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									                            SPRING SEMESTER
                           FOR 2012 INTERNS IN
                        AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS

1. Sign up for AGEC 3010 (Internship in Agricultural Economics) before leaving school.
   Let the Committee Chairman know the number of credit hours you attempt to fulfill.

2. Progress Reports will be due as posted below. These may be turned in to Ginny
   Cornelsen, Room 417 Ag Hall or by e-mail to Forms are
   provided online for this purpose. These reports will cover work periods and be due as

              Work Period                                 Report Due
              Jan 2nd – Jan 31st                          1st Thursday in February
              Feb 1st – Feb 28th                          1st Thursday in March
              Mar 1st through Apr 30th                    4th Thursday in April

3. First draft of the final report should be turned in to the Committee Chairman or Faculty
   Mentor by the 2nd Thursday in May (5/10/2012). These may be read, corrected and
   returned to you by the 3rd Friday in May (5/18/2012).

4. Revised copy of final report would be due by the 2nd Friday in June (6/8/2012).

5. Oral class or group presentation scheduled with the Committee Chairman by the first
   Friday in September (9/7/2012) and presented before the last Friday in September

                                         SOME TIPS

1. Be proud of your appearance – dress neatly.

2. Be on time each day – never late. Stay until closing time! If you have to be late, call
   your supervisor. Arrange for absences ahead of time.

3. Be enthusiastic and interested in the firm.

4. Look for tasks to do – ask for work. Don’t just sit waiting for jobs to come to you.

5. Do each task well – follow through to completion.

6. Be careful in speaking and writing. Use good English. Use a spelling checker and
   grammar checker. Mail reports in promptly after cooperator signs.

7. If you have a problem with a cooperator, or other employees in the cooperating firm, try
   to work it out while it is a small problem.

8. If you have concerns or difficulties call or email one of the committee members.

                                THREE PARTS OF REPORT


       Why Were You Interested In Internship

       How You Found Your Job


       Training Orientation Sessions

       What You Did During the Summer/Semester (Highlights)

       Any Interesting Experiences (incidents, embarrassments, goods, other learning
       experiences, constructive criticism)

       Insights on What You Learned


       How Could the Internship Program Be Improved

       How Can Students Selected for the Internship Program Make the Experience More

        The final report should be complete and must be typed. Use a dictionary if you are not
certain of word spelling. The report will be graded for spelling! The report should have a cover
page with title: “My Internship Experience with                                    ”, your name,
department, and date.

       Initial draft of the report must be submitted to the Chairman of the Internship Committee
by May 10th, 2012 before 5:00 p.m. The report will be reviewed by the committee members and
returned to the student intern for final editing by May 18th, 2012. The final corrected report must
be turned in by June 15th, 2012 before 5:00 p.m.

        You must turn in the corrected (revised) report with the original draft containing all the
committee members’ comments. If you want a copy of either version, please make copies before
you turn in the report. A copy of the final report may be sent to your cooperator, if the
cooperator requests it. These may be turned in to Ginny Cornelsen, Room 417 Ag Hall or by e-
mail to

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