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Ontological Analysis - Sample Set of Core Concepts for Ontolog


									                           Sample Set of Core Concepts for Ontolog Ontology

Below is presented a subset of the concepts, specifically those which are core to the Ontology ontology.
Note that these are concepts only for one dimension of the Ontolog ontology. To quickly evaluate the
goodness of the coverage, focus on the concepts relationed to Ontologies.

Ontological Analysis                                      ontological engineering
 USE: ontology analysis                                    USE: ontology engineering

ontological approach                                      ontological engineering approach
 USE: ontology approach                                    USE: ontology engineering approach

ontological choices                                       ontological engineering community
 USE: ontology choices                                     USE: ontology engineering community

ontological class instance                                ontological engineering effort
 USE: ontology class instance                              USE: ontology engineering effort

ontological commitment                                    ontological engineering methodologies
 USE: ontology commitment                                  USE: ontology engineering methodologies

ontological commitments                                   ontological engineering product
 USE: ontology commitment                                  USE: ontology engineering products

ontological completeness                                  ontological foundation
 USE: ontology completeness                                USE: ontology foundation

ontological components                                    ontological foundations
 USE: Ontology Components                                  USE: ontology foundation

ontological concepts                                      ontological foundations of commitments
 USE: ontology concepts
                                                          ontological information
ontological data                                           USE: ontology information
 USE: ontology data
                                                          ontological misalignments
ontological decisions                                      USE: ontology misalignments
 USE: ontology decisions
                                                          ontological models
ontological development                                    USE: ontology models
 USE: ontology development
                                                          ontological perspective
ontological distinctions                                   USE: ontology perspective
 USE: ontology distinctions
                                                          ontological reasoning
ontological diversity                                      USE: ontology reasoning
 USE: ontology diversity
                                                          ontological registries
ontological elements                                       USE: ontology registries
 USE: ontology elements
                                                          ontological relations
 USE: ontology relations               NT:   logically sound ontologies
                                       NT:   loosely coupled ontologies
ontological research                   NT:   mainstream ontologies
 USE: ontology research                NT:   mature ontologies
                                       NT:   medical ontologies
ontological research national center   NT:   military ontologies
                                       NT:   natural science ontology
ontological structures                 NT:   Normative Ontology
 USE: ontology architecture            NT:   Notional Ontology
                                       NT:   Office Core Ontology
ontological work                       NT:   ontology content
 USE: ontology work                    NT:   ontology context
                                       NT:   ontology elements
ontologically sound infrastructure     NT:   ontology entities
 BT: infrastructure                    NT:   ontology extensions
                                       NT:   ontology information
ontologie                              NT:   ontology of classes
 RT: benefits of ontologies            NT:   ontology of documents
                                       NT:   ontology of names
ontologies                             NT:   ontology of obstacles
 UF: common ontology                   NT:   ontology of time
 UF: ontology                          NT:   ontology prototype
 BT: ontologies for data integration   NT:   ontology reasoning
 NT: Accounting Domain Ontology        NT:   ontology relations
 NT: administrative ontology           NT:   open biological ontologies
 NT: airspace ontologies               NT:   open ontologies
 NT: Basic Exchange Ontology           NT:   open source ontologies
 NT: bio-ontologies                    NT:   Orchestration Ontology
 NT: Bio-Pathway ontologies            NT:   Portable Ontologies
 NT: biomedical ontologies             NT:   Process Ontology
 NT: business ontologies               NT:   proprietary ontologies
 NT: chemical domain ontologies        NT:   provenance ontology
 NT: Claims ontology                   NT:   Public Health Ontology
 NT: Clinical Domain Ontologies        NT:   public ontologies
 NT: Collaboration Ontology            NT:   Reference ontologies
 NT: collaborative ontologies          NT:   Relation Hub Ontology
 NT: common ontologies                 NT:   reusable ontologies
 NT: component ontologies              NT:   Sample Ontology
 NT: Corporation Ontology              NT:   seed ontology
 NT: document ontologies               NT:   Semantic Network Ontology Base
 NT: Dynamic Ontologies                NT:   Service Modeling Ontology
 NT: e-commerce ontologies             NT:   Service Ontologies
 NT: Enterprise Ontologies             NT:   Shadow ontology
 NT: formal deep ontologies            NT:   social ontology
 NT: foundational ontologies           NT:   special purpose ontology
 NT: health domain ontologies          NT:   standard Point ontology
 NT: health ontologies                 NT:   State University Ontology
 NT: Healthcare ontologies             NT:   strong ontologies
 NT: high quality ontologies           NT:   Super-ontologies
 NT: illness classification ontology   NT:   Target ontologies
 NT: informal ontologies               NT:   theoretical ontologies
 NT: large ontologies                  NT:   Thesaurus Ontology
 NT: legal ontologies                  NT:   Time Ontology
 NT: unfamiliar ontologies                RT:   ontology validation
 NT: universal ontologies                 RT:   relation between ontologies
 NT: upper ontologies                     RT:   reuse of ontologies
 NT: user ontologies                      RT:   semantic mapping using ontologies
 NT: utility ontologies                   RT:   semantic mappings between ontologies
 NT: vehicle ontology                     RT:   source of ontologies
 NT: weak ontology                        RT:   standard axioms for ontologies
 NT: weaker ontology                      RT:   tight coupling between ontologies
 NT: Workflow Ontologies                  RT:   Tools for ontologies
 RT: benefits of ontologies               RT:   type of ontology
 RT: certification of ontologies
 RT: empirical measures of quality for   ontologies for data integration
ontologies                                NT: ontologies
 RT: importance of ontologies
 RT: ontologists                         ontologies in medicine
 RT: ontology analysis                    USE: medical ontologies
 RT: Ontology Applications
 RT: ontology approach                   ontologists
 RT: ontology architecture                UF: ontology builders
 RT: ontology business                    NT: professional ontologists
 RT: ontology choices                     NT: real ontologists
 RT: ontology collaboration model         RT: ontologies
 RT: ontology composition                 RT: ontology building
 RT: ontology concepts                    RT: ontology business
 RT: ontology conceptual model            RT: ontology communities
 RT: ontology data                        RT: ontology work
 RT: ontology definitions
 RT: ontology design                     ontologjies
 RT: ontology discussions                 RT: ontology perspectives
 RT: ontology evaluation criteria
 RT: ontology extraction                 ontology
 RT: ontology inference layer             USE: ontologies
 RT: ontology libraries
 RT: ontology maintenance                ontology analysis
 RT: ontology management                  UF: Ontological Analysis
 RT: ontology mapping                     NT: formal ontology analysis
 RT: ontology metrics                     RT: ontologies
 RT: ontology modeling
 RT: ontology names                      Ontology Application
 RT: ontology notation                    USE: Ontology Applications
 RT: ontology policies
 RT: ontology processes                  Ontology Applications
 RT: ontology provenance                  UF: Ontology Application
 RT: ontology registries                  RT: ontologies
 RT: ontology representation
 RT: ontology research                   ontology approach
 RT: ontology software                    UF: ontological approach
 RT: ontology sources                     RT: ontologies
 RT: ontology standards
 RT: ontology strategies                 ontology architecture
 RT: ontology tools                       UF: ontological structures
 RT: ontology training                    UF: ontology structures
 RT: ontology users                       NT: ontology inference layer
 RT: ontologies                   ontology completeness
 RT: ontology federation           UF: ontological completeness

ontology browsers                 Ontology Components
 BT: browsers                      UF: ontological components
 RT: Ontology Components           RT: ontology browsers

ontology builders                 ontology composition
 USE: ontologists                  RT: ontologies

ontology building                 ontology concepts
 NT: ontology formation            UF: ontological concepts
 RT: ontologists                   BT: concepts
 RT: ontology building tools       RT: ontologies
 RT: ontology creation
                                  ontology conceptual model
ontology building tools            BT: conceptual model
 RT: ontology building             RT: ontologies

ontology business                 Ontology Consortium
 RT: ontologies                    RT: ontology communities
 RT: ontologists
                                  ontology content
ontology categories                BT: ontologies
 UF: ontology category
 BT: categories                   ontology context
                                   BT: ontologies
ontology category
 USE: ontology categories         ontology creation
                                   RT: ontology building
ontology choices
 UF: ontological choices          ontology data
 RT: ontologies                    UF: ontological data
                                   RT: ontologies
ontology class instance
 UF: ontological class instance   ontology decisions
                                   UF: ontological decisions
ontology collaboration model
 BT: collaboration models         ontology definition
 RT: ontologies                    USE: ontology definitions

ontology commitment               ontology definitions
 UF: ontological commitment        UF: ontology definition
 UF: ontological commitments       RT: ontologies

ontology communities              ontology design
 UF: ontology community            RT: ontologies
 RT: ontologists                   RT: ontology design time
 RT: Ontology Consortium           RT: ontology designers

ontology community                ontology design time
 USE: ontology communities         RT: ontology design
ontology designers                              USE: ontology editors
 RT: ontology design
                                               ontology editors
ontology developers                             UF: ontology editing tools
 RT: ontology development                       UF: ontology editor
                                                RT: ontology development
ontology development
 UF: ontological development                   ontology elements
 UF: ontology-development                       UF: ontological elements
 NT: collaborative ontology development         BT: ontologies
 NT: collaborative practice domain ontology
development                                    ontology engineering
 NT: open source ontology development           UF: ontological engineering
 NT: Prototype Ontology Development             RT: ontology engineering approach
 NT: Sigma ontology development                 RT: ontology engineering community
 RT: ontology developers                        RT: ontology engineering effort
 RT: ontology development environment           RT: ontology engineering methodologies
 RT: ontology development project               RT: ontology engineering products
 RT: ontology development system                RT: ontology engineers
 RT: ontology editors
 RT: ontology R&D                              ontology engineering approach
 RT: semi-automation of ontology development    UF: ontological engineering approach
                                                RT: ontology engineering
ontology development environment
 RT: ontology development                      ontology engineering community
                                                UF: ontological engineering community
ontology development methodologies              RT: ontology engineering
 NT: Rigorous ontology development
methodologies                                  ontology engineering effort
                                                UF: ontological engineering effort
ontology development project                    RT: ontology engineering
 RT: ontology development
                                               ontology engineering methodologies
ontology development system                     UF: ontological engineering methodologies
 RT: ontology development                       RT: ontology engineering

ontology directories                           ontology engineering products
 BT: Directories                                UF: ontological engineering product
                                                RT: ontology engineering
ontology discussions
 BT: discussions                               ontology engineers
 RT: ontologies                                 RT: ontology engineering

ontology distinctions                          ontology entities
 UF: ontological distinctions                   BT: ontologies

ontology diversity                             ontology evaluation criteria
 UF: ontological diversity                      BT: evaluation criteria
                                                RT: ontologies
ontology editing tools
 USE: ontology editors                         ontology evolution

ontology editor                                ontology extensions
 BT: ontologies                              UF: ontology-definition languages
                                             NT: ontology specification language
ontology extraction                          NT: Open Knowledge Base Connectivity
 RT: categorization                         Language
 RT: concept extraction                      NT: restrictive ontology language
 RT: ontologies                              RT: ontology language services
                                             RT: ontology language use
ontology federation
 RT: ontology architecture                  ontology libraries
 RT: ontology hub                            UF: ontology library
 RT: ontology infrastructure                 RT: ontologies

ontology formation                          ontology library
 BT: ontology building                       USE: ontology libraries

ontology foundation                         ontology linking
 UF: ontological foundation                  RT: ontology mapping
 UF: ontological foundations                 RT: ontology models
 RT: ontology models
                                            ontology maintenance
ontology hub                                 RT: ontologies
 RT: ontology federation                     RT: ontology replenishment
                                             RT: ontology updates
ontology inference layer
 BT: inference layer                        ontology management
 BT: ontology architecture                   NT: Business Ontology Management
 RT: ontologies                              RT: ontologies
                                             RT: ontology management system
ontology information
 UF: ontological information                ontology management system
 BT: ontologies                              RT: ontology management

ontology infrastructure                     ontology mapping
  NT: collaborative ontology development     UF: ontology matching
infrastructure                               NT: mapping domain ontologies
  RT: ontology federation                    NT: ontology to ontology mapping
                                             RT: benefits of ontology mapping
ontology integration                         RT: comparison of ontology mapping
 UF: ontology merging                        RT: method for ontology mapping
 RT: ontology models                         RT: ontologies
 RT: open consensus integration standards    RT: ontology linking
                                             RT: ontology mapping approaches
ontology language                            RT: ontology mapping practitioners
 USE: ontology languages                     RT: wormholes between ontologies

ontology language services                  ontology mapping approaches
 RT: ontology languages                      RT: ontology mapping

ontology language use                       ontology mapping practitioners
 RT: ontology languages                      UF: ontology matching practitioners
                                             RT: ontology mapping
ontology languages
 UF: ontology language                      ontology matching
 USE: ontology mapping                   BT: ontologies

ontology matching practitioners         ontology of names
 USE: ontology mapping practitioners     BT: ontologies

ontology merging                        ontology of obstacles
 USE: ontology integration               BT: ontologies

ontology methodology                    ontology of properties
 UF: ontology techniques                 NT: formal ontology of properties
 NT: explicit ontology methodology
                                        ontology of relations
ontology metrics                         NT: Formal Ontology of Relations
 BT: metrics
 RT: ontologies                         ontology of time
                                         BT: ontologies
ontology misalignments
 UF: ontological misalignments          ontology perspective
                                         UF: ontological perspective
ontology model
 USE: ontology models                   ontology perspectives
                                         RT: ontologjies
ontology modeling
 BT: modeling                           ontology policies
 RT: ontologies                          RT: ontologies
 RT: ontology modeling tools
 RT: ontology models                    ontology processes
                                         RT: ontologies
ontology modeling tools
 RT: ontology modeling                  ontology project
 RT: ontology models                     NT: health ontology project

ontology models                         ontology prototype
 UF: ontological models                  BT: ontologies
 UF: ontology model
 RT: ontology foundation                ontology provenance
 RT: ontology integration                RT: ontologies
 RT: ontology linking
 RT: ontology modeling                  ontology query
 RT: ontology modeling tools             BT: query

ontology names                          ontology R&D
 RT: ontologies                          UF: ontology research and development
                                         RT: ontology development
ontology notation                        RT: ontology research
 NT: common formal ontology notations
 NT: first-order ontology notation      ontology reasoning
 RT: ontologies                          UF: ontological reasoning
                                         BT: ontologies
ontology of classes                      RT: inference
 BT: ontologies
                                        ontology references
ontology of documents
ontology registration                      ontology sources
 RT: Framework for Ontology Registration    RT: ontologies

ontology registries                        ontology specification language
 UF: ontological registries                 BT: ontology languages
 UF: ontology registry
 BT: registries                            ontology standards
 NT: Collaborative Ontology Development     BT: standards
Registry                                    RT: ontologies
 RT: ontologies
                                           ontology strategies
ontology registry                           RT: ontologies
 USE: ontology registries
                                           ontology structures
ontology relations                          USE: ontology architecture
 UF: ontological relations
 BT: ontologies                            ontology techniques
                                            USE: ontology methodology
ontology replenishment
 RT: ontology maintenance                  ontology to ontology mapping
                                            BT: ontology mapping
ontology representation
 NT: Corporation Ontology Representation   ontology tool
 RT: ontologies                             USE: ontology tools
 RT: ontology representation languages
                                           ontology tools
ontology representation languages           UF: ontology tool
 RT: ontology representation                RT: benefits of ontology tools
                                            RT: ontologies
ontology research
 UF: ontological research                  ontology training
 BT: research                               BT: training
 RT: ontologies                             RT: ontologies
 RT: ontology R&D
 RT: Ontology Research Group               ontology updates
                                            RT: ontology maintenance
ontology research and development
 USE: ontology R&D                         ontology usage
                                            RT: ontology reuse
Ontology Research Group
 RT: ontology research                     ontology user
                                            USE: ontology users
ontology reuse
 RT: benefits of reuse                     ontology users
 RT: ontology usage                         UF: ontology user
 RT: opportunities for reuse                RT: ontologies

ontology software                          ontology validation
 BT: software                               RT: ontologies
 RT: ontologies
                                           ontology visualization
ontology source connectors                  RT: Collaborative Ontology Visualization
ontology work
 UF: ontological work
 RT: ontologists

ontology-definition languages
 USE: ontology languages

 USE: ontology development

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