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Module Name: product bidding

      Before you place a bid for the product you have register in the system.
      You can search or browse for the products
      Carefully review the item listing click on the place bid on the item page.
      Enter the maximum bid.
      You can see your bidding amount on the item page.
      Maximum product bid amount of buyer would become the winner.

Module Functionality :

From Seller Part : Here seller has place the selling leads for the product and auction start from
the 500 Rs. And its reserve price should be 1000 Rs., auction closes by 25/01/2009 12:00:00 pm.

 Seller Authentication    After successful login
                                                         Place Selling leads for the product like
   For Seller id and
       password                                           E.g. Product Name : Optical Mouse

                                                              Start Auction Price : 500 Rs.

                                                                Reserve Price : 1000 Rs.

                                                         Start Date : 20/01/2009 12:00:00pm

                                                          End Date : 25/01/2009 12:00:00 pm
   From Buyer Part : Here Buyer has to search or browse the products.

                                                                           Search Result :

    Searh or browse for the    After successful Search           E.g. Product Name : Optical Mouse
                                                                    Minimum Bid amount :500Rs.

                                                             Next bidding as per standard of max bidding

Here after place the bidding from the buyer, his details like email id , bidding amount, date and time
would be enter in the system and one mail should sent to the buyer and seller both.

And on the product page all the entries of the buyer would be display like his email id , amount, date and

Now the minimum bid would be as per standard of max bidding (CLICK HERE FOR VIEW),

If another end user wants to bid the product the minimum amount would as per standard of max bidding
(CLICK HERE FOR VIEW), and same as above buyer entry would display on the product page, with his

The process continuation is depends upon the 3 factors :

   1) When Reserve price met And auction is not still close :
      In this case auction is still continue till the auction would not close. Till the end when auction
      would close seller pick up the highest bid amount for the product and the respected buyer would
      won the Bid of product.

     Here seller would send the mail to buyer that product bid is won??

       For example, in our case for the product optical mouse start auction price is Rs. 500/ and the end
       auction price is 1000/- on before 25/01/09 reserve price would met then still auction would
       continue and buyer can get the chance for the bidding, if any authorized user(Eg. XYZ) is place the
       bid of Rs. 1100/- and if auction would reach to end date then XYZ become the winner with the
       auction price of Rs. 1100/-

   2) When Auction is close but Reserve price is not met :
      When auction would close and still not reach to the reserve price then product would disable in
      his listing
Although system has give the change to seller that active his product within 7 days, and one
mail would fire to with details that seller can get a chance for activate his product.

    3) When start auction price is same as Reserve price :

          In this case seller should wait till the auction would close and highest bid price would
sent to the winner for buy the product.

Example :

The Following table would maintain by DB :

Table name : Seller_Bid

Start auction price :500/-

Reserve price:600/-

ID (UNIQUE)      PPRODUCT       PRODUCT             SELLER ID                  BID    Date and
                 ID             NAME                                           AMOUNT time

1                398            OPTICAL MOUSE       krupa@vcantech.com         500          22/01/2009
2                398            OPTICAL MOUSE       bhargav@vcantech.com 520                23/01/2009
3                398            OPTICAL MOUSE       ali@vcantech.com           530          24/01/2009
4                398            OPTICAL MOUSE       krupa@vcantech.com         540          24/01/2009
5                398            OPTICAL MOUSE       ali@vcantech.com           560          24/01/2009
6                398            OPTICAL MOUSE       archit@vcantech.com        600          25/01/2009

Here archit@vcantech.com has won the product , system would give alert by email for won the

What should winner has do after won the product?? Should he contact the seller via email our
system has give any facility for the win auction.
       Maximum Current BID :

The bid increment is the amount by which a bid will be raised each time the current bid is
outdone. It is predetermined based on the current high bid.

Here is how increments are determined:

Current highest Bid                                Increment
Rs. 0.01 - Rs. 99.99                               Rs. 25.00
Rs. 100.00 - Rs. 499.99                            Rs. 50.00
Rs. 500.00 - Rs. 999.99                            Rs. 75.00
Rs. 1000.00 - Rs. 1999.99                          Rs. 100.00
Rs. 2000.00 - Rs. 3999.99                          Rs. 150.00
Rs. 4000.00 - Rs. 9999.99                          Rs. 200.00
Rs. 10,000.00 - Rs. 24,999.99                      Rs. 300.00
Rs. 25,000.00 - Rs. 49,999.99                      Rs. 500.00
Rs. 50,000.00 - Rs. 74,999.99                      Rs. 750.00
Rs. 75,000.00 – Rs. 99,999.99                      Rs. 1000.00

       If start auction price would reach to the buy now price then system would give the alert
        for buy now.
How to place BID :

                     Authentication Details

    BUYER                                      Place BID

                                              Confirm BID   You can see the confirm bid screen
                                                            after place the bid and one mail
                                                            should fire to the buyer with bid
For Confirm bid you can view the following screen :

Mails System in Bidding Module :

    When user place the bid then 2 mails are sent :
     1) Seller 2) Buyer

    When user won the bid then 2 mails are sent :
     2) Seller 2) Buyer 3) All the sellers that are place the bid for the product auction and
        lost the product.

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