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									                                 Distributor News
                                                                                                                     December 2008

     Making New Year’s Resolutions for 2009                                                           2008 FISA Yes Team
                                                                                                   Thank you to these sponsors of the

              ith a new year right around       hotlink to your company web site. This is a         2008 FISA Annual Conference
              the corner, it is important       great way to drive traffic to your web site.    Ace Manufacturing Co.
              to make sure you are taking                                                       Alfa Laval/Tri Clover
                                                Resolve to add employees to the FISA
advantage of your FISA membership. We                                                           Allegheny Ludlum
                                                database. Your membership in FISA is a
are in the process of updating the web site                                                     Arrow Process Systems, Inc.
                                                corporate membership. While each com-
and will bring you a fresh, new look in the                                                     BEECO
                                                pany designates who their single contact
first quarter of next year. Listed below are                                                    CSI
                                                person will be, you may designate multiple
three resolutions to make in 2009.                                                              DCI Inc.
                                                people to receive the newsletters. Be sure to
                                                                                                DSI Process Systems
Resolve to check your membership listing.       contact FISA with the names of employees
                                                                                                Dobbins Company
On the FISA web site at www.fisanet.org,        who should be added to the database so
                                                                                                Flowtrend Inc.
each member company has an on-line              that they will get newsletters and confer-
                                                                                                Fristam Pumps USA
listing in the Membership Directory. It         ence information.
                                                                                                Girton Manufacturing Company, Inc.
is important that you check your listing
                                                Resolve to complete the member survey.          Haynes Lubricants
and notify stella@fisanet.org if changes                                                        Newman Sanitary Gasket Co.
                                                Watch for the member survey that will be
need to be made to your listing. Also, for a                                                    Norit Sudmo
                                                sent to you electronically in early January.
one-time fee of only $100, you can add a                                                        Mueller
                                                It will only take a few minutes to complete
color logo to your listing, have a 100-word                                                     Perrigo, Inc.
                                                but your feedback is important. FISA is
description of your company, and get a                                                          RathGibson
                                                focused on your future.
                                                                                                Rodem, Inc.
                                                                                                SPX Process Equipment
                                                                                                Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics
                                                                                                Sentry Insurance
                                                                                                Standard Pump, Inc.
                                                                                                Statco Engineering & Fabricators
                                                                                                Stuart W. Johnson & Co., Inc.
                                                                                                Tetra Pak, Inc.
                                                                                                Top Line Process Equipment Company
                                                                                                Trans-Market Process Systems
                                                                                                Twinco, Inc.
                                                                                                United Industries
                                                                                                Unisource Mfg.
                                                                                                VNE Corporation
More than 200 FISA members attended the recent cocktail reception held in Chicago during        Walker Engineered Products
Process Expo. Pictured above are (L–R) Rodney Dobbins, President; Chad Sprinkman, Vice
President; and Jeffrey Hennessey who was President from 2003-2005. The tradition of             W.M. Sprinkman Corporation
having a reception began many years ago when manufacturers were associate members of            WestOne & Associates, Inc.
FISA. At that time, the distributors hosted the manufacturers as a way of thanking them for     Wilden-PSG
their support. In 1997 to reflect the partnership between channel partners, the FISA By-laws    Wright Process Systems
were changed making manufacturers voting members of FISA and giving manufacturers
representation on the Board of Directors. The tradition of a reception continues and both       YRC Association Solutions
manufacturers and distributors value this networking opportunity.
                                      From the President

                                                                T      his newsletter
                                                                       is devoted to
                                                                 saying thank you. I
                                                                                          edented time in our nation’s history. I won’t be-
                                                                                          labor the economic situation because you hear
                                                                                          about it, read it, and live it every day. Given
                                                                 hope you realize how     the challenges we are all facing, I think we have
FISA is an association composed                                  much I appreciate        exceptional opportunities to pull together in
of distributors and manufacturer                                 your support and         FISA. Through FISA, we can share best prac-
members who share a commitment                                   your contributions to    tices and have access to consultants and services
to value-added distribution in                                   FISA this past year.     that we could not have individually.
serving high purity processing in-                               Listed in this issue
                                                                                          It is particularly critical that we hear from
dustries. FISA’s mission is to help   are the names of those companies who were
its members improve performance                                                           you about what services and programs you
                                      sponsors of the 2008 Annual Conference and
and customer value.                                                                       want and how we can better meet your needs
                                      sponsors of our cocktail reception held during
                                                                                          in the coming year. We have recorded your
2008 – 2009                           Process Expo in November. The financial sup-
                                                                                          suggestions from the roundtable discussions
FISA Board of Directors               port of these companies enables FISA to keep
                                                                                          in California and noted every suggestion on
FISA Officers:                        our dues at a reasonable level and continue to
Rodney Dobbins
                                                                                          your conference evaluation forms. You will get
                                      offer you more services.
Dobbins Company                                                                           a short member survey early in January. I urge
President                             On behalf of FISA, I want to say that not only      you to complete it so that we can target the
Chad Sprinkman                        do I appreciate your financial support but also     areas that are important to you.
W.M. Sprinkman Corporation            I particularly appreciate your presence. This
Vice President                                                                            Our Long Range Planning meeting will be
                                      fall, we have had two opportunities for the
Hank Brink                                                                                February 5-7, 2009. This is the time when we
Cadence Technologies Inc.             membership to gather, both in Santa Barbara
                                                                                          evaluate our current services and plan for the
Past President                        and in Chicago. Both times I was stuck by the
                                                                                          future. One thing is for sure. With FISA, you
                                      energy of the group, and I enjoyed watching
Directors:                                                                                will not be looking at cut-backs in services, but
Larry Cook                            people connect and establish relationships.
                                                                                          we will be looking for additional ways to help
Fristam Pumps USA
                                      Personal relationships are important and some       you prosper. Let me hear from you.
Ron Eiseman
Twinco Inc.                           of us have relationships in FISA that go back
                                                                                          In closing, I want to thank the Board of Direc-
                                      many years. We remember coming with our
John Fearn                                                                                tors, Stella Jones, our Executive Director, and
Walker Engineered Products            parents to meetings, and we remember hearing
                                                                                          Charlie, her man-Friday, for their dedication
Charlie Jockers                       stories about the good times they shared. The old
                                                                                          and contributions this past year. Theresa joins
CSI                                   relationships are wonderful but the new relation-
                                                                                          me in wishing you a wonderful holiday and a
Zino Lappas                           ships are equally important and provide the
                                                                                          peaceful, prosperous 2009.
Alfa Laval Inc.                       spark that keeps our association moving forward.
Bruce Michael
Girton Manufacturing Co               It goes without saying that we are in an unprec-

Brad Myers
Arrow Process Systems
Gary Rinck
DSI Process Systems
Ken West
WestOne & Associates
                                                                      ppy Holidays
    FISA Address:
    1207 Sunset Drive
    Greensboro, NC 27408
    Phone 336-274-6311
    Fax 336-691-1839
    www.fisanet.org                                        MeMbeRship RefeRRals
Stella L. Jones                                Help FISA grow. Tell a Distributor about FISA, the Association
Executive Director                                       formed by Distributors for Distributors.
E-mail: stella@fisanet.org
     FISA Cocktail Reception • The Tower Club • November 10, 2008 - Chicago, IL

Gold Sponsors                Silver Sponsors
Alfa Laval/Tri-Clover        API Heat Transfer, Schmidt
Dobbins Company               Division

Fristam Pumps USA            Girton Mfg. Co. Inc.

Mueller                      Standard Pump

PSG Wilden/Almatec/Mouvex    SPX Corp. (WCB &APV)

RathGibson                   UDMC

Seepex                       W.M. Sprinkman Corp.

Walker Engineered Products

                                           Standard Pump, Inc.                                   formation Systems Technician and Greg Sommer

    Member News
                                           is pleased to announce the opening of their new       has joined the sales team as a Technical Support
                                           Facility located in Auburn, Georgia (30 miles         Analyst. ESE, Inc. has been providing food and
                                           outside Atlanta). The new facility features a tech-   dairy product manufacturer’s production capacity

    & Views                                nologically advanced Pump Testing Center and
                                           offers greater production capabilities. The larger
                                                                                                 and profit improvement system solutions utiliz-
                                                                                                 ing Rockwell Automation controls and instru-
                                           floor plan has enabled Standard Pump to install       mentation for more than 20 years.
                                           an additional Motor and Pump Production line.
    How to Submit News                     In addition, the new facility provides greater        VNE Corporation
    The Distributor News is pub-           inventory storage capabilities.                       announces that Charisse Vawda and Laura
    lished quarterly and the deadline                                                            Mischka have joined the company as Inside Sales
    for the next issue is March 1, 2009.   NewAge Industries                                     Representatives. Both Charisse and Laura have
    Due to space limitations, we           2009 marks the 55th anniversary of plastic tub-       strong customer service backgrounds to further
    cannot print specific product in-      ing and hose manufacturer, NewAge Industries.         VNE’s commitment in serving their Dairy, Food,
    formation, but personnel changes,      Since noting its 50-year milestone in 2004, the       Beverage,and Biopharmaceutical customers.
    changes of address, expansions or      company has expanded its manufacturing facili-
    other industry news is always of       ties and capabilities and introduced several new
                                           products for its high purity AdvantaPure division.
    If you have a question, please         NewAge plans to continue expanding and to con-                  Mark Your Calendar
    call 336-274-6311.                     centrate on production efficiencies, team member
                                           cross training and continuing education.                         MArch 8 - 11, 2008
    Fax information to FISA at                                                                       University of Industrial Distribution
    336-691-1839 or mail to                ESE, Inc.                                                          Indianapolis, IN
    FISA at 1207 Sunset Drive,             announces the hiring of a number of new
                                                                                                          SepTeMber 19 - 22, 2009
    Greensboro, NC 27408.                  employees: Paul Waring and Adrian Holt have                  2009 FISA Annual Conference
    E-mail: stella@fisanet.org             joined the Engineering team as Process Controls                     Lake Tahoe, CA
                                           Engineers. Brian Davis has joined ESE as an In-

Distributor News
1207 Sunset Drive
Greensboro, NC 27408


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