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									                                     Mobile Tracker

1, Introduction

Tracking and monitoring is very essential for the smooth working of any business. It can
be vehicle tracking for a transportation company or it can be a consignment tracking for a
parcel and logistics company. It can be even an executive employee tracking for a
company is into marketing.

The effective tracking helps the administration to streamline its managerial tasks and so
can increase the productivity. Monitoring feature helps the customers to understand
where their product is, so in effect company is giving more value addition to its

Mobile tracker works on the simple principle of card punching ie. The users need to give
a single click input when he reaches each check point. The tracking system will
understand each user inputs and sends the information to webservice and from there to
tracker database.

2, Challenge

Challenge is to create a well planned tracking method which reduces the cost of
information exchange, but at the same time automate the entire tracking process.

Challenge is to receive and process multiple user inputs and make it available online for
the administration to track and monitor.

Challenge is to develop, integrate and deploy different technological components to
achieve one single aim called tracking.

3, Proposed Solution

Proposed solution consists of a Windows mobile client application which will allow users
to give inputs on their mobile phone as a single click.

A web service will receive the location based information from the mobile and process it.
The portal which implemented via Google maps will show the exact location of the users

For a company is into transportation, can track their vehicles easily by checking online at
any time from anywhere.

This solution is also contains a chatting mechanism where administrator or user can chat
each other to pass information.

4, System Diagram

5, Technology

Technologies used are
      Microsoft .Net 2.0
      Visual C# language
      ASP.Net 2.0
      ASP.Net 2.0 web service
      SQL Server 2000
      Google Maps API
      Windows Mobile 5.0 pocket PC phone SDK
      Windows Mobile 5.0 pocket PC phone emulator
      Active Sync 5.0 or later

6, Future enhancements

Mobile tracker can be developed further to analyze the minimum shortest path between
the check points and help administrator to decide routes to minimize the transportation
costs. This system can be used for understanding the time taken between places thus
administrator can roughly assess the time taken for a vehicle to reach destination.

7, Conclusion

Mobile Tracker is a tracking platform, so it can be modified to fit to any business and it is
used on mobiles and internet so we will get upto date information at very less cost.


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