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					                    The President’s Commission on the Status of Women
                              Wednesday, October 27th, 2010
                                   1:00-2:00 pm CSU 202
                                      Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Sara Granberg-Rademacker, Denise Thompson, Jen Guyer-Wood, Deb Schulz, Jen
Turner, Jeni Haddad, Kristin Underwood, Suzie Dugan

Regrets: Jeane McGraw, Wanda Viento, Heather Camp, Greg Wilkins

Absent: Maria Bevacqua, Kim Greer, Linda Hanson, Carol Jensen, Rosemary Krawczyk, Amy

   1. Reminder to discuss the appointment of a contact person for each subcommittee

   2. Committee Updates

          a. Mentor Match Project
                 i. Information about Mentor Match is included in the all-campus e-mail
                ii. Information about Mentor Match included in the Women’s Center
               iii. Mentor Match fliers were sent to all new women employees
               iv. Mentors have been contacted to update their information on the website
                v. We researched some of the other Mentor Match programs on campus to
                    see where we fit in, and came to the conclusion that ours is still needed
                    because we have a particular niche- an information mentoring program
                    specifically for women
               vi. Some members of the committee will be meeting with Stewart Ross
                    (Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) to learn
                    more about the Great Place to Work Mentor Match orientation, and see
                    if there is a possibility to collaborate, and offer our mentors the option of
                    attending this training/orientation
              vii. Kristin Underwood and Jeane McGraw are willing to participate in
                    Professional Development Day and briefly present on Mentor Match

          b. Listening Panel
                   i. Dates have been set- 12/1 from 12-1 in CSU and 3/24 from 1-2. Location
                      for March Listening Panel is TBA, as there is a conference scheduled in
                      the CSU that day
                  ii. Website updated to include a Listening Panel tab
                 iii. Jeni will send an e-mail and Outlook Calendar request to all PCSW
                      members with these dates
                 iv. Information included in the all-campus e-mail
        v. Information included in the Women’s Center newsletter
       vi. Information will be sent to the Gender and Women’s Center listserv as
           the event gets closer
      vii. PRSSA has interest in creating a poster for this event. Jeni will be in
           contact/ work with them

c. Women of Courage and Vision Recognition Reception
       i. The date is set! 3/29 from 3:00-4:30 in the CSU Hearth Lounge
      ii. Deadline for nominations is 3/18
     iii. Website updated to reflect these changes
     iv. Video from 2010 Reception is up on the website
      v. There are certain changes that we have agreed to in order to have the
          event in the Hearth Lounge, since it will be a smaller space
     vi. Check-in will be at the top of the stairs
             i. On invitations, we will make it clear that the event is invitation-
                  only and require an RSVP
             ii. Downsize food
             iii. Check-in will be at the top of the stairs
             iv. Program will be cut time-wise
             v. Since there are limited means for projection, the video created by
                  WAC (Women of Action Committee) might need to be cut
    vii. Gifts will be frosted candle holders, with yellow and/or purple WCV logos
          and yellow and/or purple candles
             i. Jeni will speak to Printing Services and check on prices

d. HERS and other opportunities
       i. Information included in all-campus e-mail
      ii. The President has approved offering the 2 week HERS Wellesley Session,
          so we will offer all three session this year
     iii. We also have been able to register for HERS as an institution to receive
          the ‘early-bird’ discount of $500. We will submit the name of the HERS
          recipient March 1st
     iv. Informational session about HERS will be included in the PCSW
          presentation for Professional Development Day

e. Project of the Year Awards
        i. Rubric has been updated and can be found in the Shared Folder
       ii. Deadline for submissions is 2/25/11
      iii. Website has been updated to reflect this deadline
      iv. In award letters, there will be a specific date that awardees must have
           their paperwork in, or they forfeit the monetary award
             v. Undergraduate and Graduate Research, as well as Deans, will be
                contacted and informed about this opportunity in the hopes that they
                will encourage students, faculty, and staff to apply

      f. Research and Professional Development Grants
              i. Deadline dates have been set
             ii. Website updated to reflect these deadlines
            iii. Information included in all-campus e-mail
            iv. Information sent to campus newsletter
             v. A brief “statement of impact” will now be required of all awardees after
                 their research or professional development has taken place
            vi. In award letters, there will be a specific date that awardees must have
                 their paperwork in, or they forfeit the monetary award

3. Other

      a. Update from PCSW chairs meeting with the President
             i. No formal charge as of yet. However, the following items were discussed,
                and may end up as part of the charge
            ii. The President was impressed with the STEM Committee last year, and
                has followed up on a recommendation in the PCSW End-of-Year Report
                to have a campus-wide STEM Committee. It is anticipated that PCSW
                members will be asked to participate
           iii. Another recommendation from the PCSW End-of-Year Report that
                President Davenport is following up on is to have a PCSW member on the
                Great Place to Work task force, in addition to Linda Hanson (as she is the
                Chair of the task force)
           iv. The PCSW may form a subcommittee to review possible benefits from
                fundraising for a “wish list.” In other words, fundraising will help support
                alternative avenues that the Commission wishes to pursue, but will not
                be included (or taken out of) the budget. Some examples given were
                offering scholarships to the Midwest Women’s Leadership Institute, add
                money to the Research and Professional Development Grants committee,
                send another person to HERS. An option to donate via the website would
                also be ideal, especially as that money would not “go away” between
                fiscal years. Testimonials from individuals who have benefitted from what
                the PCSW offers (HERS recipients and statements of impact from grants,
                for example) will be beneficial to this, as well.
            v. Campus language change proposal has had good reaction and reception.
                Possibility of creating a committee.
          b. Update from Security

                   i. Suzie Dugan
                  ii. Explanation of Dispatch Center and invitation to tour the Dispatch Center
                iii. Explanation of Safe Walk- it needs to begin or end on campus, and is
                      available for both women and men throughout the day and night.
                      Clarification that it is a walk, not a ride. It is possible to go anywhere on
                      campus, and to a limited area off-campus as well
                 iv. Other areas that Security covers are keys, Lost and Found, assisting with
                      jump starts or locked keys in cars and issuing citation for parking lots
                  v. Carol Jensen offers personal safety and crime prevention programs for
                      classrooms and Resident Halls
                 vi. Recent activities on campus have dealt with behaviors
                vii. Specific to women students and safety concerns, violence is an issue.
                      Recently there has been a rise in female-to-female violence. For example,
                      a recent physical assault was between two women in a Residence Hall
                      laundry room over a washing machine
               viii. Important to be pro-active instead of only reactive, including knowing
                      how to respond, and also the importance of respect and civil behavior
                 ix. Technology has played a large role in this female-to-female violence
                  x. There also has been a rise in harassment Restraining Orders

Minutes submitted by Jeni Haddad

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