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Ch. 9 Sectional Crises Flippy Note Project


									Ch. 9: Sectional Crises Flippy
        Note Project
  •Annotated Keyed Map
  •Flippy Notes explaining and reflecting
  Sectional Points of View on important events
  that propelled the nation toward Civil War
     Flippy Note Project Elements & Directions
1.       Make a bold Title Across the Very Top of two open Notebook
2.       Glue split map in center of two notebook pages as shown
3.       About an inch above the bottom of your pages and below the
         map (and not extending beyond the map!) make a timeline
         extending from 1848-1861
4.       Make 4 flippy notes on each side of the map. Flippies should fold
         out from the middle
     •      Folded up: they display the Event’s Name and Date and an astonishing
     •      When open the center portion explains the event and its significance.
     •      Inside the top flap, explain the northern response to the event
     •      Inside the bottom flap, explain the southern response to the event
     •      Make Arrows from Flippies to Map to put events in geographic context
            when appropriate
5.       On your Map, use color and symbols and a key in a considered
         way to show:
     •      The Missouri Compromise
     •      The Compromise of 1850
     •      The Kansas Nebraska Act
     •      Succession of the Confederacy
            Events to Flipify
1. Mexican War            5. Dredd Scott Decision
2. Compromise of 1850     6. Raid on Harpers
3. Publication of Uncle     Ferry
   Tom’s Cabin            7. Election of Abraham
4. Kansas Nebraska          Lincoln
   Act                    8. Secession

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