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File NO.TA2/759/GM/TTD/2006

              SUB: T.T.D. Transport, Tlrupati - Purchase of New
                   Mahindra Scorp/o vehicles In place of old vehicles
                   - Sanction - orders - Requested - Regarding.

              REF: Survey Committee reports dated: 3.5.2006 and
                   26.5.2006 of the Mechanical Foreman, TTD Transport,



1-            The Mechanical Foreman, TTD Transport vide reference cited,
has submitted the survey committee reports for replacing the following aged
vehicles as per the guidelines issued by the Government for replacement of
old vehicles as per Circular Memo No. 119020/OP.11/2004-1, dated:
5.10.2004 and was adopted by the TTD - Board vide its Resolution No.406,
dated: 17.11.2004.

s.      Vehicle No.    Make/ Model          Age of       No. of     Remarks
No                                          vehicle       K.Ms
1.      AP03-7299      Ambassador           15 years    1,83,179     Nearing
                       Car (Petrol)                                completion
                                                                   of 15 years
                                                                      of age
2.    AP03-F-1487       Mahindra        12 yrs 6       2,50,669     Crossed
                      Jeep (Diesel)      months                     2.50.000
                                                                     KM run
3.    AP03-C-9523       Mahindra            9 yrs 10   3,00,860     Crossed
                      Jeep (Diesel)         months                  2,50,000
                                                                     KM run
4.    AP03-E-3115       Mahindra             9 yrs     3,15,924     Crossed
                      Jeep (Diesel)                                 2,50,000
                                                                     KM run

2.           Further, it has been stated that the mechanical condition,
engine performance, body condition, transmission condition etc., for the
above vehicles are poor and requires major repair works which are not
economical and requested for replacement with new vehicles.

3.           It is proposed to replace the above vehicles with Mahindra
Scorpio SLX Model Jeeps, which are diesel driven vehicles and more
economical to run in addition one extra vehicle for Hyderabad.
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4.           Necessary quotations were obtained from M/s. Mahindra &
Mahindra Limited, Secunderabad (the original equipment manufacturers of
Mahindra make of vehicles), for purchase of Mahindra Scorpio SLX Model
Jeeps vide their quotation No.GOS/TTD/2006, dated: 17.05.2006.

                   Description of Model                 Quantity     Cost of the
 MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA SCORPiO 2WD                          1 No.      6,92,160.00
                 VAT @ 12.5%                                           86,520.00
                   TOTAL                                             7,78,680.00

Total cost of four (4) vehicles: 7,78,680.00 x 4 = Rs.31,14,720/-

(Rupees Thirty one lakhs fourteen thousand seven hundred and
twenty only)

5-          TERMS & CONDITIONS:
     i.        The above price is Ex-their Regional Sales Office, Zaheerabad.

     ii.       Payment: 100% payment in advance by D.D. in favour of M/s
               Mahindra & Mahindra Limited payable at Hyderabad.

     iii.      Delivery: 3 to 4 weeks from the date of receipt of full payment.

     iv.       Validity: The prices, taxes and transportation charges are subject
               to change and those ruling at the time of actual delivery shall only
               be applicable.

     v.        Transportation and transit insurance charges from Zaheerabad to
               Ongole will be charged extra @ Rs.7,000/- per vehicle by their
               authorized dealer M/s. Pioneer Auto Service, Ongole, who in
               inturn transport the vehicles from Zaheerabad to Ongole, conduct
               PDI and deliver the vehicle at their works.

            Instead of paying transportation and transit insurance charges of
            Rs.7,000/- per vehicle, it is better to depute the drivers from TTD
            Transport to take delivery of the vehicles at their Regional Sales
            Office, Zaheerabad, which saves us Rs.3,000/- per vehicle.


       An amount of Rs.30.00 lakhs has been sanctioned under head of
Account No. 156 - Jeeps & Vans. The above expenditure may be met from
the said head of account. The additional expenditure will be included in
revised estimates for 2006-07.
                                                           page No: 85

7.            Hence, the matter is placed before T.T.D Board for the
approval of the following proposals.

   a) To purchase four (4) Mahindra Scorpio SLX Model Jeeps at a cost of
      Rs.7,78,680/- (Rupees Seven lakhs seventy eight thousand six
      hundred and eighty only) each vehicle from M/s. Mahindra &
      Mahindra    Limited,  Secunderabad        (the  original  equipment
      manufacturers of Mahindra vehicles) by incurring a total expenditure
      of Rs.31,14,720/- (Rupees Thirty one lakhs fourteen thousand seven
      hundred and twenty only) in place of the aged vehicles.

   b) To dispose the old vehicle Nos. (i) AP03-7299, (ii) AP03-F-1487 (Hi)
      AP03-C-9523 and (iv) AP03-E-3115 by conducting public auction
      after receipt of the new vehicles.

   c) To authorize the General Manager (Transport), TTD to draw
      necessary amount under ll-A advance and arrange payment to M/s.
      Mahidra & Mahindra Limited, Hyderabad by way of Demand draft
      (AT PAR) and to adjust the same after receipt of the new vehicles.

                       para   (7) a noroved.

                                             Sd/- Cairman,
                                             TTD Board

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