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                                                                                               throw out all their old mice, keyboards,
                                                                                               scanners, printers, and external drives. The
                             August, 2008                                                      computer’s lack of SCSI ports particularly
           Central Oregon Macintosh User Group                                                 scared Mac pundits, who long relied on
                                                                                               SCSI for external storage. But at the same
                                                                                               time, the iMac provided the first kick start
Eight ways the iMac changed                     after Australia’s Bondi Beach shoreline—to     USB needed to really get off the ground.
computing                                       describe the color of its new machine.         Thanks to the iMac, many peripheral
Ten years after it shipped, we                  Combined with an ice-white pinstripe           manufacturers launched their first-ever
celebrate the impact of Apple’s all-            pattern, the color scheme create a stunning    round of USB computer accessories—it was
in-one desktop                                  enclosure theretofore unseen in the PC         no coincidence that most of them shipped
by Benj Edwards,                   world. It made quite an impact on the          in transparent blue-green housing.
    The iMac made an instant impression         public, but that was only the beginning.           Macworld editors discuss the iMac’s
when Apple first unveiled it in May 1998.                                                      impact in the latest Macworld Podcast
But it didn’t start to really shake things up   2. It hit us in the “i”
unitl it began to ship—which happened 10             iThis, iThat — iPod, iPhone, iChat,       5. It killed the floppy drive
years ago on August 15, 1998. Arguably          iLife, iSight. Where did all those lowercase       Apple launched the Sony 3.5-inch
the most influential desktop computer           iPrefixes come from. You can thank the         disk drive with the Macintosh in 1984—
of the last decade, the original iMac’s         iMac for starting this ubiquitous Apple        and 14 years later, the company killed it
specifications seem quaint by today’s           branding trend.                                with the iMac, which included no floppy
standards. For $1,299, you came home                 The “i” in “iMac” originally stood for    drive whatsoever. The press greeted the
with a 233MHz PowerPC G3 processor,             “Internet” (or alternately: “individual,       decision to omit removable storage with
32MB of RAM, a 4GB hard drive, a 15-inch        instruct, inform, or inspire,” according to    considerable skepticism. But the absence of
built-in monitor, and stereo speakers—all in    Steve Jobs’ introductory 1998 iMac slide       a floppy drive was a bold statement—Apple
an amazingly stylish case.                      show). The “i” prefix even trickled out        was declaring, “From now on you will use
    The Bondi blue wonder heralded the          to non-Apple product names—mostly in           the Internet and local networks to transfer
return of Steve Jobs as a visionary leader      the form of iPod accessories. After the        your files.” And Apple was right, even if the
for Apple, and it halted Apple’s mid-1990s      Internet became ho-hum everyday news,          company was slightly ahead of the curve:
financial freefall. Initially marketed as an    Apple’s iPrefix shifted meaning to serve       these days, most computers lack a floppy
easy-to-use gateway to the Internet, the        puns like “iSight,” or to ambiguously imply    drive, and users barely miss it.
iMac transcended that simple role and           the empowering first-person pronoun “I,”
redefined the desktop PC market—not             as in “iChat.”                                 6. It set standards for industrial
to mention consumer industrial design—                                                         design
forever.                                        3. It launched on the Internet wave                 Imitation may be the sincerest form of
    But have you ever wondered how? Here            Apple’s first marketing angle with the     flattery, but when George Foreman Grills
are eight ways the original iMac shook the      iMac relied heavily on the expanding           are following your lead, it’s time to change
world.                                          popularity of the Internet in the mid-         things up.
                                                1990s. With the “i” in “iMac” being short           The next time you see a consumer
1. It killed beige                              for “Internet,” Apple billed the iMac as an    thingmabob with a translucent plastic
    Before the iMac, personal computer          easy way to get connected to the global        case—especially those available in multiple
enclosures were stuck in a design rut. Most     network (in just two steps, according to       candy colors—you can thank (or curse)
manufacturers produced beige or gray            one Apple advertisement). By focusing on       iMac chief designer Jonathan Ive. After the
metal boxes, each designed as a merely          the iMac’s Internet aptitude, Apple chose a    release of iMac, multi-colored translucent
functional piece of equipment instead of        unique way to differentiate its product from   plastic housing became such a common
an aesthetically pleasing creative tool. The    other computers and to leapfrog to the top     staple in the consumer products industry
iMac’s design shattered the status quo with     of the consumer PC heap. It worked.            that the iMac’s 1999-2000 Technicolor
its preference for gentle curves over harsh                                                    parade of models almost became a parody
corners, and for vibrant color over dull        4. It introduced USB to the masses             of itself. Apple had to move on, dropping
neutrality. Apple even coined a new term,           The iMac’s sole reliance on the USB        the bright array of colors from the product
“Bondi blue”—a blue-green hue named             interface meant that Mac users had to          line with the release of the flat-panel iMac

                                                ANNUAL BARBEQUE!
                                                            August 20
                                                          Time: 6:00 pm
                                                    Place: Darren Hess' Home
                                                       (see page 5 for map)
in 2002. Even then, other companies                 MobileMe’s initial problems during the        Apple Stores quickly ran out of the 3Gs,
came along for the ride: most consumer           launch on Friday, July 11, the subsequent        lines soon elongated and problems with
electronics devices now ship in brushed          11-day outage that roiled Apple’s rabid          the iPhone’s activation process through
aluminum, frosty white, or glossy black—         customer base and another service outage         iTunes frustrated thousands at Apple stores,
the colors of more recent iMac iterations.       on Monday, Aug. 11, have generated               whose associates began sending customers
                                                 even more pressure and public ire on the         home to activate their new bricks and also
7. It redeemed Steve Jobs                        company: That’s because of iPhone 3G             for those who were trying to upgrade to
    During a power struggle in 1985, Apple       out-of-stocks and activation nightmares in       the 2.0 software.
executives forced Steve Jobs to resign from      the U.S. and abroad during the iPhone                “When the iTunes activation server went
the company he co-founded. After Apple           3G’s launch and concurrent 2.0 software          down on Friday morning, Apple violated
purchased NeXT in 1997, Jobs returned to         upgrade.                                         the cardinal rule: first, do no harm,” noted
Apple and soon became “interim CEO.”                                                              analysts at market research CurrentAnalysis
The world looked to him to turn Apple            Coming to a store near you? Maybe.               in an Apple report. “Problems with the
around, and he delivered: after dumping              There are more than technical issues         activation process were inexcusable.”
unprofitable product lines and streamlining      involved in Apple’s recent customer
the business in general, Apple was back in       service problems. The company’s business         MobileMe: A source of angst at
the black. But no amount of fiddling with        practices, and the way it develops and           Apple.
the budget could compare symbolically            unveils products are key factors. Analysts,           Apple’s MobileMe e-mail launch on
with the success of the iMac—clearly Jobs’       including Ken Dulaney, a vice president          the same day was “fraught with problems,
baby—which served as a concrete reminder         at Gartner who closely follows Apple and         including large initial downtime, an extended
of his uncanny ability to inspire those under    the iPhone, contend that Apple’s policy of       e-mail outage including lost messages, the
him to create incredible products. The           limited beta testing and intense product         inability to contact the service to sync,
iMac’s success meant Jobs’ success, and it       secrecy, while helping to generate public        corruption of data, time delays in syncing
inspired the Apple faithful to follow him        interest also may hurt the company in the        the computer to MobileMe and more,”
once more.                                       long run. “If they opened it up a bit more, I    reported the Macworld article. The “launch
                                                 don’t think it would hurt them, and it would     of MobileMe was not our finest hour,” Jobs
8. It saved Apple, too                           give them a lot better quality assurance,”       wrote to the Apple troops. (For more on
    Why is this man smiling? Because the         he says. “They just can’t control everything,    MobileMe and the enterprise, see “Apple’s
iMac helped revive his company.                  and they’re losing valuable input that they      MobileMe, Designed for Consumers, Could
    In 1996-97, the media pronounced             could get from lots of people.”                  Be Potential Headache for IT Managers.”)
Apple all but dead. The company lost $878            But Jobs' mea culpa (however it                   To Gartner’s Dulaney, some of Apple’s
million in 1997, but under the renewed           eventually came out in public) was a shrewd      troubles were self-inflicted but, to a degree,
guidance of Steve Jobs, it earned $414           business move atypical of most CEOs, notes       a bit out of executives’ and supply chain
million in 1998—its first profit in three        Dulaney.                                         planners’ control. “Apple has always made
years. Those results stemmed from both               “It’s OK to have problems as long as         great products, and they always expect to
reducing operating costs and from iMac           you admit to them and fix them. In fact,         be phenomenally successful at launch, but I
sales. And yet the iMac meant more than          if you admit to them and fix them, it            think the appetite in the public for this kind
just financial returns: the symbolic impact      turns out to be an effect that creates more      of product is probably surprising,” he says.
of Apple once again having an exciting,          intense loyalty than you would expect,” he       “It probably got away from them.”
innovative product marked a victory in the       says. “I’ve seen a number of issues [with             Historically, notes the AMR supply chain
hearts and the minds of the public, and it       Apple] that would stop other vendors in          report, Apple has had a reputation for
proved that Apple still had the chops to         their tracks, and people are willing to give     poor supply chain performance and was,
stay in business.                                Apple a break there.”                            at times, unable to handle the demands
    Thanks to continued innovation in the                                                         of its rabid fan base, falling back on their
iMac line and beyond, Apple is now more          Apple’s supply chain put to the test             “forgiveness for mistakes.”
profitable than ever, and will likely continue        In late May 2008, AMR Research                   But that, according to the analysts, was
to be so. But even with the iPhones, iPods,      proclaimed Apple’s supply chain and              all supposed to have changed.
and iTunes dominating today’s news, we           digital distribution channels as tops in the
shouldn’t forget that Apple’s 21st century       world. The iconic Mac, iPod and iPhone           What, Apple, worry?
success can be traced directly back to           maker took the number-one spot due to                 Even with the highly public failings on
iMac’s launch a decade ago.                      “an intoxicating mix of brilliant industrial     the big launch on July 11, just three days
                                                 design, transcendent software interfaces         later Apple boasted that it had sold more
Apple loses shine with                           and consumable goods that are purely             than 1 million 3G iPhones and customers
networking, supply chain issues                  digital,” gushed the AMR analysts in the         downloaded 10 million applications from
by Thomas Wailgum,                       report ranking the world’s top 25 supply         its new App Store during that first weekend.
    In an internal company e-mail obtained       chains.                                          3G iPhones were still running low or were
by several media outlets in early August,             The analysts saluted Apple’s efforts with   completely out of stock in many locations
Apple CEO Steve Jobs fessed up to the            the original iPhone’s introduction to the        in the United States and in the other 20
problems surrounding the company’s               marketplace in 2007, noting that “Apple          or so countries where the iPhone was on
summer product blitz. “It was a mistake          could have stumbled meeting demand or            sale.
to launch MobileMe at the same time as           failed on quality. It did neither.”                   And while Apple might have taken
iPhone 3G, iPhone 2.0 software and the                Just about a month and a half after         a PR hit during the opening weekend
App Store,” Jobs wrote in the e-mail             AMR published its report, Apple’s vaunted        considering all the setbacks, Apple reported
    “We all had more than enough to do,”         supply chain and networks stumbled and           record third-quarter earnings on July 21,
he added, “and MobileMe could have been          failed under the crush of a complex and          which excluded any new revenues from
delayed without consequence.”                    multiproduct rollout, beginning on July 11.      the iPhone 3G, App Store or MobileMe
(which, unlike G-Mail, users have to pay         link opens a Web page in your browser             popular MacBook laptop. MacBooks have
for). Apple’s stock price dipped after the       that does not appear to be affiliated with        been hugely popular with high school
launch date but has rebounded to where it        Apple or MobileMe (the other links in the         and college students; Apple often refreshes
was on July 11.                                  e-mail do point to pages on Apple's official      those products in winter and spring in
     A month after the launch in August, App     Web site).                                        preparation of the academic buying
Store users had downloaded more than 60              A check of the link information reveals       season.
million programs for the iPhone, and Apple       that it is registered to a personal Gmail             In his note, Munster predicts that Apple
has sold an average of $1 million a day in       account originating in Bacau, Romania. It         will introduce a touch-screen enabled
applications for a total of about $30 million    is unknown at this time if this is the person     MacBook, but doubts it’ll see the light of
in sales during the month, Jobs told the         who sent the e-mail, or if their identity had     day until 2010. He also says that a “full
Wall Street Journal. Though Apple would          been “spoofed” by the phisher.                    touch-screen MacBook” is coming, but
not confirm, one analyst stated that Apple           In phishing scams, crooks send a phony,       probably not for another two or three
had sold 3 million of the 3G iPhones.            official-looking e-mail that tries to entice      years.
     On the physical supply chain side, Apple    recipients into revealing private information         Multi-touch, the technology Apple
and its provider partner AT&T are struggling     such as passwords, social security numbers,       incorporated into the iPhone and iPod
to keep up with demand, which could              or credit card and banking account data.          touch, is a “core differentiator of Apple
become even direr when Apple begins                                                                products,” said Munster—one that Apple
selling the 3Gs in 20 new countries starting     A September surprise from                         wants to protect going forward.
on Aug. 22. AT&T stores, for instance,           Apple?                                                What all this means for a future Apple
haven’t been able to replenish in-store          by Peter Cohen,                      event—if there is a future Apple event—
stocks since the July 11 launch and have a           In a research note, Gene Munster              remains to be seen. But we shouldn’t have
backlog on the devices that is running 13        predicts that Apple will have a special event     to wait too long—September is just three
to 14 days, Computerworld reported. And          next month that will focus attention on           weeks away.
Apple just announced a new distribution          new iPod and MacBook models.
partnership with Best Buy, beginning in              That sort of speculation isn’t without        Review: MobileMe 1.0
early September.                                 some basis in reality. During Apple’s recent      Overhauled .Mac service gets
     To the CurrentAnalysis analysts, Avi        quarterly conference call with financial          pushy—and that’s a good thing
Greengart and Kathryn Weldon, snafus like        analysts to discuss third-quarter results,        by Jeff Carlson,
Apple’s recent troubles do not usually have      chief financial officer Peter Oppenheimer              Synchronization is hard. It may sound
any long-term repercussions, they write          indicated that Apple would, in this current       simple: copy personal information, such as
in their report, “but this one may have          quarter, experience a “significant product        contacts and events, between computers
some effects, thanks to the outsized press       transition.”                                      and keep them all up to date. But over
coverage [that] Apple launches typically             Munster suspects that Apple will increase     the years we’ve seen sync programs that
command.”                                        the capacity of the iPod shuffle—the music        don’t quite work. I not-so-fondly remember
     “Even the most ardent Appleophiles          player doubled in size to 2GB in February—        manually deleting hundreds of duplicate
may choose to wait a week or two before          and may even redesign the iPod touch. But         contacts from my Palm handheld years
purchasing new products the next time            he doubts that Apple will radically redesign      ago, and even now I run into records in
around,” note Greengart and Weldon.              the entire iPod line.                             which separate companies and individuals
“This would not only spread out sales, it            An Apple event in September focused           were long ago squished together into the
could actually weaken them; the initial          on the iPod wouldn’t be unprecedented. In         same contact.
product rush would be less of an event, the      fact, if recent history is any indication, that        Apple has thrown resources at
PR impact and press coverage would be            seems to be Apple’s month of choice for           this problem over time, and the latest
muted, and thus, Apple’s brand would not         introducing dramatic changes to the iPod          incarnation, MobileMe, adds the capability
enjoy quite the same status and some sales       line. After all, the event and its resulting      to synchronize some data to devices and
could be lost.”                                  product launches are timed to stir interest       other Macs lickety-split, the way Microsoft’s
                                                 in Apple’s consumer electronics products          Exchange Server performs in the corporate
Phishing scam targets MobileMe                   just before the holiday shopping season.          world. (In fact, Apple calls MobileMe
by Peter Cohen,                         In the last three Septembers, Apple           “Exchange for the rest of us.”) MobileMe
    An e-mail purporting to be from Apple        introduced the iPod nano in 2005;                 definitely comes closer to fulfilling the
alerting users to a billing problem is, in       overhauled the shuffle, nano, and video-          promise made by the six-year-old .Mac
fact, a phishing scam that’s targeting users     capable iPods in 2006, and rolled out the         (which it replaced), though it has more
of Apple’s online service, Macworld has          third-generation iPod nano in 2007. Other         than a few rough edges.
learned.                                         September surprises in recent years have               With an online service such as MobileMe,
    The e-mail, forwarded to Macworld by a       included partnerships with Motorola, car          I’m writing about a moving target shortly
reader, looks like an official communication     makers, the NFL, and Starbucks.                   after what turned out to be a disastrous
from Apple regarding MobileMe, the                   Laptop speculation was originally             introduction. Not only was MobileMe rolled
company's subscription service that provides     spurred by the launch of Centrino 2, Intel’s      out at the same time as the iPhone 3G
users with a personal e-mail address, Web        latest mobile platform, and the subsequent        software update—which greatly strained
hosting, file sharing capabilities, and online   musings over what chips might power               Apple’s overwhelmed servers during the
data synchronization between Macs,               future Mac laptops. (Apple updated both           first days—the service ran into snags days
iPhones, and other devices. The e-mail           its MacBook and MacBook Pro lines in              before that when it was soft-launched in
states: “We were unable to process your          late February, adding updated Core 2 Duo          advance of its grand debut. The service was
most recent payment. Did you recently            “Penryn” chips to both products.)                 frequently unavailable and synchronization
change your bank, phone number or credit             Munster suspects Apple will probably          often didn’t work properly. Apple
card?” Users are then invited to click on        wait until next year before making any            apologized for the snafus and extended all
a link to enter that information—but that        significant changes to the enormously             MobileMe subscriptions by 30 days. So, it’s
possible that the reliability of the service     to create a new event in the calendar, and     and that the service isn’t designed for
will improve over time.                          the times update as you drag.                  repeatedly signing in and out of multiple
                                                     Contacts and calendar events are           accounts. A better option in my case (and I
Getting MobileMe                                 updated shortly after changes are made         suspect I’m not the only one doing this) is
    Existing .Mac subscribers automatically      on an iPhone and online when viewing           to set up a separate user account on your
become MobileMe subscribers, and were            your information at It usually took    machine and sign in to other MobileMe
given a new e-mail               anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds or so for       accounts there.
address. New accounts are available from         the update to propagate throughout my               Sync conflicts do arise when the same
Apple for $99 per year ($149 for a family        accounts; to view the change at I       record has been changed at more than one
pack of five licenses), but you can also buy     occasionally needed to refresh the page or     source. In those cases, Apple’s approach
a boxed version that includes a registration     click to another item, suggesting that my      of displaying the troublemaking records
code from retailers like for          browser may have been holding on to a          side-by-side has always been helpful, but
less.                                            cached version of the outdated record even     I frequently want more information. On
    Upgrading the software on the Mac is         though the actual information had been         several occasions I was notified of sync
oddly tricky, however. Under Leopard, the        updated in the cloud.                          conflicts for values in records that appeared
Mac OS X Update for MobileMe 1.0 doesn’t             iCal and Address Book records under        identical. A modification date and time at
appear in Software Update. You must first        Leopard are updated every 15 minutes (and      least would be more helpful.
open the .Mac pane in System Preferences,        therefore are not “pushed” when edited, a           Mail also gets the quick-sync treatment
and after a minute or so, a dialog appears       clarification Apple made after the launch;     for iPhone owners, with messages being
informing you of the update. Only then           Tiger syncs hourly). However, calendar and     optionally delivered as they arrive, even
does Software Update make it available.          address book updates sometimes applied         when the phone is not active. I don’t
According to Apple, this unusual two-step        regardless of the settings I chose in the      need that type of always-on access to my
process was required to add the MobileMe         MobileMe preference pane: with syncing         e-mail, so the ping and buzz from the
imagery to the preference pane; future           set to Manual, I still watched MobileMe        iPhone indicating new mail was a frequent
updates will be available just via Software      occasionally reach out for updates             surprise. For people who need to be more
Update.                                          on its own, though the behavior was            plugged in than I do, this MobileMe feature
    Users running Tiger won’t see a              inconsistent.                                  will be welcome.
MobileMe update at all, even though the              It’s one thing to just copy an updated          Synchronizing data between machines
service works under Mac OS X 10.4.11             contact or event from one machine to           is largely unchanged for people who want
(except for Back to My Mac and some sync         another; the real test is whether MobileMe     to replicate one environment as much as
options, which are Leopard-only features).       can synchronize more granular data such        possible on two machines. In my testing, full
Although I didn’t run into any problems          as specific fields within a contact record.    synchronization didn’t always happen right
with syncing under Tiger, several reports in     To test, I updated a contact’s Work phone      away after I’d changed my information,
Apple’s discussion forums advise deleting        number field in three separate locations (in   particularly with Mail accounts (creating
.Mac preference files if you encounter           Address Book, on an iPhone, and on the         and deleting an account); performing a
problems (in the Finder, go to [home]/           Web), which resulted in no errors when         manual sync on both computers several
Library/Preferences and look for files with      the changes were synchronized among the        times finally made the correct configuration
“” in the names).                other devices. I edited the Web version only   stick.
    I recommend making a backup copy of          a few seconds after the iPhone’s version,           Also, MobileMe does not currently sync
your Address Book and iCal (or Entourage)        and the iPhone was almost immediately          published or subscribed iCal calendars
data before upgrading, just to be safe. To       updated to the Web version’s number.           to iPhones or (An Apple tech
avoid initial data munges, it’s a good idea          In fact, after syncing dozens of times     note points out that calendars are, in fact,
to also use the Reset Sync Data option in        over the course of a few days, I ran into      synchronized—it’s just the events in the
the Preference pane.                             serious trouble only once. On my Mac, I        calendars that don’t show up, which isn’t
                                                 signed out of my MobileMe account so           helpful.)
Quick syncing                                    I could sign in with my mother-in-law’s
     In essence, MobileMe is a rebranded         account (I convinced her to use MobileMe       MobileMe on the Web
.Mac (without, thankfully, the initial period    so that I could access her machine remotely        The most visible part of MobileMe is
in the name, though the name itself may          using Back to My Mac, whose features are       the Web presence at, which takes
take some getting used to), but the service      unchanged). After performing some remote       advantage of advanced Web technologies
offers one stellar feature that may convince     troubleshooting for her, I signed back into    to come very close to replicating a desktop
new people to subscribe. Some information        my MobileMe account and changed a              application.
can now be synchronized among devices            contact’s phone numbers in Address Book   gives you access to your mail,
as it changes. Under .Mac, data would get        and on the Web for testing.                    contacts, calendars, Web gallery, and iDisk,
updated only during a synchronization                However, signing off and then back         as well as account settings. Using the
event (initiated manually or on an automatic     in again turned off my sync settings and       modules is surprisingly interactive. You can
schedule). That left gaps of time where          unchecked each item in the preference          now edit published galleries on the Web,
a record could be updated in different           pane, and MobileMe thought I was signing       such as dragging photos to reorder them;
ways on several machines, leading to sync        in on a different computer. Enabling syncing   changes you make online are synchronized
conflicts. Now, your data resides in a “cloud”   prompted me to confirm that this was the       to the galleries you originally set up in your
(which, in reality, probably resembles less      same computer, but all of the updated          desktop application (like iPhoto).
fluffy vapor and more distributed clusters       phone numbers appeared within the test             With the MobileMail Calendar, you
of Apple servers), and changed records are       contact’s record.                              can use your mouse to drag events to
updated on all devices as soon as possible.          Apple acknowledged that the company        reschedule them, or extend duration by
     The MobileMe Web interface is               is being “conservative” by disabling syncing   dragging an event’s borders—with .Mac,
wonderfully interactive; just click and drag     by default when you sign into your account,    you had to use a dialog box to enter
such information. In fact, the MobileMail          copy window now accurately displays the
Calendar performs better than iCal under           transfer progress (a little annoyance in               AUGUST! BARBEQUE!
Leopard in some ways. For example, you             .Mac that always bugged me).
just double-click an event to edit its details;        One iDisk feature, which would act as
in iCal, you double-click the event to view        an alternative to e-mail by letting you share        The COMUG BBQ is an event we all
the details, and then must click Edit to           large files via linked message, has yet to be    look forward to, and it happens TONIGHT.
make changes.                                      implemented.                                     This is the night when COMUGgers
    The site uses advanced Web technologies                                                         will consume mass quantities of salmon
to provide an interactive experience, such         MobileMissing                                    burgers, hamburgers, bratwurst, hot dogs,
as dragging an event’s top or bottom edge              Retrofitting .Mac to become MobileMe         etc. Adult Beverages and Soda are welcome
to change its time and duration. Keyboard          involved abandoning several pieces               but bring your own.
shortcuts abound using the Control key,            on the shop floor. iCards are gone—I                 Also, if your last name ends with A - M
such as Control-N to create a new outgoing         suppose the avalanche of poor-quality            please bring a small side dish or salad and
message or Control-Shift-R to reply-all in         Flash animated cards at other sites finally      last names N - Z bring a dessert.
MobileMe Mail. You may forget you’re               proved overwhelming. Publishing photos
using a Web browser.                               as .Mac slides (where your images could
    As a result, you need to be running            act as someone else’s screen saver), and
Web software that fully supports AJAX              Web access to bookmarks are also gone,
and JavaScript: Safari 3, Firefox 2 and            although bookmarks are still synchronized
3, OmniWeb 5.7, and Camino 1.6.1 all               between Macs.
                                                                                                            Cooley Road
worked fine for me, while Opera 9.5                    .Mac Groups can no longer be created,
and Flock were denied entrance. Under              though you can still use existing groups.
Windows, Safari 3 and Firefox 2 and higher         And HomePage, which was supplanted by                                                                             The Hess
are recommended; Internet Explorer 7 will          Web Gallery, continues to function.                  Mountain                                                     Residence

work, with some caveats, and Explorer 6 is             And although customers who signed up             View Mall

not supported.                                     for e-mail-only .Mac accounts can renew

                                                                                                                                                                                  18th Street

                                                                                                                                                          jest ic
    MobileMe now includes 20GB of                  that service, an e-mail-only plan is not an



combined e-mail and file storage (double           option with new MobileMe accounts.                                                           Mo
that of the last .Mac plan) for individuals,           MobileMe got off to a sputtering start,                                                            sta
                                                                                                                                                                         r i ve
or 40GB for the $149 Family Pack. You can          and there are still clearly some kinks to work

                                                                                                                                                                                                Yeoman Road
also purchase additional storage for either        out (the system status updates at www.
plan.                                     provide an
    Transferring files between your computer       idea of how the service is doing). But with                  97                Empire Ave.
                                                                                                                                                                                  ir   e Av e .

and iDisk finally doesn’t feel as sluggish as in   MobileMe more closely tied to the iPhone
the .Mac days; I found copying to my iDisk         now, I expect—I hope—Apple will solidify
roughly equivalent to copying the same             the service.
amount of data to my ISP. And the Finder

                                                                                                      COMUG Board of Directors
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