Week 4 vocabulary activity

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					                                    Week 4
                               Vocabulary Activity

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Exercise 1: Which choice, A or B, makes the sentence correct? Enter the letter
of the answer on your paper.

   1. When you______, your body is totally immersed.
      (A) take a shower (B) swim underwater

   2. A probe of the corporation is under way; several of its top officers have
      (A) questioned              (B) promoted

   3. Dawson entered the House in _____and served for a score of years until his
      defeat in 1982.
      (A) 1962           (B) 1972

   4. The guests ______about the ambrosial food.
      (A) raved            (B) complained

   5. Shoppers will find the selection _____because the shelves have been
      (A) poor             (B) excellent

   6. Do you regularly listen to the radio at 3 _____? You must have insomnia.
      (A) A.M               (B) P.M

   7. Remember how I offered my hand and _______? I cannot forgive the snub.
      (A) we walked off the field together           (B) he didn’t take it

   8. Did you______by yourself, or did someone join you in your repast?
      (A) study           (B) dine

   9. For the first decade of her life, she lived on a farm. When she was _____her
      family moved to the city.
      (A) ten               (B) eleven

   10. The haggled. Joan wanted three dollars for the used book and Audrey
       thought that was_______.
       (A) too much         (B) a fair price
Exercise 2: Replace the italicized expression with a single word from the
vocabulary list.

   1. It is hard to fool them; they are not easily deceived.
   2. What if the device had exploded with suddenness and violence?
   3. A decision handed down officially by the Supreme Court carries a great deal of
   4. She was reproved gently but firmly and given another chance.
   5. I walked off with your pen by accident.
   6. Nobody likes to be kept in narrow cramped quarters.
   7. When she said, “Atkin,” she meant “Atkins.” It was a trivial fault.
   8. Their behavior is utterly opposed to my principals.
   9. The setback was of a day’s duration.

Exercise 3:
Part A: On your paper, enter SYNONYM for the italicized word on your
vocabulary list.

   1.   We bargained for more than an hour.
   2.   She took it as an insult.
   3.   Has your glass been refilled?
   4.   What causes sleeplessness?
   5.   A mental slip prevented me from recalling your name.

Part B: On your paper, enter ANTONYM for the italicized word on your
vocabulary list.

   1.   It was a permanent friendship.
   2.   Your opponent was quite astute.
   3.   Did she step on your foot intentionally?
   4.   The chief commended us.
   5.   On what grounds can the suspect be freed?
Exercise 4: Thinking with your new vocabulary.
Directions: Read all of the following statements then enter the answers to the
questions below on your paper.

        As a child Jeff believed there were lions, tigers, and fire-breathing dragons in
the woods near his home, as well as buried pirate treasure.
        Andy ordered a seven-course dinner, but all Marie at was a slice of
        Ben sold forty-two tickets, Stella twenty-nine, and Tony nineteen.
        Louise called her home but she reached another party. Instead of 384-8349,
she dialed 384-8439.
        Bob did exceptionally well on opening day, but unfortunately business was
very slow after that.
        Rivers wanted to investigate to see if there had been any wrong doing, but
Thompson said it would be a waste of our time and money.
        Mrs. Klein reminded Joe that he had not submitted a paper that was due
yesterday, and she gave him until next Monday to hand it in.
        Olivia had to invent an excuse for her friend, and it was something she
loathed doing.
        Gina, the payroll secretary, complained of her cramped office; she said it was
like a closet.
        While Barry and Jim hesitated, wondering about the water temperature,
Connie dived in and swam the length of the pool and back.

Based on the reading above, answer the following questions.

   1. Who enjoyed ephemeral success?
   2. Who felt confined?
   3. Who committed a lapse?
   4. Who had an abhorrent experience?
   5. Who was gullible?
   6. Who opposed a probe?
   7. Who was admonished?
   8. Who had a meager repast?
   9. Who was immersed?
   10. Who was short of a score?

Exercise 5: Answer each question in a sentence or two.

   1.   How many decades are there in fourscore years?
   2.   Which could you more readily forgive, a snub or a lapse? Why?
   3.   Why is a gullible customer not likely to haggle?
   4.   Should someone who detonates firecrackers be admonished? Explain.
   5.   Describe one of the most ambrosial repasts you ever had.

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