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Using the Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom


									What Can This Whiteboard Do?

  Getting the most effective use from your
           Interactive Whiteboard
Just to name a few…
 • Allows you to prepare your    • Presents multimodal texts
   lessons at home and bring       in a variety of ways to
   them to life with the           reach your students’
   whiteboard.                     diverse learning needs.

 • Provides color, animation,    •    Engages students in fun
   simulations and more all to       interactive activities and
   one lesson!                       games to activate their
                                     knowledge and learning.
 • Serves as a huge TV
   screen where movies,          • Keeps teaching fun, fresh
   audio, books and video          and creative by providing
   segments can all be viewed      so many choices,
   by just a click!                manipulatives and ideas
                                   which can be used to
                                   enhance your instruction.
Bring your lessons to life!
• Lessons prepared on
  PowerPoint can be used, then
  written on, saved, and later
  printed out for any absent

• Teach an entire lesson
  without even being present!

• Use the fun tools provided by
  the software to bring your
            lesson to life!
 Provides color, animation, simulations
      and more all to one lesson!

Check out a science   • Or how about a
  lesson…               Social Studies
     The Whiteboard is like one
          widescreen TV!

• Use it to play educational   • Listen to audio tracks your
  videos from DVD’s or from      students make to enhance
  the television programs.       their fluency and your
• Use amazing media offered
  to you through the           • Complete homework
  internet.                      assignments on the board,
                                 make corrections and
                                 modifications all at the
                                 same time.
        Multimodal Texts

• Teach students how to         • Find anything on the web
  open documents and              and instantaneously take a
  navigate the web                picture of it and use it as a
                                  teaching tool!
• Model how to apply
  strategies with different
  manipulatives and colors so
  all children can learn and
  be stimulated.
      Engage students in fun
 interactive activities and games

• Interactive activities for math…
  – ELA
  – Science
  – And more!
    • Take some time to browse the web for free
      interactive sites, and you will see the possibilities are
      endless to engage your students and keep them
      where you want them!
    Other Technology Tools That
    Can Support Your Use of the

•   ELMO
•   Movie Maker
•   Interwrite notepad
•   EasiTeach
  The Interactive

There are endless possibilities!

             Shantel Johnson

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