2000 Presidential Election by wuzhengqin


									                                               Ryan Hogan

           2000 Presidential Election
(Bush and his team are watching the news)
News Anchorman: And it all comes down to the
recount of Floridas votes for the decision of the 2000
presidential election between republican George W.
Bush and democrat Al Gore.
Bush: This sucks, it is taking so long for them to
recount the votes! I just want to be declared
president already!
Cheney: Don’t worry George, you will win. Your
winning in popular votes and even though Gore is
the most popular and electoral votes, you will get
Florida and gain victory.
Bush Sr: Cheney is right, you got this son!
Bush: Thank you guys, this talk has really boosted
my self esteem for this election.
(At Gore’s office)
Gore: I was declared president and then they just
take that away from me, then they declare Bush
president and take it away from him too. Why don’t
they just make up their mind?
                                                Ryan Hogan

Lieberman: Yea this is total BS, it’s not that hard to
count. But don’t worry Al you got this in the bag,
your more popular than Bush.
Gore: Your right, but I just want this to be over
already and get declared president.
Some random dude: They’re about to declare the
president!!! Look at the tv!!!
TV Anchorman: The results are in! George W. Bush
is the new president! We are all happy and yelling
for the winning of this presidential election, it has a
been a long night after Gore was announced
president then Bush was announced president, now
the wait is over. Congratulations Mr. President!
(At Bush’s office)
Bush: WOOOOOOO!!!!! I WON!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!
This is the greatest day of my life! Thank you Dick
and Dad, you have been a great deal of help for me
on this campaign.
Dick and Bush’s Father: Congratulations! Have fun
in the oval office Mr. President!
                                                                                      Ryan Hogan

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