to how much money congregations may request or how many applications it can submit at
     one time BUT funding will be subject to the amount of grant money available in any given year, AND
     WELS-Canada will normally only match the congregation’s monetary contribution to the project(s). For
     example, $5,000 of a $10,000 Soccer Camp project should be funded by the congregation. If this is not
     possible, please explain why on the grant application for the Board’s consideration. If you are submitting
     more than one grant application, please let us know which project you consider to be most important in case
     we can’t fund them all.
   • A detailed budget/project plan must accompany the application.
   • Applications may be made for a multi-year project (e.g. funding for a second pastor). Multi-year projects
     should show a decreasing need for support from WELS-Canada (e.g. Year 1: $30,000; Year 2: $20,000;
     Year 3: $10,000).
   • New grants will not be awarded until the evaluation form for an old grant has been received. The
     congregation’s delegate to the Annual General Meeting should also be prepared to give a short verbal
     report on the blessings God provided as a result of the outreach effort.

When is the Grant Deadline?
      There are two deadlines this year: January 31st and October 1st.
      The January 31st deadline is for grant requests totaling no more than $3,000 per congregation.
      The October 1st deadline has no cap, though funding is subject to the number of grants received and the
       amount of money available. We anticipate having a total of $525,000 available for grants over the next
       three years (2012-2014).
      Both deadlines are subject to the rules under the “criteria” section above.
      Congregations may submit applications on both deadlines for separate projects.
      Congregations may even combine their requests. For example, Congregation A may submit a January 31st
       application for $1,000 towards an Easter for Kids, and another $2,000 for a Canadian youth rally which it
       intends to run with Congregations B and C with money each has requested and pledged for the rally.
      Completed application should be emailed to Pastor Habben. Please honor the deadlines so that all
       applications may be evaluated at the same time.
                   WELS-Canada Outreach Grant Application
Name of Congregation:                                            Date:

Person in charge of project:                                     Telephone #

Name of project:

The goal and purpose of the project:

How will you accomplish your goal?

How will this project bring the Gospel to the unchurched?

How will this project involve the members of the congregation?

How will you evaluate this project once it has been accomplished?

How will you continue to support the project once WELS-Canada funding runs out?

Implementation Schedule of Project:

Detailed Budget of the Project:

Total Congregational Contribution: $

Amount Requested: $


2012 Outreach Application

           (This form must be filled out and returned upon completion of the outreach effort.)

Name of Congregation:________________________                       Date: ________________

Amount Received: ____________

1. Give a brief description of how the grant was used.

2. How many people did you touch with God’s Word through your outreach?

3. How many new prospects did you uncover?

4. What would you do differently if you were able to redo the project?

5. What have you learned from this project that you would like to share with other congregations?

6. What plans did this project generate for your future ministry?

Please return completed form to:
Pastor Daniel Habben
55 Stanley Dr.
St. Albert, AB T8N 0J6

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