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					                                                    JOB DESCRIPTION
                                         The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc.

POSITION TITLE:            Evaluation and Data Specialist                CLASSIFICATION:     Exempt

REPORTS TO:                Evaluation Director                           PAY GRADE:          E-07

APPROVED:        ______________________ ___/___/___   ___________________________ ___/___/___
                 Evaluation Director       Date       Human Resources Director       Date


Serves as evaluation and data specialist to NCPC under the direction of the Evaluation Director. Has two primary
responsibilities: 1) to collect and analyze relevant program-related data for Smart Start, and 2) to know, understand
and support the use of best practices for program evaluation among Smart Start partnerships.

In particular, effectively collaborates with other NCPC departments and with external data sources in the processing
and maintenance of data and reports related to Smart Start. Collects and reports data in response to requests from
the legislature, state and local agencies, and other departments within NCPC. Facilitates the provision of technical
assistance and training on evaluation for local partnerships.

Essential Responsibilities With Related Job Expectation Standards:

1. Serves as the program evaluation data resource for the Evaluation Department

           a. Manages and fulfills requests for data
               Identifies and is knowledgeable of data sources that are available to describe the impact of Smart
                 Start, often from state government data repositories and other secondary data sources.
               Develops collaborative working relationships with external organizations maintaining these data.
               Requests data from external sources and/or NCPC staff to develop responses for legislative or
                 other external agency requests for data.
               Analyzes data in Excel or SPSS as needed.
               Interprets evaluation and data findings to develop recommendations for NCPC management.

           b. Facilitates the requests to local partnerships (LP’s) for program-related data
               Coordinates with Information Technology and the Programs Department regarding the design and
                  implementation of data reporting requirements and systems.
               Works with Evaluation Director on guidance for LPs to assure quality data collection and reporting.
               Serves as the liaison with LPs on questions/concerns related to the data.

           c. Functions as lead staff person from the Evaluation Department for the Performance Based
              Incentive System (PBIS)
               Works with PBIS team on the annual timeline for the development and distribution of PBIS reports.
               Reviews and analyzes PBIS data from external data sources for inclusion in the annual PBIS
                  results reports.
               Reviews and revises the format for reporting local partnership (LP) and statewide PBIS results.
               Works with PBIS team to provide information and training to LPs regarding PBIS criteria.
               Makes appropriate recommendations based on the PBIS results.

Program Evaluation and Data Specialist January 2012
                                                          Job Description – Program Evaluation and Data Specialist
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2. Supports the development of evaluation and data collection capacity in the Smart Start community

         a. Provides evaluation and data resources
             Locates up-to-date information on evaluation methods and data sources appropriate for local
             Generates summaries of current study findings on topics relevant for Smart Start community.
             Regularly posts and updates these resources on NCPC websites.

         b. Assists with training and consultation for local program evaluators
             Works with Evaluation Director to develop training and technical assistance for LP evaluators
                regarding the collection and reporting of activity outputs and outcomes data.

         c. Collaborates with NCPC staff on issues related to program evaluation, data collection, and
             Assists Evaluation Director in designing evaluations for certain NCPC activities.
             Works with NCPC staff to develop and implement surveys and analyze results.
             Provides technical assistance for NCPC staff on evaluation and data as requested.
             Coordinates with NCPC staff to support the recruitment, selection, and work of evaluation

3. Supports NCPC and goals of the Smart Start initiative.
        Participates in and interacts in regular staff meetings and other functions, and promotes team building and
         positive employee relations.
        Keeps the Evaluation Director informed on all relevant operations, issues, and needs.
        Makes effective recommendations for appropriate changes and improvements. Generates useful ideas in
         improving departmental efficiency and value-added service to the organization.
        Ensures that NCPC policies and procedures are consistently practiced within assigned areas. Follows
         procedures for expense reimbursements, requests for time off, timekeeping, etc.

4. Exemplifies professionalism and customer service orientation in all aspects of employment.

Secondary Responsibilities: occasionally performs other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
   Extensive knowledge of program evaluation methods, research design, data management, and data analysis.
   Strong problem solving, leadership and analytical skills.
   Advanced-level spreadsheet software skills.
   Proficient word processing skills.
   Experience with: Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, and SPSS.
   Knowledge about the early childhood system is preferable.

Education, Training, Experience:
The above skills are typically acquired through:
 Masters Degree in education or a human services field, with a strong emphasis in program evaluation.
 AND a minimum of three years work experience in program evaluation, research, or data management/analysis,
    preferably in early care and education or a human services related field.
 OR an equivalent combination of training and experience.

Estimated on-the-job training time of:
 12 months

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