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Present: Jill House (Acting Chair), Roger Beeson (minuting secretary), Bronwen Evans, John Lindon,
David Miller, Bill Tuck, Jeremy White

Apologies: Charlotte Connelly, Outi Jokiharju, Annika Lindskog, Janice Paine, Andrew Pink

1. Minutes of the last meeting, held on 22nd April 2008

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

2. Matters arising from the minutes

Item 3 (ref. Item 6): JL is still seeking a meeting with Greg Higgs.
                                                                  Action: JL

Item 5: BE will draft the letter to the Provost later in the summer and circulate it to the committee.
                                                                   Action: BE

3. Summer term concerts

The concerts on 6th and 15th May were successful, but the latter concert had a very small audience. It was
agreed to look again at the number and timing of Summer term concerts, especially during the
examination period.
                                                                  Action: future committee meeting

Thanks were recorded to JL for arranging the tuning of the Steinway piano on 5 th May (Bank Holiday
Monday). The tuning of the upper octaves now seems to have ‘settled’.

Tuesday 27th May (JH): arranged. This concert will be given by the visiting violinist Rupert Luck. The
concert will start at the usual time of 5.30 p.m., rather than 6.00 p.m. as previously agreed. JH will
distribute the programmes, and remind Rupert Luck that visitors from outside UCL are welcome.
                                                                 Action: JH

Lunchtime concert, Friday 30th May (JL/BT): John Moores is not available to take part in this concert.
The programme will feature Elgar’s Violin Sonata, played by Rupert Bawden and JL, together with
shorter works by Elgar and possibly some piano music played by JL or Richard Kwan.
                                                               Action: JL/BT

Thursday 5th June (BT): in hand. (N.B. This concert will begin at 6.00 p.m., as previously agreed, and
will be preceded by the AGM at 5.30 p.m.) The programme is largely settled, but the vocal items have yet
to be finalised. Since this is the last concert of the season, BT will organise post-concert refreshments. BT
has contacted the organisers of the UCL Donor Reception, which will be taking place on the same
evening; it will not be possible to associate the concert formally with the reception, but BT will arrange to
display some posters in the North Cloisters and to station someone at the door of the Haldane Room to

attract interest. The organisers will be happy for audience members to attend the reception afterwards.
                                                                Action: BT

4. Autumn term concerts

Thursday 2nd October (JH): in hand. The concert will include the Trio Sonata from J.S. Bach’s Musical
Offering. Other items are needed.

Tuesday 14th October: This will be a memorial concert for Nicolas Coldstream. His widow Nicola will be
attending; JH will contact her to ask whether there are any particular performers and/or works that she
would like included. David Bogle (who performed with Nicolas regularly over many years) will be
invited to join JL and BE in organising this concert.
                                                                Action: JH, JL, BE

Tuesday 28th October (AL): programme to be arranged.

Tuesday 11th November (OJ/Alessandra Sorrentino): This concert will be given by members of the UCL
Union Music Society

Thursday 27th November (RB/BE): in hand. The programme will include a performance of Elgar’s Piano

Tuesday 9th December (AP): in hand. This will be the Christmas concert, taking place in the North
Cloisters; it is planned to include a performance of M-A Charpentier’s Messe de minuit.

JH will seek suitable dates for one or two lunchtime concerts, including a concert to celebrate John
Moores in his eightieth birthday year.
                                                             Action: JH

5. Sheet music

JL and RB have arranged to go through the sheet music which Mrs. Nicola Coldstream has offered to the
                                                             Action: JL, RB

JH will contact Chris Sherlaw-Johnson about David Shields’s collection of music, to discuss how much
space would be taken up by the items identified by AP and the most effective means of transportation.
                                                               Action: JH

There was discussion of the problem of finding space for any additions to the Club’s Music Library; JL
pointed out that some extra storage space could be deployed in the metal cupboard in the piano room if
one or two shelves were added. The matter will be considered again when JL, RB and JH report back
about Nicolas Coldstream’s and David Shields’s music.
                                                               Action: next committee meeting

6. Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held on Thursday 5th June, prior to the concert. JL and RB will prepare Treasurer’s and
Secretary’s reports respectively. JH agreed to continue as Chair for one further year. Chris Sherlaw-

Johnson and Charlotte Connelly will be leaving the committee. The UCLU Music Society representative
on the committee in 2008/9 will be Alessandra Sorrentino. Kathryn Lewis has agreed to stand for the
committee, and will be nominated at the AGM. Pamela Sarkar has been approached about standing, but
has not yet replied; RB and BT will contact her again.
                                                              Action: JL, RB, BT

7. Practice rooms working party

The working party had nothing to report.

8. Any other business

There was no other business.

9. Date of the next meeting

Tuesday 17th June 2008 at 1.00 p.m.

The meeting closed at 2.00 p.m.


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