Long Range Plans 2011 by wuzhengqin


									                                                                      Long Range Plans for J. Farewell 2011-2012
Grade/Subject     September           October           November        December          January           February           March              April             May              June
Grade 7         Number Sense      Number Sense        Geometry &      Data             Algebra &         Number Sense      Number Sense      Measurement       Algebra &         Number Sense
Mathematics     & Numeration      & Numeration        Spatial Sense   Management       Patterning        & Numeration      & Numeration      -Surface Area &   Patterning        & Numeration
For Grade       - Ordering &      -Multiplication     -Congruency &   -Gathering &     -Expressions &    -Rate/Ratio/      -Fractions –      Volume of         Equations/Linea   Integers –
Seven C & D     Comparing         and Division of     Similarity      Representing     linear patterns   Percent           Adding &          Rectangular       r Patterns        Adding &
                Decimals          Decimals            Measurement     Data             Number Sense      Data              Subtracting       Prisms            Number Sense      Subtracting
                -Place Value      -Exponents          -Area &         Census,          & Numeration      Management                          Geometry &        & Numeration      Data
                Review            Square Roots        Perimeter of    Sample, Bias     Fractions/Decim   -Mean/median/                       Spatial Sense     Integers --       Management
                -Factors (GCF)    -Order of           Trapezoid &     -Circle Graphs   als & Percent     Mode/Range                          -3D Shapes        Ordering          Probability
                Multiples (LCM)   Operations          Irregular 2D                     -Rate/Ratio/                                          Transformations   Integers –
                                  Geometry &          Shapes                           Percent                                               -Coordinate       Adding &
                -Multiplication   Spatial Sense                                                                                              Plane             Subtracting
                and Division of   -Classification
                Decimals          Quadrilaterals/

Grade 7         Scientific        Pure                Pure            Pure             Form and          Form and          Interactions in   Interactions in   Heat in the       Heat in the
Science and     Method            Substances &        Substances &    Substances &     Function          Function          the               the               Environment       Environment
Technology      Qualitative/Qua   Mixtures            Mixtures        Mixtures         -Types of         -Paper Tower      Environment       Environment       -Types of Heat    -Methods of
For Grade       ntitative         -Particle theory    -Separating &   -Separating &    Strictures        -Chair/Bunk bed   -Biotic/Abiotic   Researching       Transfer          Preventing &-
Seven B, D, E   Observations      -Classification &   Dissolving      Dissolving       -Types of         Designing         -Food Chain&      -Project re       -Uses &           Promoting Heat
&F              -Bread Mould      Preparation of      Mixtures        Mixtures         Forces                              Food Web          Human Impact      Conservation of   Loss
                Experiment        Mixtures            -Safety &       -Filtering       -Factors in                         Researching       on Environment    Heat              Designing
                                  Experimenting       Environment     Experiment       Design                              -Human Impact                       -Global           -Insulating
                                                      Researching                      -Design                             on Cycles                           warming           Challenge
                                                                                       Process                             Researching                         Experimenting

                                                                      Long Range Plans for J. Farewell 2011-2012

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