10.1 School Outreach Program by wuzhengqin


									 School Outreach
Reaching out to the Surrounding
    Schools in Great Need
           Schools in Need
 There  are 51 Schools in the surrounding
  area that need attention.
 They are all in great need of school
  supplies and uniforms.
 Most also need fresh paint, play
  equipment, and adequate lighting.
 In June I had the opportunity to visit four
             Villa Nuevo
 This small one room school is located 6
  minutes from Nuevo Paraiso village.
 There are 29 students in grades 1-6 and
  one teacher.
 Many of the children did not have
  uniforms, which made them stand out from
  the rest.
 Many did not have paper to write on.
 There is no play area for the kids.
The School
The Students
         Santos Pablo Gonzales
   This is a two room school
    located ten minutes from
    Nuevo Paraiso.
   71 students, 6 grades,
    and two teachers.
   There are 10 children not
    attending because they
    do not have uniforms or
   They require window
    screens, and school
     Rigoberto Erazo Martinez
1  teacher – 46 students. This is a two
  room school with one teacher. The
  teacher can only see half the students
  while she is teaching.
 Located 15 minutes from Nuevo Paraiso.
 This school needs supplies.
 The kindergarten room is very dark.
 There is a swing set, but no swings on it.
         Jose Agustin Cruz
 This is a 45 minute to one hour drive from Nuevo
  Paraiso, accessible by truck only.
 28 students. Half of the students are sitting
  outside the classroom because they won’t fit
 The director of all the schools in the area said
  this is the worst one.
 They are using a borrowed building and are
  waiting for the government to build a new

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