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					Camp Chesterfield

Body, Mind & Spirit

       March 23 - 25, 2012
50 Lincoln Drive
Chesterfield, IN 46017
Phone: 765-378-0235
Fax: 765-378-7133        E-mail:
            Spring Fling 2012
                    PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY

E-MAIL _________________________________________

Cost: $130.00* on or before March 11, 2012
      $150.00* after March 11, 2012
* Does not include Hotel accommodations

Method of Payment:
Cash ____ Check ____ Credit Card____
Card Number ___________________________
Expiration Date: _________________

Make checks payable to: Camp Chesterfield

Mail to: Camp Chesterfield
         P.O. Box 132
         Chesterfield, IN 46017

web: www.campchesterfield.netPh. 765-378-0235
             Spring Fling 2012
               Body, Mind & Spirit
Package includes:
5 meals at the Maxon Fellowship Center
2 Wake Ups with Tai Chi Easy
6 Fun filled workshops and receive one elective
       academic credit
2 Gala All Message Services
1 Gala Trance Séance in red light
1 Healing Service with Crystal Bowl
Free time for Readings

                   Weekend Schedule
      Friday, March 23rd
5:30 pm     Dinner - Maxon Fellowship Center
7:00 pm     Know Your Palmistry - Rev. Nancy Joseph
            Lecture and palm readings with tea and pastries
      Saturday, March 24th
8:30 pm     Wake-up with Qigong/Tai Chi Easy - Art Gallery
            Rev. Wahna L. Irvine
9:00 am     Breakfast - Maxon Fellowship Center
10:00 am    Keep Your Peace - Rev. Wahna L. Irvine
            Rev. Wahna demonstrates how to access simple
            Acupressure points including Qigong to relieve
            stress and create well being
11:00 am    Scrying for the Beginner - Rev. Candace Smith
            Learn techniques to access the spirit world
            through the ancient art of scrying with crystal
            balls, water, and mirrors
12:00 Noon Lunch - Maxon Fellowship Center
1:00 pm     Free time for Readings
            Make an appointment with your favorite Medium
2:00 pm     Spirit Art - Jeremy Kaylor
            Learn techniques to produce spirit art on feathers
            and canvas
                   Spring Fling 2012
                    Body, Mind & Spirit

      Saturday ( cont’d)

3:30 pm    Manifesting Techniques - Rev. Vicki Corkell
           Learn techniques to manifest your desires with
           Magic-22 beads and other tools
4:30 pm    Dinner - Maxon Fellowship Center
6:30 pm    Gala All Message Service - Chapel
           Flame Art - Rev. Suzanne Greer
           Flower Messages - Rev. Jane DeVore
           Painted Feathers - Jeremy Kaylor
           Spirit Art - Rev. Lynda Richey
9:00 pm    Gala Trance Séance in Red Light - Chapel
           Rev. Wahna L. Irvine, Rev. Suzanne Greer,
           Rev. Lynda Richey, Rev. Louise E. Irvine
      Sunday, March 25th
8:30 am    Wake-up with Qigong/Tai Chi Easy - Art Gallery
           Rev. Wahna L. Irvine
9:00 am    Breakfast - Maxon Fellowship Center
10:00 am   Automatic Writing - Rev. Lynda Richey
11:00 am   Table Tipping - Rev. Suzanne Greer
12:00 Noon Lunch
1:30 pm    Healing with Crystal Bowl - Rev. A. Win Srogi
2:30 pm    Gala All Message Service - Chapel
           Clairvoyance - Rev. Timothy Millard
           Flame Messages - Rev. James Hafer
           Qabalistic Tarot - Rev. A. Win Srogi
           Spirit Art Shells - Rev. Candace Smith

* All proceeds go to Camp Chesterfield

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