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nt-tune by wuzhengqin


									Name_of_song             Name_of_program
             Name_of_artist                    Date
             Karim's bootsface
I love to dance on Jen'sCore       Jen's face 02.02.12
Glad You Came Wanted     Power     Cool Down 02.02.12
Stronger Kelly Clarkson  Power     Warm-up 02.02.12
Turn me onDavid guetta and niki m  Roll        02.03.12
We found loveRihanna Ride          Spin or ride02.03.12
Mr dj pun da replay Ride           Chase       02.03.12
Good life I forgot, lol Kick       Cool down 02.03.12
Good life I forgot, lol Ride       Celebrate 02.03.12
Good life I forgot, lol Ride       Celebrate 02.03.12
Changed ForeverMac Core            Any         02.03.12
             Katie Costello
we are the way we are Centergy any             02.03.12
Moment of U2  Surrender Centergy Salutations 02.03.12
I Was Here Beyonce Centergy Hips or Spirals    02.03.12
                          to Mars
This is War 30 Seconds Centergy Challenge 02.03.12
             Bob Seger
Old Time Rock and RollPower        Bicep       02.03.12
              I know
Im sexy andLMFAO it Kick                       02.04.12
                                   any accept 10
Moves like jagger 5 Kick                       02.04.12
                                   Box or super box
rock party anthem        Power                 02.04.12
                                   biceps tracks
              feels      Power
i like how itenrique iglesias                  02.04.12
                                   warm up track
rock party anthem        Power                 02.04.12
                                   biceps tracks
             david       Power     Chest track 02.04.12
getting over you guetta and chris willis and Ft,Fergie, and LMFAO
good feeling             Power
             floRida, FT avicii    squat       02.04.12
tonight                  Power
             hot chelle are        tricep track02.04.12
last friday night perry Power                  02.04.12
                                   back/hamstring track
marry the night gaga Power                     02.04.12
                                   warm up track
can't be tamed cyrusPower                      02.04.12
                                   biceps tracks
             one beautiful
what makes youdirection  Power     chest track 02.04.12
Rain Over ME             Power     shoulders 02.04.12
             pitbull and marc anthony
We Found LoveRihanna Power         tricep track02.04.12
             Go Home Power
Go Hard or Jennifer Lopez                      02.04.12
                                   biceps tracks
             by Norwegian Recycling
Good Feeling Remix Power           cool down 02.04.12
The uprising Muse        Ride      climb       02.04.12
                         Family                02.04.12
Rise Again The Rankin Centergy Balance Hips Spirals or Folds
Raise Your Glass         Ride      Terrain     02.04.12
We Found LoveRihanna Ride                      02.04.12
                                   Intervals/ Terrain/Spin
Talk To Ya LaterTubes Ride         Chase       02.04.12
Nothing The Script Ride            Stretch     02.04.12
Beverly hills% themePower  song    Shoulders 02.04.12
             RIHANNA Centergy 7, 8, 9
CALIFORNIA KING                                02.05.12
SKYSCRAPER EMI LEVATO    Centergy            1 02.05.12
Mambo #5 Lou Bega Step                         02.06.12
                                   7...Step Motion
Lonely Boy The Black KeysPower                 0
                                   chest or legs 2.06.12
Hung Up Madonna Kick               Fight II    02.06.12
Levels       Avicii      Ride      Spin        02.06.12
Blow         Kesha       Ride      Terrain     02.06.12
I Want You Savage Garden Ride      Terrain     02.06.12
             Savage Garden
Truly, Madly, Deeply Centergy Spirals             02.06.12
Shine                     Ride
             Collective Soul          Terrain     02.06.12
Gonna Go my WayKravitz    Ride        Chase       02.06.12
             Florence & The
                          Centergy Challenge or Core Back
What the Water Gave Me Machine                    02.07.12
We Found LoveRihanna Ride                         02.07.12
Party Rock Anthem         Ride        Chase       02.07.12
sexy and i know it        Kick        superbox 02.07.12
Yellow bedletter Jam Kick             10 cool down02.07.12
             Kathy Troccoli
Everything Changes Power                          0
                                      #1 Warm-Up2.07.12
Billie Jean Michael Jackson           StepMotion02.07.12
             Calvin       Ride
We Found Love Harris feat. Rihanna    Terrain     02.08.12
Sweet Dreams Eurythmics Active                    02.08.12
                                      Cardio Basics
Feel The BeatDarude       Active      Cardio Peak02.08.12
Sexy and I Know It        Groove      Firstdance 02.08.12
Where have u been Ride                Chase/spim02.08.12
We found loveRihanna Ride             Spin        02.08.12
funkytown Lips, Inc Power                         02.08.12
                                      Legs/More Legs/Biceps
Blackout Breathe Carolina Power       Legs        02.08.12
             Aerosmith Power
The Other Side                        Chest       02.08.12
Cryin        Aeorsmith Power          biceps      02.08.12
Walk this wayAerosmith Step                       02.08.12
                                      Strong or Attack
Dream On Aerosmith Kick               Muay Thai 1 02.08.12
Moves Like Maroo 5 w/Ride             Terrain
                           Christina Aguilera     02.09.12
Breathe Anna NalickStep               Step Down 02.09.12
Take Care Drake featuring Rihanna     Spin        02.09.12
We Found LoveRihanna Ride             Terrain     02.09.12
Moves Like Maroon 5 Ride              Climb       02.09.12
Beautiful People Brown    Ride        Intervals 02.09.12
             Rihanna Centergy Hips
California King Bed                               02.09.12
Edge of Glory Gaga Kick               Fight       02.09.12
             The Clash Ride
Rock The Cashab                       Warm up 02.09.12
             English Beat
Mirror in the BathroomPower           Legs, Warmup02.09.12
turn me on nicki minaj Power          chest       02.09.12
Born This WayGaga         Groove      finale!     02.09.12
Bad Romance  Gaga         Groove      low dance 02.09.12
             womack Groove
I Hope You Dance                      cool down 02.09.12
             Pitt bull    Ride
International love Chris brown Spin               02.10.12
Hold On Tight             Power                   back,
             Electric Light Orchestralegs, chest, 02.10.12
             Bill WithersCentergy focus, balance, folds
Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone                 02.10.12
             Earth Wind and Fire
Boogie Wonderland Centergy salutations,02.10.12    challenge
             Eric ClaptonPower
I Shot the Sheriff                                02.10.12
                                      triceps, core,
             Gary GlitterPower
Rock and Roll Part 2                              02.10.12
                                      legs, shoulders, chest
             Michael Power
You Rock My World Jackson                         02.10.12
                                      Core, Chest, triceps, more legs
             Love Inc. Centergy Salutations 02.10.12
You're A Superstar
             Thing Called Love
Crazy Little Queen        Power                   02.10.12
                                      legs, shoulders, chest, core, warm up
             Thing Called Love
Crazy Little Queen                                core, front
                          Centergy focus, back 02.10.12 core,
Hard Days Night           Power                   02.10.12
                                      legs, shoulders, tricep, bicep
Hard Days Night        Centergy                02.10.12
                                  challenge, back core, front core,
            Jim Brown
Bad, Bad, LeroyCroce Power                     02.10.12
                                  tricep, chest, legs, core
            Wild CherryPower
Play That Funky Music                          02.10.12
                                  shoulders, legs, chest, back and legs, bicep, core
            Beyonce Centergy
Crazy in Love                                  02.10.12
                                  challenge, front core
            Beyonce Power
Crazy in Love                                  tricep, bicep, more legs
                                  legs, chest, 02.10.12
Everybody, Black Box Power                     02.10.12
                                  chest, warm up, legs, more legs, core, bicep

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