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									               Camp Shenandoah Boy Scout Resident Summer Camp
                        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
                                    Version 4: Updated 1/24/11

Dates of Camp

       What are the dates of operation for 2011?

Week   - June 19-25, 2011
Week   - June 26-July 2, 2011
Week   - July 3-9, 2011 (also Aquatics Supervision during Week 3)
Week   - July 10-16, 2011 (Mountain River Ranger Session #1 during Week 4)
Week   – July 17-23, 2011 (Mountain River Ranger Session #2 during Week 5)
                          (Aquatics Leadership Training during Week 5)
Week 6 – July 24 -27, 2011 (Venturing Kodiak Trek only)

Camp Fees

       What is the fee structure for Camp Shenandoah?

    $100 Non-refundable deposit is required to Hold A Site/Space for the week you wish to attend
    In council fees - $225 if paid in full by May 1, 2011 and increases to $250 after May 1, 2011
    Out of council fees - $245 if paid in full by May 1, 2011 and increased to $270 after May 1,
    Leader fee per week is $95, with the exception of:
            First scout leader may attend without charge
            One (1) additional adult leader may attend free with each additional ten paying
            1-19 scouts = 1 Additional Free leader
            20-29 scouts = 2 Additional Free leaders
            30-39 scouts = 3 Additional Free leaders, etc.

       Are the fees for Aquatics Youth Leadership Training, Mountain River Rangers and
       Venturing Kodiak Trek included in the above fee structure?
No. Each camper will pay the following to participate in these High Adventure programs:

       Aquatics Youth Leadership Training - $365 (or $225 camper fee and $140 additional fees)
       Mountain River Ranger Session #1 and # - $350 (or $225 camper fee and $125 additional
       Venturing Kodiak Trek - $350 (or $225 camper fee and $125 additional fees)

               Camp Shenandoah Boy Scout Resident Summer Camp
                         Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
                                      Version 4: Updated 1/24/11

       Are there other program fees that we need to pay at registration/check-in?

Yes, several of our program areas or merit badges have additional fees:

   o Timber Mountain Program - $15
   o Cooking merit badge - $10
   o Archery merit badge - $10
   o Rifle merit badge - $15
   o Shotgun merit badge - $25
   o Space Exploration merit badge participants will need to purchase a rocket at our Trading Post
     for $10
   o Leatherworking merit badge participants will need to purchase projects at our Trading Post for
     @ $10

       Are there other program fees that we should be aware of?

We are excited to be offering some High Adventure opportunities to scouts who complete their merit
badge requirements on Friday – also known as SHAZ – Shenandoah High Adventure Zone. A wide
range of high adventure activities and programs will be offered:

       Caving - $20
       Climbing - $20 (participants in Climbing Merit Badge will go climbing on real rock on Friday)
       Whitewater Rafting in WV - $60
       Whitewater Canoeing - $20
       Hiking on local trails - $10
       Rock climbing on natural rock - $20 (Climbing merit badge participants will take part in this)
       Mountain biking - $10 (bring your own mountain bike and helmet)
       Others to be announced and/or published on our website.


       How does your registration process work in 2011?

We are going to an on-line registration process in 2011 supported by MyBSACamp. Once 80% of
your camp fee is paid to Stonewall Jackson Area Council, an access code will be provided to you and
you will be able to register your scouts for merit badge classes. Please note that class sizes are
limited so you will want to register early!

               Camp Shenandoah Boy Scout Resident Summer Camp
                         Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
                                     Version 4: Updated 1/24/11

      If I have problems or questions about the on-line registration process, who do I
      call for assistance?

For assistance with online registration/paperwork, please contact Scott Wootten, Camp Director, by
e-mail:, by phone at SJAC 540 943-6675 or cell phone 540 569-1657.

      Will I be able to pay the registration fee on-line as well?

Yes, we are finalizing that process now to allow for payment on-line using credit and debit cards.

      How do I add a Scout to our Troops registration?

You will be able to make changes to your information until June 1, 2011.

      How do I change a Scout’s schedule?

Changes can be made to your unit’s information up until June 1, 2011 by using the access code
provided to you.

      Will Camp Shenandoah issue blue cards for merit badges completed during
      summer camp 2011?

No, we will issue an advancement summary to each troop at end of your week at Camp Shenandoah.
We are utilizing the on-line registration process to print out those merit badges that your scouts
complete during your time with us. Counselors will keep record of attendance and requirements

      Our troop has a Scout that needs financial assistance, does the camp offer such?

Limited camperships are available to Scouts from the Stonewall Jackson Area Council. The
paperwork for the campership must follow council approval processes to be approved. Upon
approval, the paperwork is then turned in to the Council Service Center. We must receive the
paperwork no later than June 1 to be considered.
Your first contact for funds should be your unit, then your Chartering Organization, then Direct
Assistance. Many Chartering Organizations have funds available or can access funding through their

      Are camperships available to out of council Scouts?

Unfortunately not, they are only available to Scouts from the Stonewall Jackson Area Council.

               Camp Shenandoah Boy Scout Resident Summer Camp
                         Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
                                      Version 4: Updated 1/24/11

      Our troop has a leader who will only be in camp for half a week. What will his fee

We will pro-rate the fees for leaders who attend for only part of the week. These fees will need to be
paid upon arrival at camp in the Camp Office.
      My son had to leave camp early because of sickness or family emergency. Does he
      get a refund?
In most cases if a Scout has to leave camp because of illness or a family emergency, he will be given
a voucher that will allow him to return to camp at a later date to finish his out week. If he is unable
to return, there is no refund.

      How do adult leaders register training?

Using the online registration, leaders will be able to inform us what trainings they will be taking.
During daily Scoutmaster Forums, we will let you know the schedule and locations for all trainings.
      What training opportunities do you provide?
We provide the following training opportunities at Camp Shenandoah:
      This is Scouting
      Boy Scout Leader Specific Training
      Youth Protection Training
      Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat
      Climb on Safely
      Leave No Trace
      Troop Committee Training
      Outdoor Leader Skills
      Red Cross CPR

      Is there a charge for any of the training sessions?
Yes. There is a $20.00 fee for the Red Cross CPR training, to reimburse the instructor for Red Cross

Traveling to Camp Shenandoah

      How far is the camp from Staunton, VA?
The camp is approximately 10 miles from Staunton off of I-64.

      We plan to arrive in a tour bus, is there parking available?

                Camp Shenandoah Boy Scout Resident Summer Camp
                          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
                                       Version 4: Updated 1/24/11

Our parking is limited, so we request that if you plan to arrive by bus that you notify us in advance.
You will be asked to park at the entrance to Camp Shenandoah and we will make arrangements to
transport gear to your campsite.

       Due to travel and or other circumstances would our troop be able to arrive on
       Saturday evening?

Yes, troops can arrive early. Please notify us of your plans at least two weeks prior to your arrival.

       Where is the closest hospital?

Augusta Health is located just off of I-64 in Fishersville, VA and is approximately 20 miles from Camp

       Where is the closest Wal-Mart?

The nearest Wal-Mart is located on at 1028 Richmond Road, Staunton, VA


       What type of tents does Camp Shenandoah use?

We use the standard green BSA wide wall canvas tent. All our tents have a wooden platform. Each
tent is equipped with either two cots or two beds with mattresses.

       Does our campsite have a picnic shelter, tables or electricity?

Most every campsite has a picnic shelter. The few that do not yet have a permanent shelter will have
free standing tarps. Every campsite will have at least one picnic table. Electricity is not available in
the campsites. Many of our units bring their own tarps or shelters to use while they are in camp
because there is only one shelter per campsite. If you are sharing campsites, an extra shelter comes
in handy.
       Does the camp supply lanterns?

We do not supply lanterns for troops to use in their campsites, you will need to bring your own.
       Will it be possible to purchase/obtain ice while we are at Camp?
Yes, we are working with a local vendor to be able to sell ice in our Trading Post.

                Camp Shenandoah Boy Scout Resident Summer Camp
                          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
                                      Version 4: Updated 1/24/11

       Does your camp have a mosquito problem?

No, we have very little problem with mosquitoes.
       How long does it take to walk to the Dining Hall from the further out campsites?

In most cases it is no more than about 15 minutes.

       Will my cell phone work from camp?

Coverage will vary based upon equipment and wireless network providers, however most cell phones
work fairly well. Service is best in the Maintenance area parking lot depending on service provider.

       Where does the wireless internet work?

The camp provides free WiFi for leaders that need to stay connected. Reception is best n the dining
hall, front porch of the dining hall and on the porch of the Trading Post. If you have adults that will
be accessing the WiFi during your stay, please let us know and we will provide you with the login

       Does the camp have a safe to store valuables in?

Yes, items can be checked at the business office and picked up during regular operating hours.


       Are Class A uniforms required at meals?

Troops are encouraged to wear full field uniforms (commonly called Class A) for the evening flags,
evening meals and campfires.

       Do you have a lake or a pool?

We have a lake – Hope Lake. The temperature of the water will vary depending on the weather and
the time of day.

       Do Scouts in the Timber Mountain Program go on an overnighter?

We are still in the planning stages of our Timber Mountain Program for 2011. So for now, plan on
those scouts participating in our Timber Mountain Program to camp away from your campsite for one

                Camp Shenandoah Boy Scout Resident Summer Camp
                          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
                                       Version 4: Updated 1/24/11

       Do Scouts taking the Wilderness Survival merit badge go on an overnighter?
Yes, and will be sleeping in shelters they build for the night.

       Can Order of the Arrow from other lodges be part of the call out ceremony during
       the Friday night ceremony?

Yes. More details will be covered at the Sunday night leaders meeting.
       Can our Ordeal OA members get their Brotherhood at camp?

Yes they can, if they are members of Shenandoah Lodge 258. Information on how to make this
happen will be discussed during daily Scoutmaster Forums.

       Can I bring my electronics like my laptop, iPod, or cell phone?

We do not encourage Scouts to bring such items to camp. Spending the week in camp is a great
opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills. Electronics can be a distraction to the wonder
that surrounds us while at camp. Please note that Camp Shenandoah is not responsible for personal
items if they are lost, stolen or damaged.

       How much money should my son bring to camp?

This varies from Scout to Scout and family to family. All merit badge program fees are collected by
the Business Manager during the check-in process. Our Camp Trading Post does have a well-
equipped Trading Post offering snacks, forgotten items, and scouting gear. Most boys bring $30.00 -

Family Night

       Are family members permitted to visit on Friday Night to observe the end of the
       week campfire and Order of the Arrow Call Out Ceremony?

Yes they can. We ask that all visitors check-in at the Camp Office, obtain a visitor wrist band and get
directions to the appropriate campsite they are visiting. Please remind visitors to wear appropriate
closed-toe footwear – flip flops do not adequately protect your feet when walking around Camp

       If we want to order pizza to be shared on Friday night is that possible?

Yes, we work with a local pizza delivery (Dominoes) to deliver pizza on Friday nights. Information on
this will be shared with you during the Scoutmaster Forum on the ordering and method of payment.

               Camp Shenandoah Boy Scout Resident Summer Camp
                         Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
                                      Version 4: Updated 1/24/11

Special Needs

      Where can I keep medications in our campsite?
You are responsible for keeping all medications in your campsite in a locked box that you provide. If
you have medication that needs to be refrigerated, we have that capability in the Camp Office.

      We have a Scout who has a special diet, how can you help?

Our camp will be glad to assist as best we can. Scouts may bring supplemental foods as need be
which can be stored in the Dining Hall. There will be a cereal bar each morning for breakfast and a
salad bar for lunch and dinner each day in addition to the regular menu. Leaders should be aware of
dietary needs and how to work with our staff on such situations.
For 2011, we will provide a limited amount of gluten free foods upon request.

      We have a leader who needs power for a C-pap machine. Is power available in our

We have a portable power source that is available to plug in a C-pap machine. Please let us know
prior to your arrival that this is needed.

      We need a golf cart to transport a disabled leader or Scout, does the camp have
      any available?

Unfortunately we do not have any golf carts on hand. Individuals may bring one from home if
needed and if available. If a golf cart is not available, a disabled leader or Scout may be transported
in a leader’s vehicle.

               Camp Shenandoah Boy Scout Resident Summer Camp
                        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
                                    Version 4: Updated 1/24/11

Dates for Cub Resident and Webelos Resident Programs for 2011

Cub Resident Camp Session #1 – July 24-26, 2011

Cub Resident Camp Session #2 – July 28-30, 2011

Webelos Resident Camp Session #1 – July 31-August 3, 2011

Webelos Resident Camp Session #2 – August 3-6, 2011

Who can Attend:

Cub Resident Program – Tiger Cubs, Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts and their parents

(Note: At least one parent must accompany the scout)

Webelos Resident Program – 1st and 2nd year Webelos (4th and 5th graders)

For more information, please contact Andrew Kester, Staff Advisor by e-mail: or by phone: 540 448-3677 (cell) or 540 93-6675 (office)


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