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Position 2 - Stanislaus County ARES


									                  Stanislaus County ARES

                   ARES Room/EOC

                   Training Evolution

                             Training Evolution Ov
                             Position #1
                             This position supports ARES by monitori
                             and APRS activity as well as monitoring
                             from Weather Officer and monitoring VH
                             as needed.

                             Position #2
                             This position supports ARES by operatin
Training Plan                messaging and D-STAR functions as we

 Position 1 Trainer KG6AZZ   Position #3
                             This position supports ARES by operatin
 Position 2 Trainer KF6FIR   MARS incoming and outgoing traffic duri
                             This position also monitors 11 meters an
 Position 3 Trainer WB6AGR   traffic in an emergency

 Emerg.Coord.     KG6JXZ     Emergency Coordinator
                             This position manages all ARES activitie
 Scribe Trainer   KG6JXZ     activation and acts as a liaison to served
                             Effectively communicates inbound and o
                             to both ARES members and served agen
                             The EC also manages all paperwork and
                             related to activations using NIMS guidelin
unty ARES


ing Evolution Overview

ion supports ARES by monitoring the ATV
S activity as well as monitoring weather reports
 ther Officer and monitoring VHF/UHF traffic

ion supports ARES by operating the packet,
g and D-STAR functions as well as VHF/UHF

ion supports ARES by operating the HF and
 oming and outgoing traffic during an activation
ion also monitors 11 meters and GMRS/FMS
n emergency

cy Coordinator
ion manages all ARES activities during an
 and acts as a liaison to served agencies.
y communicates inbound and outbound info
RES members and served agencies.
 so manages all paperwork and assignments
 activations using NIMS guidelines.
ARES Members,

Stanislaus County ARES will be moving forward with a new training initiative for 2011. The
training initiative will focus on 2 areas, digital communications and proficiency using equipment
provided in the ARES room.

The ARES room at the Stanislaus County EOC has been set up with 4 independent workstations
and a scribe that compliment each other, and fall under the direction of the Emergency
Coordinator on duty during a disaster or activation.

The four position ARES room concept is adopted to completely utilize our resources and provide
adequate coverage to our served agencies at the time of need. During an actual emergency the
ARES room will need to be staffed by Ham Operators on a rotating schedule to accommodate,
breaks, down time and ample time for Ham Operators to assist family and friends.

The training program will be a certification program. Ham Operators in Stanislaus County will be
required to certify in all four ARES room positions. Training will be provided on the use and
operation of all equipment provided in the ARES room at each position. Once trained on a
specific training position the Ham Operator will be required to demonstrate these skills to the
certifying program manager, and after successfully demonstrating those skills the training
manager will sign off and pass you through the section completed.

Pat Mandas
Emergency Coordinator
            Position 1, ATV,APRS,WEATHER,UHF/VHF
                                           Using the Kenwood Cool Blue data port establish
            Amateur Television             an ATV downlink from the field transmission via the
                                           downconverter on frequency XXX.XXX.

                                           Establish reception using the Kenwood D700 and
            Automatic Position Reporting   APRS computer. Monitor APRS activity and tracker
            System (APRS)                  locations of field teams, report to EC.

                                           Assign trackers to field teams, assign frequency
            APRS Trackers                  with EC's approval, log all trackers that are issued
                                           on the ARES tracker log.
                                           CH.1 = 144.390, CH 2 = 144.910

                                           This station is required to make contact with the ARES
            Weather Station Contact        Weather Officer, Mark, WB6BJN on the Doubletree
                                           repeater 145.110 or simplex 147.540.

                                           Maintain a weather report for the EC, receive them
            Weather Data                   from the Weather Officer via radio prepare an update
                                           for EC using the ICS-309 form.

                                           Monitor and utilize the Kenwood Cool Blue Dual Band
            VHF/UHF Operations             radio on assigned frequencies

                                           Prepare and or fill out necessary ICS forms as needed,
            Reporting                      fill out an ICS-214 form for your position.
            Position 2, Packet, D-Star, VHF/UHF
                                 Using the ARES computer, 9612 TNC and D-STAR radio,
            Packet               and the Winpack Program establish packet communications
            KPC-9612             using the UNPROTO Mode

                                 Open communications using the DSTAR connection
            D-STAR Operations    through the D-STAR network

            D-RATS               Monitor and transmit messages via DRATS on the ARES
                                 computer. Print and highlight messages for EC.

                                 Maintain an Airmail connection for file and message
            Airmail              transfer, Airmail and Packet should be ran
                                 simultaneously. Print and highlight messages for EC.

                                 Maintain Echolink communications when directed by the EC
            Echolink             Print and highlight messages for EC.

            VHF/UHF Operations   Monitor and utilize the ICOM 2820 DSTAR Dual Band
                                 radio on assigned frequencies

                                 Prepare and or fill out necessary ICS forms as needed,
            Reporting            fill out an ICS-214 form for your position.
            Position 3, HF/MARS,VHF/UHF
                                      Make Contact using the IC-756 Pro III on 10,20,40,80
            HF Operations             meters depending on conditions, be familiar with the
                                      radios operation.

                                      MARS operations are conducted through the IC-7000,
            *MARS OPERATION           MARS traffic can only be handled by a certified MARS
                                      member, Be familiar with monitoring MARS Traffic.

                                      Using the IC-7000 be able to locate CB Channel 9
            11 Meter                  for monitoring and transmitting.

                                      Using the IC-7000 be able to locate these frequencies
            GMRS/FRS                  for monitoring and transmitting.

                                      Monitor and utilize the IC-7000 to monitor and transmit
            VHF/UHF Operations        on assigned frequencies

                                      Prepare and or fill out necessary ICS forms as needed,
            Reporting                 fill out an ICS-214 form for your position.

*MARS OPERATIONS = MARS Frequencies can only be utilized by licensed MARS operators
                           Emergency Coordinator
                                      Complete the ARES EC Checklist
            ARES Checklist            Review Field Response Guide
                                      Review ARRL ARES Guide

                                      Create Band Plan and IAP for Incident
            ICS Forms                 Create an ICS-214 for your unit

                                      Assign ARES Members to EOC positions, Assign ARES
            Assignments               members to field locations. Assign tactical call signs to
                                      all field teams. Log all Assignments on ICS-215

                                      Function as net control facilitate operations and all
            Net control VHF/UHF Ops   amateur communications

                                      Provide leadership and manage all incoming requests
            Management                from served agencies, assigning resources as needed.

                                      Monitor Police/Fire traffic on Scanner

                                      Be Familiar with the works of the EOC and where all
            EOC                       critical areas of an incident are in the building,
                                      Operations, Logistics Etc.

                                      Understand the EOC Chain of command, who is in
            EOC Staffing              charge before, during and, after an incident. Be aware of
                                      all players in the EOC.

            Depiction Operation

            Demobilization            The EC is responsible for the demobilization of the unit
                                      using the ICS-221.
                                      All Radio operators should return to the EOC for
                                      debriefing and to verify the well being of all.
                            Log all incoming radio communication on ICS-309 or
            Logging         white board as directed by EC.

                            Organize all ICS forms being used, insure all stations are
            ICS Forms       using proper forms.

                            During an incident the scribe may be asked to act as a
            Runner          runner between the ARES organization and served
                            agencies, for the purpose of delivering information.

                            Assist EC as necessary with paperwork and clerical
            EC Assistance   help

                            Maintain all reports, files and electronic files in an
            Files           organized fashion during an incident. Retrieve messages
                            from EC that are no longer needed and add to incident file

                            Be prepared to relieve other positions as needed.
     Training Evolution                           Position Requirements
            Score Card              EC Position   Position 1   Position 2   Position 3   Scribe

ARES MEMBER: _____________________ ICS 100        Level 5      Level 5      Level 5      Level 5
                                   ICS 200        Position 1   Position 2   Position 3   Scribe
NIMS/SEMS          Date   Initials ICS 300        ICS 100      ICS 100      ICS 100      ICS 100
         ICS 100                   ICS 400        ICS 700      ICS 700      ICS 700      ICS 700
         ICS 200                   ICS 700
         ICS 300                   ICS 800
         ICS 400
         ICS 700
         ICS 800
                                   Postion 1
ARES ROOM          Date   Initials Postion 2
                                   Postion 3
         Postion 1                 EC
         Postion 2                 Scribe
         Postion 3
         EC                        Level 2
ARES Cert. Level   Date   Initials

         Level 5
         Level 4
         Level 3
         Level 2
         Level 1

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