P.O.D.S. at Shadle Park High School

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					P.O.D.S. at Shadle Park High
      Foundational Principle
• All Shadle Park High School students
  deserve equal access to personalized
  programs and experiences that will enable
  them to successfully meet the high school
  graduation requirements.

Adopted by the Shadle Staff: Spring 2006
                  Staff Beliefs
Because staff actions impact student success, we believe:

• Every student deserves to be “known”.
• Students need adult help to successfully complete high
• Students need to be part of their own education.
• Students need a place to feel supported and safe.
• Students need to be self-directed planners and learners.

Adopted by the Shadle staff: Spring, 2006
       Purpose of P.O.D.S. at
         Shadle Park H.S.
The overall purpose/intent is to provide a
 more personalized experience for our
 students and help them successfully meet
 the new state mandates and graduation
                P.O.D.S. Goal
To provide SPHS students with support on how best to
  navigate successfully through their high school years
  through advice on:
• How to set goals
• How to organize work
• How to produce quality work
• How credits are earned
• How to reflect on grades
• How to read a transcript
• How to examine career choices
• How to apply to colleges and universities
• How to understand scholarship opportunities and
  financial aid
• How to manage their senior culminating project
• How to develop a clear plan for after high school
       Grade Level Themes
• 9th Grade: Who Am I and What is High
• 10th Grade: How Do I Set and Reach My
• 11th Grade: How Am I Progressing and
  What Are My Next Steps?
• 12th Grade: Am I Ready to Go? ………
  Decisions, Dates, and Deadlines
      Grade Level Team Tasks
• Review calendar and scheduled lessons for your grade
• Assess lesson purpose and determine if it meets the
  grade level “theme”.
• Determine how the PODS binders should be organized
  and divided.
• Determine if lessons need to be revised, changed,
  dropped, or added.
• If lessons are to be revised or newly developed,
  determine who will be responsible.
• Set up “grade level partners”.
• Review the importance of taking attendance.

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