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June 2011
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 TAKE A NEW APPROACH TO                                                              THE VIEW
 DATING AND RELATIONSHIPS                                                             68% of teenagers say their
                                                                                       friends are in “healthy”
 My parents and I never talked about dating when I was a teenager, so                  romantic relationships, while
 everything I knew came from The Cosby Show and Beverly Hills, 90210.                  19% say their friends are in
 Because I had little idea what comprised a healthy dating relationship, I             “unhealthy” relationships.
 learned by trial and error. I wish my parents had been more proactive in having
 conversations with me about dating—even though it might have been                    48% of girls and 40% of guys
 awkward for all of us.                                                                say trust is the most important
                                                                                       part of a healthy relationship.
 Teenagers’ bodies are a strange mix of chemical reactions and incomplete
 wiring. When you throw love and dating into the mix, the whole system can
 blow up, causing teenagers to act in ways that make parents ask, “What were          When asked who influences
 they thinking?” It may feel difficult to talk to your teenagers about dating, but     their dating relationships,
 be brave and do it! Don’t let Glee and Jersey Shore be your kids’ main source         teenagers list parents first
 of information about relationships.                                                   (35%) and friends second
                                                                                       (28%). Only 3% of respondents
 This fall, Young People’s Ministries will publish a new sexuality resource            list “religious leader and faith
 called Sex Is Good. Consider using this to facilitate learning and conversation       community.”
 about human sexuality. More information will be available soon on our
 website, www.globalyoungpeople.org.                                                     (National Campaign to Prevent Teen &
                                                                                                       Unplanned Pregnancy)
—Hank Hilliard, Young People’s Ministries, hhilliard@GBOD.org

TIPS >>>                                                                             PONDER THIS

The small-group resource Guy              Be responsible for your actions.               What messages are your kids
Talk, Girl Talk 2: The Cure for            Don’t cause other people to                     receiving about relationships
Cooties (Simply Youth Ministry)            stumble, whether by how you                     from you? from their peers?
offers these Bible-based dating            speak to them or how you dress.                 from society? from the media?
tips for young people:
                                                                                          What role, if any, should you
                                          Talk with Jesus about your
 Turn off the negative                    experiences. This may seem weird
                                                                                           have in deciding whom your
  influences. Steer clear of hip-                                                          teenager dates or marries?
                                           at first, but praying about your
  hop songs, magazines, porn, and          friendships makes a lot of sense if            What can you do now to ensure
  friends who degrade people and           you’re trying to understand the                 that you maintain positive ties
  go against God’s designs.                opposite sex.                                   with your teenager and his or her
                                                                                           spouse in the future?
 Accept the differences. Realize         Celebrate God’s love and
  that boys and girls feel and see          friendship. In every area of your
  things differently.                       life, God has a plan, including a
 Take it slowly. First learn how           plan for friendship and love. Once
  to build good friendships                 we trust God and rely on him and
  without the pressure of romance           his timing, we can celebrate him
  and getting physical.                     and his plan for us.
                       GOING DEEPER Expert Insights for Parents of Teenagers

                                                                                                 By Jane Dratz

At SimplyYouthMinistry.com,                   on. Address the source of           what’s been good in the
Jane Dratz explores how parents               the relational conflict.            relationship. But if you believe
can help teenagers through                    Talk it out. When you               it’s time to move on, make that
relational landmines:                         can’t find common ground            clear. Don’t leave the other
                                              to work things out and you          person dangling and hoping if
When tough times hit on the                   know it’s inevitable that           you know clearly that things
romantic scene and you’re pulled              it’s time to move on                need to be over.
into the middle of teenage drama,             relationally, get up your
pass along these insights and                 courage and deal with it.          Remember to run to God with
strategies that can bring a Godly             Of course, be sensitive to          the tough stuff because he
perspective to the challenge of               specific timing.                    promises to walk beside you
ending a relationship.                                                            through it all. A relationship
                                             Unpacking personal                  with God through Jesus is
   Always treat the other person             conflict with others should         ultimately the only relationship
    with dignity and respect.                 be done in person, if               that will satisfy the deepest
    Remember the Golden Rule                  possible. Come to the               levels of your relational being.
    (Matthew 7:12).                           conversation calmly, not            When relational stuff hurts,
                                              in anger (Proverbs 15:1).           God’s there in the midst of it to
   Don’t let things drag on and                                                  wrap his arms around you.
                                             Express appreciation for

                    Wisdom On…Making Good Decisions              BIBLE FOCUS
                    (Simply Youth Ministry) uses case            “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For
                    studies, personal inventories, and           what do righteousness and wickedness have in
                    more to apply biblical wisdom to             common? Or what fellowship can light have
                    friendships, dating, and relationships.      with darkness?”
                                                                                        2 Corinthians 6:14, NIV
MAINSTREAM MUSIC                                CHRISTIAN MUSIC                             MOVIES

                                                                                            Title: Super 8
                                                                                            Genre: Thriller
                                                                                            Rating: Not yet rated (likely PG-13)
                                                                                            Synopsis: In 1979, some friends
                                                                                            making an amateur film witness a
                                                                                            terrible train accident. Soon people
FOO FIGHTERS                                    OWL CITY                                    start disappearing, and the friends
                                                                                            suspect something on the train is
                                                Background: Adam Young plays all            terrorizing the town.
Background: Rising from Nirvana’s ashes
in 1994, Foo Fighters makes in-your-face        parts of the popular Owl City musical       Our Take: J.J. Abrams’ work is
rock. Their seventh album, Wasting Light,       project. Young found an audience            usually pretty clean, well-written,
debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts.          after putting his music on MySpace.         funny, and genuinely interesting. With
They’ve won six Grammys, including              The song “Fireflies” from his major-        Steven Spielberg on board as a
three for Best Rock Album.                      label debut soared to #1 on the charts.     producer, this should be a blockbuster.
Albums: Wasting Light (2011), In Your           Albums: All Things Bright and
Honor (2005), The Colour and the Shape          Beautiful (2011), Ocean Eyes (2009),
(1997)                                          Of June (2007)                              Title: Green Lantern
What Foo Fighters Says: Founding force                                                      Genre: Action-Adventure
Dave Grohl is known as a rebel: “I never        What Owl City Says: Regarding his
liked being told what to do. It’s one of the    faith, Young says, “Owl City is just        Rating: Not yet rated (likely PG-13)
reasons I dropped out of school. Give me        me. I don’t write Christian songs, but      Synopsis: For the first time, a human
something to assemble, I won’t look at the      I am a Christian musician, so I             joins the ranks of the Green Lantern
directions, I’ll try to figure it out by        suppose the classification of the band      Corps—an intergalactic group of
myself. It’s why I love IKEA furniture.”        is up to the listener. My faith is very     heroes sworn to protect the universe
                                                important to me and is a very big part      from evil.
Explore: Here’s a YouTube video of the          of who I am as an individual. It’s
                                                kind of up to you….”                        Our Take: Marvel’s superhero
song “Home,” the lyrics of which have led
                                                                                            movies are meant to be family
people to wonder if the Foo Fighters are a
                                                Explore: On the Owl City Web site,          friendly, so expect mostly clean
Christian band. They aren’t.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcx0I5tRchE             you can view “Alligator Sky,” a             content mixed with lots of special
                                                video from the new album:                   effects and action sequences.

                                                                                            For more media discussions and ideas,
                                                                                            go to www.MinistryandMedia.com.


                      Dirt 3—This game is all about adrenaline. The rally car racing simulation gives players more than 50 options
                      for cars, plus new locations, routes, and events. Aside from possible lyrics in the music, this game should be
                      good for teenagers.

                      Duke Nukem Forever—Steer clear of this first-person shooter. The franchise revels in over-the-top violence
                      and degradation of women. There’s a “Capture the Babe” mode, in which players can choose to spank women
                      while abducting them.
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