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									                    1972 Summit Series

A Hockey- Lover Presentation by Cassidy Nendick
P.S. Go Canucks!!
     A September to Remember
• The first competition between
  the full-strength Canadian and
  Soviet national ice-hockey
• An eight-game series held in
  September 1972
• “Summit Series” is the most
  recognized name for this event
• In French it is known as La
  Série du Siècle (the Series of   The eight game series
  the Century)                     consisted of four games in
• In Russian, it is called USSR-   Canada held in: Montreal,
  Canada Superseries               Toronto, Winnipeg, and
                                   Vancouver. All four games in
• Was originally named the         the Soviet Union were held in
  “Friendship Series”- which was   Moscow
  soon forgotten
                 An Unexpected Test
•   Team Canada was made up of the NHL’s
    greatest stars, which is why they were
    expected to easily defeat the communist
•   Team Canada had expected to win 8 games
    to 0
•   The Russian Team was in spectacular
•   Soviet success on the ice stunned
•   The Russians taught Team Canada that
    although they were NHL’s all-stars, it did
    not make them the best
•   Canadians had always undoubtedly
    believed in their country’s supremacy
•   Team Canada had restored faith in fans by
    persevering on to win the final 3 games of
    the series- all of which game winning goals
    were at the hands of Paul Henderson
•   Henderson was a talented, yet unsuspected
    hero. He was an unspectacular left winger
               A Memorable Defeat
•   Game 8 Moscow, September 28, 1972-
    Canada 6- Soviet Union 5
•   Paul Henderson scored the 6-5 goal at 19:26
    of the final period
•   "Here's a shot. Henderson makes a wild stab
    for it and falls," described announcer Foster
    Hewitt. "Here's another shot. Right in front.
    They Score!! Henderson has scored for
•   Paul Henderson’s goal sealed a remarkable
    comeback victory over a Soviet team that had
    nearly pushed Canada to the brink of defeat
•   As Hewitt described “the goal heard around
    the world” millions of Canadians danced and
    hugged in an image which was reminiscent of
    the celebrations at the end of World War Two
•   This single sporting moment meant so much
    to Canadians. It gave a sense of unparalleled
•   Canada won the series four games to three,
    with one tie
             More Than A Game
The series was played at the height of the Cold War. Intense feelings
of nationalism were aroused by the series in both countries. It was
much more than a hockey contest; it was a dramatic Cold War
confrontation that symbolized the opposing sides of the Iron
Curtain; East versus West and communism versus capitalism

"Canada is first in the world in two things:
hockey and wheat.” – Harry Sinden, Head
Coach for Team Canada.

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