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					                                       Workshop Projects, East Central Railway

Tender Notice No. 2011/Workshop Projects(RWP) /Engg/WT-02 (Open)              dated 03.01.12

1. Sealed Tenders are invited for and on behalf of the President of India for the under mentioned work:

Name of Work:- Construction of Retro reflective sign board, fencing, grill, curtain etc in connection with Rail
      Wheel Plant, Bela.

       Tender No.              Appx. cost       Earnest     Cost of tender    Period of     Date of opening
                                                money        documents       completion

 2011/Workshop       Rs.               49.80   Rs.99,600.00 Rs.3,000.00       2 months     14.02.2012 at
 Projects(RWP)/ Engg lakh                                                                  15.30 hrs.
 / WT-02 (Open)

2. Tender forms are available in the office of Dy CE-II/WP under CAO/Workshop Projects/EC Rly. Chamber
   Bhawan, J.C.Road, Patna, on production of demand draft from any Nationalized/Scheduled Bank in favour of
   FA&CAO/WP, Patna, or money receipt issued by the Divisional Cashier, Sonpur/Danapur Divisions for the
   cost of tender documents mentioned above, between 10.00 hrs. and 16.00 hrs, on any working day from
   20.01.2012 to 13.02.2012. In case any tenderer wishes to obtain the tender document by post, Rs. 500/-
   (Rupees five hundred) extra should be sent by demand draft in favour of FA&CAO/WP, Patna.

3. Tenders can be dropped in prescribed tender box placed in office of Dy CE-II/WP under CAO/ Workshop
   Projects/EC Rly. Chamber Bhawan, J.C.Road, Patna up to 15.00 hrs on the date of opening and tender will
   be opened at 15.30 hrs on the same day at Patna in the office mentioned above in presence of tenderers
   present at the time of opening of the tenders. If the office is closed on the stipulated date and time due to
   some unforeseen reasons, tenders will be received up to and opened on the next working day at the same
   place & time.

      Tenders can also be dispatched to Dy CE-II/WP under CAO/ Workshop Projects/E.C.Rly. Chamber
      Bhawan, J.C.Road, Patna-800001 (Bihar) by registered post/speed post/courier service so as to reach
      before 15.00 hrs. on the date of opening . However, Railway will not be responsible for non receipt or
      delayed receipt of such tenders.

4. The tenders must be submitted with proper amount of ‘Earnest Money’ in favour of FA&CAO/WP, Patna.
   Tenders without proper ‘Earnest Money’ will be summarily rejected. The tender form is not transferable. The
   total Earnest Money as stipulated in these documents can be paid by the tenderer in any one of the
   following, and no other, forms:

      a. Deposit in cash with Divisional Cashier/East Central Railway, Sonpur or Danapur or Workshop Projects,
         Patna and attach the money receipt obtained thereof with the tender documents.
      b. Deposit Receipt or pay orders or Demand Draft from the ‘State Bank of India’ or from any of the
         ‘Nationalized Banks’ drawn in favour of Financial Adviser and Chief Accounts Officer/WP, Patna and
         endorsed “Account Payee” and valid up to the validity of tender offer. No conformity advice from the
         ‘Reserve Bank of India’ will be necessary.

      c.    Deposit receipt executed by the ‘Scheduled Banks’ (other than the State Bank of India and Nationalized
            Bank.) approved by the Reserve Bank of India for this purpose.

5.         Eligibility criteria: NIL
6.1        Validity of the tender: The bidder shall keep his offer open for a period of 90 days from the date of
           opening of tender.
Please note:

7.    (a)      Advance to contractor is not applicable.
      (b)      Purchase preference clause is not applicable.
      (c )     Price variation clause is not applicable.
      (d)      Incentive Bonus payment clause is not applicable.

8.    Rates shall have to be quoted as percentage above, at par or below to the ‘Basic Rate’ for each
      schedule separately. Tenderers must not quotes item wise rate. In case any Tenderer quote unified
      percentage for each schedule and item wise rates against individual items also, no cognizance would be
      taken for the item-wise rates quoted by the Tenderer. However, railway reserves the right to cancel any
      tender where item wise rate have been quoted.
9.    Performance Guarantee (P.G):

      Contractor will have to submit a ‘Performance Guarantee’ in addition to ‘Security Deposit’ in form of a
      ‘Bank Guarantee Bond’ in token of commitment to complete the work, successfully. Other detail
      information are available in tender document.

10     i) Tender notice is also available on http:/

      ii) The tender documents will also be available on website http:/ during
          the period indicated at S.No.2, above, and the same can be down loaded and used as tender
          documents for submitting tender. This facility is available free of cost. However, the demand draft as
          prescribed above towards the cost of tender document will have to be enclosed with the tender. In
          case the tender is not accompanied with a valid demand draft for the cost of the tender documents,
          as detailed above, the tender will be summarily rejected.

                                                                                              Dy CE-II/WP
                                                                                    office of CAO/WP/EC.Rly
                                                                                            Chamber Bhawan,
                                                                                              J.C.Road, Patna

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