MVCC PA Executive Board Meeting by wangping12


									                          MVCC PA Executive Board Meeting
                                  June 19, 2007
                             APPROVED Sept. 6, 2007

Present: President Ellis Searles, Marie Czarnecki, Alison Doughtie, Sam Drogo, Steve
Getchell, Paul Halko, David Katz, Bill Perrotti.

1. President Searles welcomed David Katz to the Executive Board as the newly elected
Political Outreach Chair.

2. Approval of 4/11/07 minutes:
      1st Bill Perrotti
      2nd Steve Getchell
      Carried unanimously.

3. President’s report
        a) Republican Oneida Co. Legislators Election Committee Reception (4/9)
        Pres. Searles and Bill Perrotti attended.

       b) Oneida Co. Republican Committee reception (5/22)
       Pres. Searles and Bill Perrotti attended.

       c) Local Presidents’ Council Annual Dinner (5/13)
       Pres. Searles attended.

       d) ED 39 meeting (6/1-2)
       Pres. Searles and Alison Doughtie participated. New NEA locals were also

       e) Resolution re “in lieu of” days
       Pres. Searles received a copy of a recent resolution of the Board of Trustees
       indicating that December 24,25, 26, 27, 28 and 31, 2007 will be taken in lieu of
       Columbus Day, Election Day, Veteran’s Day, Lincoln’s Day, and Washington’s
       Birthday as provided in Article 11.7 of the collective bargaining agreement.

       f) Pres. Schafer retirement reception (6/8)
       Pres. Searles attended.

       g) NYSUT Regional Office Award Banquet (6/8)
       Paul Halko was honored by the PA for his service.

       h) MVCC Foundation Golf Tournament (6/25)
            Motion to expend $325 (half the rate) to sponsor 4 PA representatives to
            1st Steve Getchell
            2nd David Katz
               Carried unanimously.

       f) Fundraiser for Tony Picente (6/21)
       Pres. Searles, Mike Donaruma, David Katz, and Bill Perrotti plan to attend.

                 o Thank you and plaque received for Ted Moore Run/Walk

                  o Thank you received from Oneida County Republican Caucus.

                  o Memo re domestic partner health insurance coverage:
                  NYSUT has examined recent NYS legislation with regard to contracts
                  which do not offer insurance coverage for domestic partners.
                  However, NYSUT legal opinion determined that these contracts are
                  not are in violation of Human Rights and Insurance Law.

                  o Donation request from Legislator Hennessy
                  The PA will continue its policy of not making donations, except to buy
                  fundraiser tickets.

4. Committee reports
      Benefits Fund (Chair Paul Halko)
           The Fund is running smoothly.
           An updated Q & A booklet is being prepared for distribution in the fall.
           We obtained clarification from NYSUT regarding HIPAA privacy
              notification, which will also take place in the fall.
           Pres. Searles will send a reminder that the new benefit year for the Davis
              Vision plan begins on July 1 and that the benefit for this year must be used
              by June 30th.

       Community Outreach (Chair Steve Getchell)
          The PA Social food drive was a success.
          PA members Jackie Womack, Mary Ellen Hart, Rose Patterson, and
            Theresa Paladino participated in the American Cancer Society Relay for
            Life. Community Outreach contributed $50.
          Steve will have NYSUT raffle tickets for Strides Against Breast Cancer.

       Grievance report (Chair Dawson McDermott)
              The committee has been busy. A full report will appear in the next

       Internal Communications (2nd VP and Chair Alison Doughtie)
            PAnorama
           Motion to endorse selection of the committee for new design for newsletter
           masthead with capitalization of the first “A” to keep the official name:
               1st Bill Perrotti
               2nd David Katz
               Carried unanimously.

       Member Services (1st VP and Chair Bill Perrotti)
          A new member reception is planned for Tuesday Aug. 21 from 4:30-6:30
            pm. Wine and beer will be served. New members will receive personal
            invitations. There will be a very brief informational program. New
            member booklets will be prepared over the summer.
          The end-of-semester fall social is planned for the last day of classes. There
            will again be a VOTE/COPE raffle for a flat screen TV, as this was a
            success last year. The food drive will be a regular part of the end-of-
            semester social.

       Negotiations (Chair Sam Drogo)
           Sam signed off on a final contract document regarding titles.
           Sam is currently working out details of the longevity distribution with
              Human Resources.

       Political Outreach (Chair David Katz)
            Screenings of candidates for PA endorsement for Oneida Co. legislative
               seats are being arranged for the week of Aug. 20 at the NYSUT Regional
               Offices. Packets to educate legislators are being prepared

5. New Business
      a) Welcome for President VanWagoner
      The Executive Board will invite President VanWagoner to a dinner in July to
      welcome him to campus and introduce him to the leadership of the PA.

       b) Alex Bay NYSUT Regional Conference (10/12-14/07)

       c) NYSUT Community College Conference (11/9-11)

6. Adjournment by general consensus.

E-mail addenda:
    1. Approval: expenditure of $212.50 from the Executive Board budget to share
         with the College the cost of framed artistic renderings of the campus to be
         displayed in the offices of the new State Senator and U.S. Representative for our
         region. These will be presented jointly by President Schafer and President

     2. Approval: expenditure of up to $400 from the Executive Board budget for a
        dinner with the Executive Board to welcome President VanWagoner and
        introduce him to the PA leadership.
      3. Approval: The Political Outreach Committee has been meeting over the last
      two weeks with candidates for the Oneida County Board of Legislators and for
      County Executive. Invitations were sent to all the announced candidates for these
      positions and then, over four evenings, President Searles and committee members
      interviewed 19 candidates. Then, the committee met to select candidates to
      recommend to the Executive Board for endorsement in the November election.
      The committee recommended the following, who were all approved by an E-
      Board e-mail vote:
           for County Executive: Anthony J. Picente, Jr.

             for the Board of Legislators:

              District      2       Michael J. Hennessy
                            5       Michael B. Waterman
                            11      Martin J. Kernan
                            12      Kenneth G. Brewer
                            14      Michael D. Damsky
                            16      Brian D. Miller
                            19      Stephen A. Roefaro
                            21      Edward P. Welsh
                            23      Rose Ann Convertino
                            24      Emil R. Paparella
      Following the vote, the process of notifying the candidates and publicizing
      endorsements began.

4.    Approval: Expenditure of $50 for gift certificates to local eateries for the Senate
      Welcome Basket for President VanWagoner.

Respectfully submitted,
Marie Czarnecki, PA Secretary

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