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                                           Chapter #241
                                              Salina, Kansas

                                          October Program

                            SHRMA Monthly Meeting – October 19th
         We will be celebrating Bosses Day! If you bring your boss, you and your boss eat free!

“Human Resource as a Strategic Partner” - Our speaker will be Phillip M. Hayes, SPHR. Mr. Hayes
provides human resource consulting services, and designs and facilitates management and compliance
training. With a broad spectrum of experiences in human resources, strategic planning, operations
management, and process redesign, Phil brings to clients a unique combination of business insight and
extensive knowledge of recruiting, organizational effectiveness and performance management.

Phil earned a Human Resource Management degree from Bellevue University and holds a Masters of
Management Information Systems from Friends University. Phil currently serves on the board of directors
for the Wichita Chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management as President, and served as the
Legislative Director for the Kansas Society for Human Resource Management from 2003 through 2005.
Phil was recognized by the Wichita Business Journal for his community involvement by being selected to
the 2006 class of the “40 Under 40” for making significant contributions to the area’s economy and to the

                                      2006 SHRMA Officers

       President              President-Elect                  Secretary                   Treasurer
    Karen Weber, PHR        Patrick Salmans, SPHR        Lise Ostenberg, SPHR             Kim Saaranen
          YMCA               Sunflower Bank N.A.          Bluestem Associates              MarketAide
      785-825-2151               785-826-2247                 785-820-1773                785-825-7161

            SHRMA Newsletter                         Page 1                            October 2006
                     Thank you to OCCK, our
                    October Door Prize Sponsor!

                Welcome New SHRMA Members!
       JoAnn Mattison                                 JoAnn Giles
Human Resources/Payroll Manager               Human Resources Assistant
       Bethany College                                 Exline, Inc.
         Lindsborg, KS                                 Salina, KS
         785-227-2004                                785-825-4683            

                                  Nancy Cone
                               Compliance Officer
                                 Bank of Tescott
                                   Lincoln, KS

                    Human Resources Banquet
 All chapter members are invited to the Human Resource
 Professionals Banquet on Thursday, November 2nd at 6:30 p.m.
 at Martinelli’s. The cost is $5 per person. RSVP to SHRMA,
 PO Box 3514, Salina, KS 67401 by October 26th. Trace Walker,
 President of Blue Beacon, will be our speaker. Don’t miss this
 enjoyable evening!

             10/19/06             11/2/06              11/16/06
         SHRMA Monthly        Human Resources      SHRMA Monthly
             Meeting              Banquet               Meeting
         Western Sizzlin’        Martinelli’s       Western Sizzlin’
       11:30 am – 1:00 pm         6:30 pm         11:30 am – 1:00 pm

 SHRMA Newsletter                   Page 2                     October 2006
                                 Upcoming Programs
                            November 16 – Monthly SHRMA Meeting
Dr. Michael McIrvin will be speaking on "Preventing Back Injuries And Cumulative Trauma
Disorders In The Workplace: How HR Can Achieve Employee Buy-In To Change Behavior!"

                            December 14 – Monthly SHRMA Meeting
Dusty Moshier will be speaking on the Human Resource Manager’s personal liability in the
event of legal action by an employee.

                              Election Time for SHRMA

We will be casting our votes electronically this year. You will be receiving an email on October
17 that will give you instructions. You will have until October 24 to cast your vote. The ballot
will be as follows:

                                  Secretary: Virginia Rogers

                                  Treasurer: Christy Brown

                                  President-Elect: Martha Buess
                                  President-Elect: Jaci Novak

                           Watch your thoughts…
                                        They become words.

                           Watch your words…
                                       They become actions.

                           Watch your actions…
                                       They become habits.

                           Watch your habits…
                                       They become your character.

                           Watch your character…
                                       It becomes your destiny.            ~Frank Outlaw~

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       SHRMA Newsletter                      Page 3                          October 2006
It's finally fall and getting cooler, this is my favorite time of the year. We have many
things going on in our chapter and I hope you are seeking ways to be involved.

Currently, we are just starting our job mentoring program and the first meeting will be
October 17. We are very excited to be starting something new with Smoky Hill
Learning Education Center.

I think that we have excellent speakers lined up to finish off our year and hope that
you will mark your calendars to attend our meetings. Being at our chapter meetings
is a great way to network and build relationships with others in the HR field.

I want to personally encourage you to attend our HR Banquet on November 2. This
will be a nice evening of good food and a great speaker. I hope that all who attend
will receive encouragement that the HR field is a wonderful career to work and grow
in! HR people make a difference in people's lives and I think it's always nice to be
reminded of that.

Karen Weber, PHR

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   1112 Albert Ave. PO Box 3408                   Dr. Michael D. McIrvin, D.C., IPS Specialist
      Salina, KS 67402-3408                                115 E. Marlin, Ste. 109
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                                                 Human Resource Management Consulting
Brown Mackie College - Salina
      Garnett Zamboni                              Lise K. Ostenberg, P.E., SPHR
    Director of Career Services                       Bluestem Associates, Inc.
        2106 S. Ninth Street                             5344 N. Crystal Springs Rd.
         Salina, KS 67401                                      Salina, KS 67401
   785-825-5422 or 800-365-0433                            Phone: (785) 820-1773
        Fax: 785-827-7623                              Email:

                            Regional Recruitment Site
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                                    Cindy Issitt
                             Human Resources Director
                                     PO Box 80
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